Best OBS Alternatives 2024: top streaming software options

Discover powerful alternatives to OBS Studio for seamless streaming and recording experiences.

Broadcasting software must be reliable and feature-rich for live streaming and content creation. OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is popular, but other platforms meet different needs. The best OBS Alternatives meet content creators, gamers, and live streamers changing needs with innovative features, user-friendly interfaces, and enhanced functionality.

Popular choice Streamlabs OBS integrates seamlessly with streaming services and offers a full suite of tools for polished broadcasting. Another popular alternative, XSplit Broadcaster, supports multiple streaming platforms and allows advanced scene and transition customisation.

Lightstream’s cloud-based approach simplifies streaming setup and allows real-time content creation collaboration. Bebo and Wirecast are compelling alternatives with unique features. These Best OBS Alternatives improve streaming performance and creativity with intuitive controls, advanced editing, and cloud-based convenience. Below, we have mentioned the best OBS Alternatives.

What is OBS Studio?

Open Broadcaster Software Studio, or OBS Studio, is free software that lets you record videos and stream them live. People like to use it to make tutorials, live gaming streams, and other online content because it lets them record and broadcast their computer screen or other sources. OBS Studio works with many platforms and has features like composing scenes, mixing audio, and letting you change settings to make the broadcasting experience more flexible.

Benefits of OBS Alternatives

A lot of people use OBS, which stands for “Open Broadcaster Software,” to record and stream live video. Even though OBS is a powerful programme, there are other software options that may be better for you depending on your needs. Here are some possible benefits of using alternatives to OBS:

???? Easy to Use: Some alternatives might have an easier-to-use interface, which would make it simpler for people who are just starting out to start streaming or recording without having to go through a lot of steps.

???? Features built in: Other options might have extra features built in, like video editing tools, scene transitions, or advanced audio controls, that can make the process of making content faster.

???? Efficient use of resources: Some alternatives may be better for your computer’s resources, using less CPU and memory while recording or streaming, depending on its specs.

???? Compatible with: Some alternatives may work better with certain cameras, hardware, or capture devices, making setup and use go more smoothly.

???? Help with technology: If quick technical support is important to you, some alternatives may have better customer service or a more active community where you can solve problems.

Best OBS Alternatives Comparison Table

OBS Studio alternatives exist for various broadcasting needs. The user-friendly interface and integrated tools make Streamlabs OBS popular. Lightstream offers cloud-based solutions, while XSplit Broadcaster has advanced features. Alternatives like Bebo and Wirecast offer features for different streaming needs.

Screen CaptureYesYesYesYesYes
Video EditingBasicBasic (via external software)Basic (via external software)Basic (trimming, cutting)No
Input SourcesCameras, Microphones, Screens, GraphicsCameras, Microphones, Screens, GraphicsCameras, Microphones, Screens, GraphicsCameras, ScreensScreens, Webcams, Cameras, Microphones
Output FormatsRTMP, HLS, NDI, Recordings, and moreRTMP, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, RecordingsRTMP, NDI, Recordings, and moreAVI, MP4MP4, GIF, AVI, WebM, and more


Best OBS Alternatives


  • Professional live video production.
  • Multi-camera support.
  • Dynamic transitions and effects.
  • Integrated streaming to various platforms.

Wirecast is another cool OBS Studio alternative. Wirecast, a popular professional tool for live streamers, is expensive. It offers audio mixing, remote video feeds, multi-track audio recording, and more. This may make it unsuitable for those seeking feature-rich, affordable live streaming software. Its steep learning curve may be a weakness since OBS does the same. Still, it is one of the best OBS Alternatives that you can consider.

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  • Professional broadcasting features.
  • Multi-camera support.
  • Wide platform compatibility.


  • Relatively high cost.
  • Steeper learning curve for beginners.


Best OBS Alternatives


  • All-in-one live streaming solution.
  • Stream customization with overlays.
  • Donation and alert integration.
  • Cross-platform compatibility.

