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There are the best Mosaic Alternatives that you can consider. When it comes to resource management software, users often compare Mosaic to various alternatives to find the best fit for their needs. Users and reviewers look at how easy it is to manage, how tasks can be scheduled, how they can be put in order of importance, and how well they work. Also, things like the user interface and how tasks are handled are important to think about. After looking at user reviews and expert opinions, we found that Float,, Asana, and BigTime are some of the best alternatives to Mosaic.

Float is software for managing resources that is easy to use and has strong scheduling tools. It lets users easily assign and manage their resources, making sure that projects have enough people working on them and that deadlines are met. With its easy-to-use interface and drag-and-drop features, Float makes it easy to plan and see the availability of resources. is another popular option that lets you manage your resources in a complete way. It has many features, such as customizable workflows, task tracking, and tools for working together. With, users can manage their resources well, keep track of their progress, and make it easier for their teams to talk to each other. Below we have mentioned the best mosaic alternatives.

Why Consider Mosaic Alternatives?

There are many reasons why people and businesses might want to look for alternatives to Mosaic. Here are some things to think about:

Customization and scalability: Mosaic may be great at giving SaaS companies visual reports, but some organizations need more flexibility and ways to change the software to meet their specific needs. Alternative solutions may be more flexible and allow users to change the software to meet their specific needs and grow as their business does.

Integration Capabilities: Integration with existing software and systems is a must for smooth workflow and data management. If a company already uses other tools or platforms for project management, finance, or resource planning, it is important to look for alternatives that can be easily integrated to make sure that data flows smoothly between systems and people can work together.

Quick to set up: The amount of time it takes to set up is an important factor for organizations looking for resource management software. Some alternatives may have faster deployment and onboarding times, so teams can get up and running quickly without major disruptions to their workflow.

Best Mosaic Alternatives Comparison Table

Even though there are several alternatives to Mosaic, “Tile,” a flexible and easy-to-use program, stands out. Tile is a popular choice among users because it has a wide range of features. It is very easy to use, so setting it up and making changes is a breeze. Tile comes in a huge variety of colours, shapes, and sizes, so it can be used for almost any project.

ToolJiraConfluenceCeloxisUnanet ERPB2W Track
PurposeIssue and project trackingTeam collaborationProject managementEnterprise resource planningConstruction management
FeaturesTask management, workflowsDocument collaborationProject planning, schedulingFinancial management, HRProject tracking, reporting
Team SupportAgile development teamsCross-functional teamsProject teamsMultiple departmentsConstruction teams
IntegrationsWide range of integrationsAtlassian product suiteCRM, accounting softwareFinancial systems, HR toolsConstruction software
DeploymentCloud and self-hosted optionsCloud and self-hostedCloud and on-premises optionsCloud and on-premisesCloud-based
ScalabilityHighly scalableScalableScalableScalableScalable
CustomizationExtensive customization optionsCustomizableCustomizableCustomizableCustomizable
PricingSubscription-based pricing modelSubscription-based pricingOne-time license feeSubscription-based pricingSubscription-based pricing
Industry FocusSoftware developmentTeam collaborationGeneralProfessional servicesConstruction
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Best Mosaic Alternative


  • Agile project management tool
  • Keeping track of issues and managing workflow
  • Planning and assigning tasks for a team as a whole
  • Integration with different tools and services for development

Jira Software is a tool used by agile teams to plan, track, and release software. It is a business process management tool. Jira Software can be used with Scrum, Kanban, a hybrid model, or a different workflow. Users of Jira can make project roadmaps to plan out all of their projects. Overall, this is one of the best mosaic alternatives you can consider now.

The project board has a drag-and-drop interface that lets teams take care of every detail of a project. The system lets you create user stories and issues, plan sprints, and give tasks to different people on the team. Users also have access to information from tens of thousands of business apps, such as design and monitoring tools, source code apps, and apps that help you get work done.


  • Strong tracking of issues and project management skills.
  • Highly adaptable to different team workflows and easy to change.
  • Integration with different platforms and tools for development.


  • Hard to figure out for new users.
  • Needs to be set up and configured for best use.
  • Few features for projects that don’t involve making software.


Best Mosaic Alternative


  • Platform for sharing information and working together as a team
  • Document and content management
  • Collaboration and comments in real time
  • Integration with Atlassian’s Jira and other products

Confluence is a project management tool that lets organizations create, organize, and review project documents, as well as work together on them. The system can be used both in the cloud and on-site. Employees can create content like meeting notes, product requirements, and research reports using the editor feature of Confluence. The solution lets managers look over documents and share their own comments on them. Overall, this is one of the best mosaic alternatives you can consider now.


