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Merchant services, which are often called "credit card processing," are the services that handle electronic payments. Most of the time, they are run through an account that a merchant sets up to process credit cards.

If you are looking for the best merchant services for your business, you’ll probably want to be able to take payments in person and online. Businesses of all sizes and types need to be able to take card payments online, in person, or both to stay competitive in the market today. Payment processing is a big part of this, and most merchant service providers offer this service. In some cases, this is done with a separate device and a pinpad for processing at the counter, or with a dongle that works with your phone. Most of the time, you’ll need an extra app to finish the transaction. Your e-commerce website can also take credit card payments, which may be better if you only do business online.

Customers will enter their card information on your site, and the transaction will be handled by the merchant service you use. The best point-of-sale (POS) systems can help you keep track of your inventory, make sure you are following all the rules about payments, and save your business from fines and other administrative costs. They also have high-tech security features that keep data from being stolen and keep hackers from getting in. Below we have mentioned some of the best merchant services.

7 Best Merchant Services


best merchant services

Square’s services are good for all kinds of businesses, so it’s not surprising that the best merchant services has risen to the top of its field since it started helping small businesses in 2009. With a Square account, you’ll have access to the hardware and software you need to accept payments in person on mobile, online through Square Checkout and integrations with services like WooCommerce, and at retail locations with sleek point-of-sale (POS) equipment that you can buy outright or lease with monthly payments. If you like this app you can get it from official website.


best merchant services

PayPal has a business version of the widely used online payment tool, and it says that over 17 million businesses use it. It has the fraud protection and risk modelling that PayPal is known for, as well as a customer service team and a number of ways to pay, such as mobile credit cards and credit cards used in stores. It makes sense that it also allows its 200 million account holders to accept PayPal. This is one of the best merchant services.

The basic service works best for low-volume transactions and is so well-developed for online shopping that it can only be appealing to online start-ups and small businesses. But more advanced options include a merchant account and features and functions for the Point of Sale (POS), which may require a monthly fee.


best merchant services

Stax has been used. It has a smart pricing plan based on subscriptions that could save high-volume businesses a lot of money on transaction costs. The other thing that makes Stax stand out is that it doesn’t add anything to Interchange fees. Because it starts at $99 per month, Stax’s pricing plan isn’t the best for small or new businesses that don’t do a lot of business. Stax is proud of how easy it is to understand its prices.

This is clear because there is no markup on Interchange fees, billing is done month-to-month without contracts, prices are flat, and there are no fees for leaving early. And making 95% of your customers happy isn’t a joke. Stax says that its customers save on transaction costs by an average of 40% when they use its services. A subscription starts at $99 per month and includes ACH processing, analytics, a free terminal or mobile reader, and more. There is no inflation in the exchange rate, so you only pay what the bank gives you. This is the best merchant services.


best merchant services

Stripe is one of the best merchant services, and it has a lot of ways to handle payments. It is one of the biggest names in online payment processing, and some of the best site builders, like Squarespace, Kajabi, and Shopify, have it built in. You can also use Stripe Terminal to accept credit card payments in person.

For ACH payments, you can use Stripe integrations or invoicing. A chargeback protection fee of 0.4% will also be added to your bill. The basic contactless card reader costs $59, while the handheld mini POS costs $249. If you have more than one online business or brand, Stripe is a good choice because you can run them all from one merchant account and get separate reports for each.

Payment Depot

best merchant services

Payment Depot is one of the most trusted merchant service providers on the market today. People have called them the “Costco of taking credit cards.” Payment Depot has low processing rates for members who pay a monthly fee. This is especially true for businesses that sell a lot. Overall, this is one of the best merchant services that you can download.

When merchants switch to Payment Depot, they can save up to 40% on how much it costs to process credit cards. Payment Depot’s prices are clear, and there are no hidden fees. You’ll get free equipment and won’t have to sign a contract or pay cancellation fees.

National Processing

best merchant services

National Processing is one of the payment processors on this list that is one of the most complicated. It lets you pay with credit cards, ACH transfers, and e-checks. It works with many different types of businesses, even those with high risks.

To use National Processing, you’ll have to sign a contract. If you switch providers before the contract is up, you’ll have to pay a fee. Small businesses that want to work with a traditional payment processor with few features but save a lot on fees should consider National Processing. Currently, this is the best merchant services you can check now.

QuickBooks Payments

best merchant services

QuickBooks Payments is another option to think about. The company used to just make accounting software, but now it also processes online payments and offers full merchant services. You can use a card reader for in-store purchases, pay by phone, or process the transaction online. It is especially helpful that it works directly with QuickBooks accounting software. This means that even purchases made at the point of sale (POS) show up in your accounts right away and in real time.

Charges are given up front and are pretty easy to understand. There is a “Pay-as-you-go” plan that doesn’t charge a fee every month. There is also a Pay Monthly option for desktop users, which reduces the number of card swipes and may be especially helpful for high-volume users. For now, this is the best merchant services you can download.


The best merchant services make it possible for a business to accept credit and debit card payments by sending the customer’s information to the card networks and issuing banks. This gives the business access to the money that customers pay them with. Companies that offer merchant services have different prices and different products and services that go with them.

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