People who live stream and gamers can get a lot out of Streamlabs, which is free and open source. With a layout editor, you can make your live streaming experience unique. You also have a lot of control over your recordings. The replay buffer can help gamers improve their game, which makes it perfect for Twitch. Overall, it is one of the best OBS Alternatives that you can consider.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Integrated with popular streaming platforms.
  • Extensive widget and overlay options.


  • Limited advanced features.
  • Some users report occasional bugs.


Best OBS Alternatives


  • Software-based video production.
  • Multi-input support for cameras and sources.
  • Real-time video effects and transitions.
  • Live streaming and recording capabilities.

The software solution known as Vmix is a high-end live video production tool that includes features such as live streaming, mixing, switching, and recording. Vmix facilitates the switching of inputs, the mixing of audio, the recording of outputs, and the live streaming of cameras, video files, audio, and other media. This is the best OBS Alternatives that you can consider.


  • Robust live production features.
  • Support for multiple inputs.
  • Wide range of supported hardware.


  • Higher system requirements.
  • Pricing may be a barrier for some users.


Best OBS Alternatives


  • High-quality screen recording.
  • Game recording with minimal performance impact.
  • Webcam overlay during recording.
  • Real-time drawing and mouse effects.

Ringicam is a small Windows screen recorder that lets you record anything that’s showing on your computer screen. It uses fewer system resources than some other video capture programmes. Notable features include the ability to record on a schedule and draw in real time. Although the unregistered version of Bandicam is free to download and use, videos are watermarked and recordings can only last for 10 minutes per file. Overall, this is one of the best OBS Alternatives.


  • Lightweight and efficient.
  • High-quality screen recording.
  • Supports real-time drawing on the screen.


  • Limited editing capabilities.
  • Watermark on free version.


Best OBS Alternatives


  • Open-source screen capture and sharing.
  • Rich annotation and editing tools.
  • Customizable workflow automation.
  • Supports a wide range of file formats and destinations.

If you are looking for a free and open-source screen recording tool that does not include a watermark, ShareX is the thing you should use. Even though it is free and supports more than 80 destinations, you might find it to be a little bit complicated. Thus, it’s for those who want to further their live streaming experience with advanced recording and editing features. Currently, this is one of the best OBS Alternatives.


  • Open-source and free.
  • Powerful screen capture and editing tools.
  • Customizable and extensible.


  • Steeper learning curve.
  • May be overwhelming for casual users.

Choosing the Right OBS Alternative for You

Which alternative to OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) you choose will depend on your specific needs. When picking an alternative to OBS, here are some important things to keep in mind:

???? Easy to Use: Look for an interface and setup process that are easy to use. It’s important to have a design that is simple and easy to use, especially if you’re new to streaming or broadcasting.

???? Compatibility with Platforms: Make sure that the alternative works well with the platforms where you want to broadcast (Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, etc.) and supports the operating system you prefer (Windows, macOS, Linux).

βš™οΈ Features and how they work: Look at the features that the alternative has to offer. Things to think about include scene transitions, source customization, video/audio capture, and the ability to add graphics or overlays.

???? Performance and Use of Resources: Check how well the software works, how many resources it uses, and what kind of system it needs. Some alternatives may use fewer resources, which can be important if you have other programmes running at the same time.

???? Quality of the stream and options: Check to see what kind of streaming quality the alternative offers. To make sure it meets your broadcasting standards, look for options that let you change the bitrate, resolution, and frame rate.


Is Streamlabs better than OBS?

OBS Studio and Streamlabs are similar but different. Creators on a budget or wanting to customise streaming software should use OBS Studio. Streamlabs is paid but has more features.

Is Streamyard better than OBS?

Streamyard is browser-based. Live streaming and remote guest recording are available at Streamyard. OBS Studio suits solo streamers.

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