Best Microsoft Word Templates Downloading Sites

In this article, we will talk about the best Microsoft Word templates Downloading Sites. The templates can include calendars, business cards, letters, cards, brochures, newsletters, resumes and much more. You can use any downloaded template as is, or you can customize it to suit your needs. When you select a template, a dialog box will appear where you can see a larger view of the template. The main advantage of using a template becomes clear if you regularly create the same document.

Templates not only reduce the time it takes to create a new document, but also allow you to create custom editing environments for specific documents. The more information you can add to your templates, the less you have to add to your documents. If you need to compose a document in Microsoft Word, using a template can be helpful. Not only does it save you time, but it also informs you of the correct format for all types of documents such as a resume, report, or proposal. Templates give you a head start with built-in formatting features. Most business tools and software are quite expensive.

Whether you want to create a document for business, personal or school purposes using a template, it makes your job easier. Microsoft Word provides templates that you can choose from when creating a new document. If you are connected to the Internet, you can use the search box to download more templates from the Microsoft server. If you can’t find the template you need, you can find it on the websites listed below. DOTX is the default file format for Microsoft Word templates, although some users can save templates in DOCX format as well. Below, we have mentioned the best websites to download Microsoft Word Templates.

Here is the list of 10 best Websites for Downloading Microsoft Word templates

Microsoft Office Online

When it comes to templates for Microsoft Word, what better place could there be to start than with Microsoft Office Online? The advantage of using this resource is that your templates come directly from Microsoft. Microsoft Word organizes it’s templates nicely so that you can search by keyword or browse by category, event, occasion, or application.

And you will find hundreds of free templates for Word. For instance, resumes and cover letters, flyers and brochures, calendars and cards, and so many more. When you see a template you want, select it to view a brief description. Click the Download button to use it on your computer, or click Edit in Browser to open the template in Microsoft Word Online. is one of the websites where you can download free Microsoft Word templates. It has abundant template collections. All templates are free to download with certain conditions. If you are a free member, you must credit to re-publish the downloaded templates. Free members are also limited to 3 downloads per day. One good thing about this site: you don’t have to provide your credit card information to register.

The template collections offered by are very clear. You can browse a template by category in the right pane. There’s also a handy search box on the top that you can use. itself generally does not offer any MS Word templates. Instead, this website also offers Photoshop templates, Illustrator templates, InDesign templates, and MS Publisher templates. You will be prompted to select a format of your template before it downloads.


A favorite for Microsoft Office templates is Vertex42. While the site mainly focuses on templates for Excel, you will also find a good selection for Word. At the top you will see a Word template navigation button. Just click on it and you’re on your way to their full list. You can find letters, resumes, flyers, and agendas, or get specific with basketball lists, practice logs, and camping checklists.

And when you select a template to view or download, you will see related templates below, which is very helpful. If you see a template that you want to download, simply select it to see a full description that includes the compatible apps and versions. Choose your version of Word, click the Download button, and then follow the prompts to get your template.

The interface might not be as slick as, but it can also be a great place if you need free MS Word templates. This website uses a blog format. Templates are offered in a blog post. Each blog post typically comes with a set of templates. This website is updated regularly. If working with MS Word is part of your job, you can visit this website every time you need a new template.

The templates offered by are also very clear. You can browse templates by categories in the left pane. All templates are free to download without creating an account. Overall this is the best website for downloading Microsoft Word Templates.

Used to Tech is another site where you can get a handful of document templates for Microsoft Word. It offers some free premium templates that you can customize in a variety of ways to suit your needs. After visiting the link, scroll down to the Quick Menu section. There you will see the Templates menu. It offers some effective and functional templates in niche like invoice, book, resume, letterhead and flyer.

You will receive a ZIP file when you download any of the Word templates from this site. You are free to use the template with your own modifications for personal or commercial use. You don’t have to attribute your content to the creator, but the site appreciates it if you do. However, you may not use these templates to resell or license them to any third party.


Hloom is a cool website that offers templates for all Microsoft Office applications, not just Word. So this is a handy bookmark if you need Excel or corporate PowerPoint templates later. Above you can see free templates and choose to view their collections or a specific template for things like invoices, certificates, invitations, or flyers.

If you look at the Template Collections section, you will see the templates organized by category, from Agreements to Surveys. When you see a template you like, select it for its description, examples, and more information about that document type, which is helpful. In addition to the file name, you can confirm that it is Word by looking at the DOCX extension in the name. Click the download button and you are done.

Smile Templates

Smile Templates is a great place to download brochure templates, flyer templates, poster templates, and other marketing material templates. Not all templates are free to download, some require a purchase before you can download them. You can filter the template types using the dropdown menu in the search box on the home page of this website.

Free templates are usually at the top of the filter page. Smile Templates itself does not offer MS Word templates. Instead, this website also offers templates from Illustrator, CorelDraw, Page Maker, MS Publisher, and Photoshop. If you download a template from this site, you will receive a ZIP file consisting of the template files for each app. There is no way to download a template file for any specific app, including MS Word.

Stock Layouts

Stock Layouts is another site you must check out for Microsoft Word templates. You will find many attractive and functional options for your project. The site has both free and paid templates. So if you only want the free options, click the Templates button above and choose Free Templates. Then, under Free Graphic Design Templates, click the dots to move through the categories.

When you find a template you like, select it and check the file formats for Microsoft Word, as the site also provides templates for applications like Illustrator and Apple Pages. Sign in or register for a free account, then click the Free Download button. Some paid templates are priced individually, or you can subscribe to a plan. But there are plenty of free templates to help you get started.

Final Words

We hope you like and read this article best websites where you can get templates for Microsoft Word. Microsoft has a large number of templates for MS Word. When creating a new document, you can enter a keyword in the search box to find a template that suits your needs. Or you can also visit this website to download MS Word templates. The above websites can be additional resources to download MS Word templates for free.

Most links between a document and its template are broken immediately after the document is created. This means you can make changes to your templates without affecting existing documents. If you add a template through the dialog box, that template will not be loaded the next time Word is opened. If you want the template to always load, you must place it in the startup folder so that it can be considered a global template.

I hope you understand this article, Best Microsoft Word Templates Downloading Sites.

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