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These days, which also offers a simple visual layout of image thumbnails and allows key search terms or ratings to filter the results, the organization’s software will automatically scan your images for key features. Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to power our image editing software more and more and the like is also suitable for organizing photos.

Many of the key players now allow users to search for things like “cat” or “birthday” to get correct results without ever having images organized or coded. While some add more skills by allowing basic or even complex image editing in the business as well.

Whether you’re looking for image organizing software to enhance your professional workflow, or just something to keep on top of the phone snapshots you take of family and friends, there is something for everyone. So no problem if you’re looking for something low and cheery, or want to pay to get some improved features, take a look below to find the best image organization software this year.

Check out the list of the best photo management software

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile is a free application for smartphones and tablets that allows you to edit and share photos. You can sync your phone with the desktop version of Lightroom CC. Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile offers the same image editing capabilities as the PC version, including RAW image editing, color correction, and more, as well as being portable and easy to access.

To start using Lightroom CC Mobile, you need to download the appropriate version (on your smartphone or tablet) and sign in with Adobe ID, Google account, or Facebook. You will see a short summary of all the available functions and then you can upload your images from the device, cloud storage or even take a photo and start editing it.

Adobe bridge

Adobe Bridge is essentially software that organizes your files. You can tag, organize, and manage almost any type of file that can be created within the Adobe Suite. It’s a great way to scan and manage files in different programs or if you’re working with a team of people.

The Adobe Bridge download is available for free from Adobe. This makes it tempting to skip paid subscriptions and use Adobe Bridge as a free Lightroom alternative. However, before attempting to do that, let’s discuss the differences between the two. And why Lightroom is quite different from Adobe Bridge.

Magix Photo Manager

The program’s simple interface and tools make it a good option for beginners or photographers with large image databases. It offers a full range of photo editing tools and other visual materials for those planning to begin to acquire knowledge in this area.

Unfortunately, the user interface in Photo Manager MX is so confusing that it’s really hard to see what you’ve added and how to find things. Ironically, if your images are a mess on your hard drive, they’ll be a mess in Photo Manager MX. It is not a good start to help me organize myself more.


ACDSee has been around since the early days of digital photography. Despite its comparative lack of name recognition, ACDSee’s photo workflow and editing suite, ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate, has long had supporters who prefer it to Lightroom.

ACDSee continues to develop its software, which now includes Photoshop-like layer editing capabilities. Some of the program’s tools, like its Light EQ adjusters, are particularly good. It is also one of the fastest photo workflow applications, but it still falls short of its main competitors in the initial quality of raw camera file conversion, the effectiveness of some fixes, and the usability of the interface.

Google photos

If you are a creative guy who takes a lot of photos and videos, you need a reliable place to store your files. Enter Google Photos, a simple yet powerful cloud storage service that allows you to seamlessly save and share media files on your devices.

But with so many options available for cloud storage, it can seem overwhelming to choose just one service. What’s the best cloud storage for your creative needs? We’ve put together this Google Photos review to help you decide if this product is right for you. (You may also want to see our list of the best Google Photos alternatives.)

Google Photos offers more than just storage space for your media; it also organizes your photos and videos, syncs your files across multiple devices, and simplifies social sharing. Let’s take a closer look at these essential features.


DigiKam is a great program suitable for organizing and managing edited images. If you are a fan of detailed settings, this is an ideal option as the editor offers a wide range of tools, I recommend using this program to prepare images for publication. Thanks to various geodata and metadata image editing options, as well as the support of many social networks, DigiKam is a convenient and fast tool for posting photos.

In addition to the basic options, the photo editor provides functions such as curve fitting, panorama connection, and many others. This app is a combination of a smart organizer and a photo retouch editor.

If you want to blur the image, the “Blur” tool on the “Enhance” tab is perfect for these purposes. It offers you some variants of blur, its intensity and level. Having chosen the blur variant and moving the “Distance” slider, you will get an image with a blurred background.

Quick stone

FastStone Capture is powerful and easy to use, and you create a variety of projects, such as training videos, software tutorials, and user manuals. The program comes with image and video editing tools that polish your screenshots or recordings before publishing them.

In terms of export options, FastStone is a bit limited, but as a high-value piece of software, it’s hard to beat. There’s even a 30-day free trial that lets you try it out before paying. Sure, the website you download it from is incredibly basic, but the software is good. It’s our budget pick among the best screen capture software options for 2020.

Once you’ve captured an image or video, the FastStone editor opens automatically. Here are a basic set of tools that allow you to draw, highlight, enlarge, and annotate images. You also have the ability to resize an image, adjust color settings, lighting, and more.

Photo library

Phototheca is one of the most recognized photo editing and organizing tools on the market today, and for the right reasons! If you are a photographer, graphic designer, or similar media professional, you may already be familiar with how Phototheca works and what you can accomplish with it.

According to a user survey, given a modern PC, Phototheca can successfully handle up to 300K photos in the catalog section without freezing or lagging. Aside from the basic editing functionalities that come with most photo editing tools, Phototheca has a lot more to offer.


PicaJet is software designed to help you sort your photos as easily as possible. It comes in two flavors: Free and FX. The FX version costs $ 60 and includes most of the features you would expect from a pure photo organizer such as tagging, albums, import, export, etc.

The free version is a bit more limited and lacks things like the ability to create more than one album and the ability to sort by categories. Most of the best photo organizer software packages do everything much better than PicaJet, but if you don’t want to pay for their software, it is a viable option.

Assuming you buy the FX version, this is what to expect. With the Quick Start Wizard, you can learn to sort your photos by category. You can organize photos by EXIF ​​information, whether you sort them by date, file or image size, tag, title, or rating. You can also organize how you classify your photos using that information.

Movavi Photo Manager

Movavi Photo Manager is a photo organizer used by professional and amateur photographers. If you are the type of person who takes a lot of images with your phone or digital camera, you probably know how frustrating it can be to search for specific images in the large collection of photos that you may have on your storage device.

Fortunately, with Movavi, you don’t have to go through this hustle anymore; now you can sort and manage your photo libraries quickly and efficiently. Simply put, Movavi Photo Manager is photo organization software that is designed to help you organize and manage your digital photo collections in a timely manner.

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