Best Open Source DevOps Tools 2024: for your needs

DevOps requires excellent tools to be successful; it is not just a culture change. Below, we've compiled a list of some of the most popular DevOps tools currently on the market. However, if you spend a lot of money on expensive SaaS solutions, the cloud budget can be exhausted quickly.

I’ve noticed that these enquiries show up quite often. The replies can become pretty complicated when you work on a bigger scale, from controlling a few servers to hundreds or even thousands of servers that are used for different purposes. All of them need to be managed, kept safe, watched over, and updated all the time. A lot of businesses, including mine, have taken a “open source first” approach to these problems, which I find interesting. From what I’ve seen, we think the same way. This means that almost all of the tools we use for things like coding, tracking, backing up, and security are either open source or were made using open source technologies.

Our team is actively participating in the open-source community as a firm building a solution on top of the free and open-source ELK Stack. We have made contributions to a number of projects, including Camel and Kafka, as well as tailored solutions to meet our needs. We spent a lot of time researching and selecting the technologies for our DevOps toolkit while we were developing our SaaS business. These choices were based mostly on our years of expertise in the infrastructure sector of the IT industry. Below we have mentioned some of the best Open Source DevOps Tools.

Here is the list of Best Open Source DevOps Tools


The software, known as Docker, is a lightweight container platform used to create, ship, and operate applications. Binaries, libraries, configuration files, and other dependencies needed for an application to run are packaged up in containers. Agile development has benefited greatly from containers over the past ten years, and Docker containers have been at the forefront of the movement.

The Docker Engine is at the heart of it. For locating and exchanging prepared functions as containers, Docker Hub is a great resource. Additionally, using free and open-source container auditing tools like Docker Bench or Anchore may be useful for plugging container vulnerabilities. Overall, this is one of the best Open Source DevOps Tools that you can download.

GitHub Actions

The most well-known source control and software collaboration tool on the planet is undoubtedly GitHub. Based on Git, the GitHub platform has undergone some important improvements in recent years. The ability of GitHub Actions is really noteworthy. Software packages uploaded on GitHub can take inputs and start additional processes thanks to GitHub Actions. This is the best Open Source DevOps Tools.

The possibilities for automating amazing DevOps operations in GitHub, including code reviews, branch management, or CI/CD procedures, are virtually unlimited. In essence, GitHub Actions are YAML files that are hosted in GitHub repositories and use GitHub webhooks. We believe it’s necessary to add here even if this is more of a feature than an open-source tool.


Since Jenkins is the finest tool for connecting with the most of the other tools on this list, it may be the best DevOps open source tool available. Jenkins functions as a functional pipeline for your software deliveries in this way; by connecting a ton of additional tools to Jenkins, you’ll have access to a full tool ecosystem that is automatable.

Which plug-ins are compatible with Jenkins? Over a thousand are displayed to you in total. For the majority of software development teams and businesses with unique tool preferences or plug-in idiosyncrasies, Jenkins is a wonderful fit. Jenkins is a CI/CD server at its core and comes with a ton of smaller DevOps automation tools. Even tiny teams may meet significant delivery windows with Jenkins. For now, this is one of the best Open Source DevOps Tools you can consider.


Git (also known as GitHub) is a very well-liked source code management technology for DevOps, making it ideal for remote teams or teams with many contributors. As you progress through your app-testing pipeline, it’s also a great tool for experimentation because it’s simple to add new branches and combine various features. Currently, this is the best Open Source DevOps Tools you can check now.

Both the hosting services used by Git, GitHub and Bitbucket, have some advantages. For instance, Bitbucket includes additional free limitless private repositories for teams of up to five individuals, while GitHub only allows free access to public repositories.


Continuous delivery is the aim of Spinnaker. Spinnaker streamlines the process of packaging and deploying software. Canary deployments, blue-green deployments, and even percentage-based rollouts are all supported by it natively. Building a continuous delivery pipeline on AWS, GCP, or even your own Kubernetes cluster is possible thanks to Spinnaker’s abstraction of the underlying technology. Overall, this is the best Open Source DevOps Tools you can consider. This is one of the best Open Source DevOps Tools you can download.


For site reliability engineers to view applications and respond to faults, metrics and alerting systems are essential. Prometheus is a well-liked open source monitoring solution and a former CNCF project. By scraping HTTP endpoints, a Prometheus server gathers time-series metrics. It then creates a framework to interact with this data, including deep querying, visualization, storage, and other features.

Collectd and Collectl

The advantages of Collectd and Collectl over other tools of a similar nature are their greater flexibility. The majority of log collection tools are made to measure a single parameter, but these two may simultaneously track many parameters. Still, it is one of the best Open Source DevOps Tools you can consider.

We use Collectd and Collectl in one use case to gather client performance data, which is subsequently sent to our ELK SaaS platform. We have created a manual on how to use ELK to monitor platform performance if you’re interested in learning more about this specific procedure at our business.


Monit is a fairly straightforward open source DevOps tool that only checks to see if certain processes are executing properly on a specific computer. An illustration would be if a service in Apache stopped working, in which case Monit would step in and attempt to restart that specific process. For now, this is the best Open Source DevOps Tools.

Near the conclusion of your DevOps lifecycle, this frees up some of your monitoring teams’ busywork so they may concentrate on other tasks. Monit may be utilized in multiservice and microservice architectures and is exceptionally simple to install and configure. It maintains thorough records and log files so you can verify and make sure you notice every important alert or incident.

Final Words

DevOps requires excellent tools in order to succeed; it is not merely a culture shift. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular DevOps tools on the market right now below. Spending a lot of money on expensive SaaS solutions, however, might quickly deplete the cloud budget. All of these open source DevOps solutions support microservices networking, configuration management, CI/CD automation, full-stack monitoring, and more. They also enable container builds and orchestration.

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