Best Modern Bathroom Ideas to Suit Every Style

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Everyone loves to keep their bathroom clean and organized. A modern bathroom that boasts aesthetics is also capable of adding functionality to the space. So, modern bathroom remodeling is all about how you can implement this modern aesthetic in your bathroom. From structural considerations to modern bathroom decor ideas, we’ve listed it all below. Continue reading From switching to an electronic toothbrush to investing in the latest wellness gadgets, switching to a modern bathroom isn’t as scary as you might think. If your tired bathroom needs a little TLC, we’ll reveal how easy it is to give it a makeover. But instead of picking up a deck and starting over, a little buff here or there can give this aging slot the boost it needs.

Our bathrooms are the space where we rejuvenate ourselves, so it is only right that we design them in a beautiful way. When it comes to designing modern bathrooms, while there are many things like unique bathtubs, stylish vanities, and stylish dispensers and storage, not all things can be accommodated in all spaces. To help you with your next renovation, we’ve rounded up luxurious and modern bathroom design ideas.

Check out the list of the best modern bathroom ideas that suit all styles

Use the bathtub to make a statement

Bathtubs are the true heart of a bathroom and can have a significant impact on the overall modern bathroom design. Freestanding tubs can be supported by ball and claw feet or a pedestal base, or they can be streamlined and straight-sided, like a contemporary piece of art. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between a bathtub and a hydromassage to optimize your relaxation while bathing.

Try an open concept design for a bathroom

A modern bathroom trend is inspired by hotel-style interiors, where bathroom spaces flow directly into bedrooms. Not only does this help the bedroom and bathroom feel larger, it often brings natural light into a bathroom that lacks in this department.

This design by Searl Lamaster Howe is a great example of how an open concept bathroom can work. “But the bold move of using a glass wall between the bathroom and the bedroom was only made possible by including a number of details that allude to practicality,” explains Greg Howe, founding partner of Searl Lamaster Howe (opens at a new tab) Architects. In this room, the shower and toilet are away from the bedroom, providing privacy where needed, while a concealed motorized sunshade is also included when total privacy is required.

modern simplicity

This bathroom by Stephani Buchman, via Houzz, has all the hallmarks of modern design: simple geometric shapes (dominated by squares and rectangles), a predominance of white with a bit of neutral gray, a natural stone backsplash, and little decor.

Fresh flowers definitely make the room here. Not only do they add a splash of color (which you can change to suit your mood), but they also make the bathroom less sterile and more homey and inviting.

Create a warm atmosphere

Hot baths are always a big hit when it comes to #mirrorselfies. And you can create a similar space for yourself with just a big mirror and warm yellow lights. Top it off with some faux plants (or real, if you’d like) and you’ve got the perfect Instagram-worthy bathroom ready.

Consider the location of the shower

Showers can be built into the bathtub or arranged in separate cubicles. Versions are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many of these models come with a choice of shower heads, with detachable rain and massage options to suit your tastes and needs.

Adopt luxury materials

If you want your modern bathroom to be a rich and luxurious space, a touch of gold can go a long way. This striking gold mirror from Barette Widell(opens in new tab) brings opulence to this small bathroom and adds a focal point to the room

“I call this my jewelry box,” says Berette. “The colors of the Artistic Tile Rainbow Onyx Stone vanity always make me smile. I wanted to create a space that felt fun and stylish at the same time, and the combination brings a contemporary edge to a timeless bathroom,” she says.


This bathroom in the Homestratosphere is perhaps the epitome of modern. A floating vanity makes the room feel larger, wall-sized windows make the bathroom feel like part of the landscape, and the see-through freestanding tub barely peeks into the room.

This bathroom definitely has the “minimum footprint” in mind. Each element is chosen to take up as little space as possible, both physically and aesthetically. The transparent bathtub definitely makes this place!

Decorate with Tiles

Tiles have always been a popular design material for bathroom design. So if you’re wondering how to spice things up a bit the old fashioned way, we’d say design your walls and floors with matching tiles and you’ll have your very own stunning bathroom.

Add a modern bathroom mirror to make a statement

Appearance is important when it comes to modern bathroom ideas, so why not start your decorating journey with an eye-catching mirror? Today, mirrors are not just a pane of glass to check your makeup or your teeth. No, there is much more to consider.

Whether you choose a cleverly framed mirror to create a focal point in your bathroom or opt for a smart mirror with an anti-fog setting, let the available options reflect your inner personality. And remember, modern doesn’t always mean minimalist bathroom décor or clean, crisp lines. So hug your curves with a mirror abstractly as you read the lyrics to Who run the world? Girl!’ on your brush

Choose the right bathroom design

To accommodate modern bathroom ideas, you need to choose a design that suits you. This ensures that your bathroom is both luxurious and functional. Here are ideas to get it right. One of the bathroom remodeling ideas that you should pay special attention to is the separation of the wet and dry areas.

The wet area is basically the bathroom area where the shower or bathtub is located. It is better to do this with a curtain or a partition. A shower screen is a perfect way to add a special touch to the bathroom. Separating wet areas from dry ones helps you prevent accidents, control moisture and improve your bathroom design. It also helps keep your bathroom clean and free of dirty footprints at all times.

Draw attention to your stylish sink.

With the sink you have the opportunity to make a strong statement about your style. Elegantly carved freestanding sinks can be used individually or in pairs and make a statement in any bathroom. To hide the plumbing, pedestal sinks have a pedestal that rests on the floor.

You can make them look more modern or more traditional depending on your preferences. Sinks can be made from a variety of materials, including porcelain (the most common), metal (cast iron), stone (glass), and even wood (which can be molded into a variety of shapes and sizes).


A pendant light is an interesting addition to a modern bathroom. The addition of eye-catching bathroom lighting adds a touch of glamor and luxury, turning your modern bathroom into a space for pampering. “Your bathroom lighting is one area where you can let your personality and style shine through,” says Natalie Mann, product development coordinator at Iconic Lights.

“Pendant lighting works particularly well as it creates a design feature that provides task and ambient lighting. To create a focal point, consider placing it over the bathtub and the light will diffuse softly so you can relax in the bathtub below. As this is a splash water area, it is important that you look for an IP certified trailer.

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