Best Personal Tech Gifts For Your Kids

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Quick list of Best Personal Tech Gifts For Your Kids

No matter how much you ask for one, your child probably doesn’t need a smartphone. Official guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics states that young children require hands-on social interactions and exploration with peers and caregivers to learn, a standard that may or may not be difficult to maintain at this time during a global pandemic. But if you’re looking for a digital device to entertain or distract you while you’re doing little work, let me be the second, fourth, or tenth person to tell you that it’s perfectly fine.

These are some of the best devices that have worked for me and my children, ages 3 and 5. Many of these freebies don’t need parental supervision, and those that do have strong parental controls that allow you to limit your children’s use to less. that, say, 35 hours a day. If you’d like to see additional options, check out our gift ideas for new parents or our guide to the best tablets for kids.

Here is the list of the best personal tech gifts for your kids

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition

Give your little one their very own Echo Dot with this kid-friendly version of Amazon’s popular smart speaker. Available in a tiger or panda design, the little Dot comes with a variety of kid-friendly features: it can read stories, help kids with their math homework, set bedtime alarms, and call pre-approved family or friends. . And don’t worry, you can set a number of parental controls to make sure your child uses the speaker safely.

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Booster 4.0

The PowerUp 4.0 kit represents simple sophistication and is a hobbyist’s dream. It gives flying paper planes a DIY twist in a decidedly modern way.

The companion app controls the gyro-stabilized motor via your smartphone, not only facilitating real loops and barrel rolls, but also reporting on flight performance and suggesting future improvements. And by the way, a carbon fiber body and nylon-reinforced nose help your planes survive their various aviation escapades to fly again.

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Gabb Clock

All children want a phone. And now you can give them one, without having to worry about them losing it or having to fiddle with parental controls. The Gabb Watch is super safe, because kids can only call or receive calls from up to 10 contacts that you set up in your phone app.

Similarly, they can send messages in the form of canned texts (which you can create and edit) or record short impromptu voice clips. You can actively track their location in real time, opting in to receive information when they enter or leave certain areas (ie home and school). And as a final bonus, it includes a proprietary game that allows you to earn points by caring for a variety of virtual pets. Oh, and it also tells the time.

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personal planetarium

Space is an abyss of mystery and adventure. Kids will love this cool kit as they can use the power of technology to travel the cosmos. All you have to do is connect a smartphone to the headphones and let the magic happen. Travel to the stars with this gift.

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Coding for Beginners Using Scratch

Usborne has been publishing children’s books on programming since the late 1970s, and their latest release fits right into that beautiful heritage. The book focuses on Scratch, the visual programming environment used in a growing number of UK schools to teach children programming. It’s an accessible introduction that guides kids through the basics before embarking on fun projects to build their skills.

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nintendo switch lite

Keep the kids busy with their very own Nintendo Switch. From Mario Kart to Animal Crossing, the handheld game console has so many options for kids, but we guarantee you’ll want to try it out for yourself. The Lite is a smaller, cheaper version and comes in a variety of colors.

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