Best Mech Games on Nintendo Switch 2024: for gamers

Mech games are fast-paced, fun and full of content that will delight all types of players. Whether you like action games, simulators or story-based titles, there is surely a mech game (or ten) that will suit your tastes.

Because the Nintendo Switch keeps getting great games, like ports of best-selling games, remasters, and games that were made just for the system, it’s not surprising that there are now a lot of mech games to choose from. Thanks to my own experience, I’d like to share my top five picks for great mech games you can play on the Nintendo Switch.

Mech Sims typically include a first-person perspective from the mech’s cockpit. High-speed video games, as the name implies, are much faster, with a focus on close-range combat, though guns may also be present. These are usually shown in the third person. Mechs (or Mech) are humanoid-like pilot-driven vehicles that are frequently depicted in media as combat machines. Early examples of Mech/Mech in video games are frequently derived from early manga and anime, as well as table-top games. Below we have mentioned Best Mech Games on Nintendo Switch.

Check the list of best Mech Games on Nintendo Switch

War Tech Fighters

We’re pretty sure the developers from Drakkar Dev carefully considered the game’s title just to include that acronym, but War Tech Fighters is still a fun mech game. A classic story about two rebel factions banding together to defeat an intergalactic empire using super-powered giant robots known as War Techs to threaten the galaxy. The mechs are heavily inspired by super robots from anime such as Getter Robot, Gunbuster, and The Big O, as well as Hollywood films such as Pacific Rim, with gameplay centred on all-out destruction of your enemies.

It allows you to switch between Third Person and First Person views for more close-up mayhem, and there are numerous weapons to develop and upgrade as you progress through the story missions. If you like the look of hulking super robots wielding massive swords capable of wiping out an entire army, you should get this one. Overall, this is one of the Best Mech Games on Nintendo Switch that you can buy right now.

Super Robot Wars V

Set in the new real century, Super Robot Wars V follows Soji Murakumo and Chitose Kisaragi as they pilot the VangRay, a mysterious mecha used to help humanity’s last bastion, the battleship Yamato, fight off the conquering Gamillas race. After the destruction of Earth, players must escort the Yamato to the planet Iscandar to establish a new human colony – but not without encountering mysterious dimensional disturbances along the way.

While Super Robot Wars V retains the same tactical system as its predecessors, it now features a 3D isometric map. The game also includes Skill Routes and Skill Programs, which allow players to completely customise how pilots behave in the game. Extra Orders and Extra Actions, for example, allow mecha to perform special moves to emphasise their combat specialisations. Overall, it is one of the Best Mech Games on Nintendo Switch that you can buy.

Mechstermination Force

This title follows a standard action-platformer premise and offers a handful of great maps with unique bosses to battle. You can play as one of four different characters, using your weapons and skills to easily destroy each colossal mech. The boss fights are surprisingly inventive, requiring you to think quickly on your feet. Still, it is one of the Best Mech Games on Nintendo Switch that you can consider.

This game runs smoothly, with no noticeable bugs and only minor performance issues. The graphics are bright and colourful, and the soundtrack is excellent. Each level is well-designed, and we love the bosses you get to interact with as if they’re part of the levels themselves.

Sentinels: Aegis Rim

The story for this game is admittedly a little confusing in places, and I won’t spoil it for you, but the general premise is that the heroes are using a fleet of mech suits to repel an impending alien attack. The way the story unfolds is what distinguishes this game. As the title suggests, there are several protagonists. Instead of meeting them all at once, you travel through different time periods and scenarios to learn about their lives one by one. It’s intriguing, with plenty of plot twists and unexpected connections.

This game’s RTS component is equally appealing, with stunning visuals and intuitive, satisfying combat. There are numerous ways to customise your mech, and each mission/RTS section feels distinct as you progress. Easily one of the Best Mech Games on Nintendo Switch available on the market.

Super Robot Wars T

Super Robot Wars T is a stand-alone title set in an Earth struggling to survive against the failures of space expansion. Set inside the VTX Union company, players take on the role of protagonists who collaborate with the company to develop the next prototype of the Earth Federation’s next-generation armed forces. The problem is that when their Tyranado improves a worthy candidate, the VTX Union is thrust into combat against both terrorists and aliens.

While maintaining the same tactical RPG mechanics as the previous games, Super Robot Wars T does introduce new changes to its mechanics. For example, the new Supporter system gives non-combatants unique commands that can boost units deployed in the game. This makes even the most basic NPCs more useful, giving players more combat options. Thus, this product is one of the Best Mech Games on Nintendo Switch available right now.

Daemon X Machina

Look no further if you’re looking for a solid action-adventure game on the Nintendo Switch that features evil artificial intelligence and cool mechs. Daemon X Machina is a fantastic title with some interesting visuals and a decent story to keep you entertained. The general premise here is that you’re a rookie mech pilot fighting artificial intelligence. Because of moon radiation, AI turned bad, which means there are plenty of interesting missions to work through with a slew of other mercenaries and pilots.

The combat in this game is satisfying and fast-paced, with simple controls and cool graphics. Mech games require a high level of mobility, which Daemon X Machina thankfully has. In general, the game works well on the Nintendo Switch. Daemon X Machina is a well-crafted game. With a detailed customization system and a mountain of missions to complete, there’s a lot to learn and unpack. It’s visually stunning and well worth seeing today. Currently, this is one of the Best Mech Games on Nintendo Switch that you can buy right now.


Mech games are fast-paced, entertaining, and packed with content that will appeal to a wide range of gamers. There’s bound to be a mech game to suit your tastes, whether you prefer action games, simulators, or story-driven titles.

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