  • Great for sharing information and working on documents together.
  • Content is easy to make and organize.
  • Integration with other products made by Atlassian.


  • It doesn’t have any advanced project management tools.
  • Some people can’t figure out how to use the user interface.
  • There aren’t many ways to change things.


Best Mosaic Alternative


  • Full software for managing projects
  • Gantt charts and the way resources are used
  • Keeping track of time and money
  • Workflows and reporting that can be changed
  • Collaboration and managing documents are part of

Celoxis is an online project management tool for large and medium-sized businesses. It helps them plan and manage a portfolio of projects that are both complicated and varied. The suite as a whole has modules for resource management, budgeting, revenue forecasting, tracking time and expenses, creating reports, and working together as a team. Still, this is one of the best mosaic alternatives you can consider now.

Celoxis has features like advanced scheduling, which takes into account things like time off for resources, multiple time zones, part-time resources, working weekends, etc., and puts them all into one schedule. Users can automatically send reports to a group of users as attachments to emails. They can also roll up data from custom fields to subtasks and projects to get a big picture.


  • Comprehensive tool for managing projects with many different features.
  • Provides Gantt charts, manages resources, and keeps track of time.
  • Dashboards and reports that can be changed.


  • Setup and learning are pretty complicated.
  • Interface might not be as easy to use for everyone.
  • Prices can be higher than some other options.

Unanet ERP

Best Mosaic Alternative


  • Enterprise resource planning solution
  • Taking care of money and keeping track of it
  • Accounting and budgeting for a project
  • Management of resources and scheduling of workers
  • Keeping track of time and money

ERP solutions from Unanet are built from the ground up to meet the needs of Government Contractors, A/E, and Professional Services companies. More than 3,100 organizations use the power of the Unanet software to gain insights, make better strategic decisions, and take their business to new heights.

Unanet for Government Contractors brings together project management, PPM, resource management, financials, and more to help your organization plan, track, and manage projects and people in a reliable way. Thus, this is one of the best mosaic alternatives you can consider now.


  • Strong accounting and financial management skills for projects.
  • Integration with different systems, like HR and CRM.
  • Offers full planning and forecasting for resources.


  • Due to its focus on business, it may be harder to learn.
  • Needs to be changed to fit the needs of a certain industry.
  • The price is higher than other choices.

B2W Track

Best Mosaic Alternative


  • Software for managing construction projects
  • Daily reports from the field and progress checks
  • Keeping track of time and equipment
  • Integration of document management and group work with scheduling and accounting systems

B2W Track software for heavy civil construction field tracking and analysis lets contractors manage projects and costs based on accurate, real-time information from the field about productivity, labour, materials, and equipment utilization. Overall, this is one of the best mosaic alternatives you can consider now.

Electronic logs can be made, changed, and turned in by employees from a desktop, laptop, or mobile tablet. Reports and dashboards show how the actual performance compares to the estimate in real time. You can also set daily production goals and keep track of both fixed-price and time-and-materials jobs on the same log.


  • With features that are just right for the construction industry.
  • Offers data collection and tracking in the field in real time.
  • Collaboration and communication on a project are made easier.


  • Large projects can’t grow as big as they need to.
  • May not have some of the more advanced project management features.
  • The user interface and experience could be better.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mosaic Alternative

When looking for alternatives to Mosaic, it’s important to think about a few things to make sure you pick the best option for your needs. Here are some important things to think about:

Functionality and Features: Look at the features each option offers and decide if they meet your needs for managing resources. Look for features like scheduling, putting tasks in order of importance, tools for working together, reporting, and integration. Think about whether the alternative has the features you need to manage your resources effectively.

Ease of Use: Look at the alternative’s user interface and how well it works overall. Adoption and productivity can be greatly improved by making the interface and navigation easy to use. Look for solutions that have workflows you can change, drag-and-drop features, and clear visualizations to make managing resources easier.

Scalability and customization: Think about how the alternative can grow with your business and how it can be changed to fit your needs. Check to see if the solution can handle growing needs for resources and changes in the size and structure of your organization. Also, check how customizable the software is, as this can be very important for making it fit your specific way of managing resources.


What are the best alternatives to Mosaic?

There are a number of good alternatives to Mosaic that have the same features and functions. Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera are just a few of the best alternatives. These browsers have great performance, an easy-to-use interface, advanced customization options, and strong security features.

Which alternative browser is the most secure?

Both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have strong security features that are highly regarded. These browsers are updated regularly to fix bugs and have built-in protection against malware, phishing attacks, and other online threats. They also have features that protect your privacy, such as sandboxing, blocking tracking, and safe browsing modes.

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