Best Paperless Classroom Tools

Hello everyone, in this article we will talk about Best Paperless Classroom Tools. In order to reduce the amount of paper and increase opportunities for the development of digital literacy skills and a higher level of student autonomy, We’d like to share with you some of the programs and teaching tools that we use in your training sessions and materials design work in this post.

A relatively new idea, the “digital classroom” or “paperless classroom,” centers on the exclusive use of digital tools and web developer resources to replace conventional pen-and-paper methods of teaching and learning and, more importantly, to transform such methods in ways that simplify instruction and improve students’ learning. Digital classrooms use a wide range of instructional web tools and mobile apps that streamline workflow and boost productivity in the process.

Here are some of the fundamental instruments you should take into account if you plan to use a paperless classroom style. You can perform the following tasks with these tools:

Here is the list of Best Paperless Classroom Tools


First off, using Evernote is not that difficult. Because of its widespread use and popularity, tutorials are available everywhere. You won’t need to spend much time studying the program because of its shallow learning curve. Your notes are arranged by Evernote into Notebooks, which are similar to file folders. The notes are text files that can be formatted, have photos inserted, or have simple code blocks added using a regular blog-style GUI.

Note tags and the Evernote Web Clipper browser extension are the two most practical features. Note tags function similarly to blog post tags or hashtags. You now have a second way to arrange your notes as a result. The tags are helpful for organizing and searching through notes for later use. No matter whatever Notebook they may be in, all notes that have the tags “biology” or “research,” for example, can be found and searched through.


Genially is a platform for media creation that focuses on creating and sharing presentations and media of all kinds. Students can start from blank or predesigned templates from the dashboard, which are divided into 12 different categories. These categories include films, infographics, interactive photos, quizzes, and more. To create presentations that adhere to the requirements of an assignment, students can either work independently or in groups.

While some students may prefer more straightforward designs with only text, photographs, and video links, others may prefer more intricate components like animations, interactivity, or music. In either case, students will need to dedicate some time to studying the functionality of each of the several creation tools on the website. When students are having trouble with a particular function, teachers should direct them to the tutorials that are provided in the assistance section.


Doxie is a lightweight, affordable document scanner that can help you keep the amount of paper on your desk to an absolute minimum. These scanners, which range in price from $149 to $199, are an appropriate investment for teachers who sit on committees that produce copious volumes of paper. In order to assist schools with their constricting budgets, a student and teacher discount is being offered. Users of Doxie can scan documents, convert them into searchable PDFs, and then upload the files to their preferred cloud storage service. Among them are Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs, and others. It’s the ideal addition for a teacher trying to clear off their desk of excess paper.


It can be difficult to remember the critical tasks we have to complete in life outside of our daily routine. This is especially true if you need to divide up tasks among a group of people when working on a project. Wunderlist is a computer program created in Germany that is one of several tools and methods available to assist people manage their priority to-do lists. To stay on top of your appointments and errands while on the road, you may use it on or download it to your PC or mobile device.


With the help of the online tool Kahoot, you can quickly create and participate in quizzes, conversations, and surveys (Kahoots). On any device, you can create quiz with embedded images and video using a straightforward “drag and drop” designer tool. You can also play publicly available media. By displaying the quiz on the front screen with Kahoot, you may also engage and capture the audience’s attention. Everyone in the meeting rapidly joins through their personal device without the need for an account, and their name appears at the front. Furthermore, real-time feedback is supported.


The top memo and note-taking app! It can also be used as a memo for the office or a class notebook! You are allowed to handwrite it whatever you want. Simplified digital note-taking! Noteshelf is the ideal note-taking app for you whether you’re a student, working professional, or freelance journalist. Write down your thoughts in lovely handwriting, just as you would on a notepad, but better.

You may record audio, annotate PDFs, and type. Additionally, you may customize your notes with lovely covers and arrange them however you choose. Additionally, you may sync and distribute them to your friends, family, and coworkers! Experience writing naturally with Noteshelf; it’s as easy and natural as writing on a notepad. To fit your demands, pick from a variety of pens, pencils, and highlighters in a larger range of colors and sizes. Your writing appears beautiful when written with a fountain pen.


The finest method to read, annotate, and share PDFs, Microsoft Office files, photos, and web pages is with Annotate by Folia. More than 1 million individuals use iAnnotate to annotate papers, sign contracts, highlight text, add stamps, and other tasks. Support for the iPhone, iPad Pro, and multitasking, as well as features like shape annotations, improved web markup, connect Apple Pencil detection, and improved OneDrive, iCloud Drive, and iCloud backup support are all included.

iAnnotate is the go-to tool for taking notes on presentation slides, annotating crucial business documents, editing scripts, grading papers, and much more thanks to its award-winning UI and customisable collection of capabilities. Continue reading to find out more about iAnnotate’s fantastic features. All of the fantastic features you’ve come to expect from iAnnotate on your iPad are now available on your phone.

Google Drive

The end user must create or login Google account in order to use Google Drive. The user then enters “” into their browser. There will be an automated display of “My Drive,” which can include synced or uploaded files and folders as well as Google Sheets, Slides, and Docs. The user can then either create new files on Google Drive or upload existing ones from their computer.

A Google Drive application may also be downloaded by the user to one or more devices. Each device’s file system will display a Google Drive folder alongside other folders. The Google Drive folder on each device or a Google Drive web app can access files that the user adds to a single folder.


Aiming to give teachers resources to connect and communicate with their students and parents, Edmodo is a social network for educators. Teachers can exchange content, texts, videos, homework, and assignments with their students online using the Edmodo app or website. Recent years have seen an increase in the use of learning management systems, which are online tools used by teachers to manage their classes (LMSs).

Both the desktop version of Edmodo and its app, which is available for iOS and Android, can be used by you and your students. Teachers must first create an account on Edmodo before setting up lessons, which can be linked to their current accounts with other service providers (outlook, Google, Facebook). Students or parents are not given access to the data from these other accounts.

Final Words

We hope you like our article on Best Paperless Classroom Tools. Therefore, these straightforward, free apps can provide you everything you need to make your classroom paperless, as well as to improve the resources you already use, support the development of students’ digital literacy abilities, and maintain student interest in media-rich content.

I hope you understand this article, Best Paperless Classroom Tools.

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