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When we were in photography school years before, one of my professors showed us an Alfred Stieglitz photo called The Steerage and I couldn’t stop looking at it with enthusiasm. We didn’t understand why it was so big. We didn’t really understand the image or its meaning until well into my career, when we finally had my enlightenment and “got it”. We will let you create your own mind and understand this image by doing your own research. It’s a great image to study. The lesson here for me, and for you, if you’re willing to accept it, is that many of the best photographs in history have a deeper meaning if you take the time to look at them a little closer.

A better understanding of the history of your craft and who helped create it will certainly help you become a good photographer. If you aspire to take the best photos, studying the work of the masters, these popular photographers, will give you an idea of ​​what a better photo IS and what makes it great. If you strive to take great photos, study the work of the masters. – Darlene Hildebrandt Noted photographer Alfred Stieglitz snaps between covers of The Steerage – scan courtesy of Masters of Photography.

Here is the list of the best photographers of all time

Jimmy Nelson

Jimmy Nelson is a famous photographer from the UK and has been taking amazing photos since 1987. Since 2010 he has been working on a “Before they Pass Away” series which has seen him travel extensively to places like Vietnam, Tibet, Africa etc. in.

He visits the tribesmen and photographs them in their natural habitat, which is truly amazing as the emotions are beautifully captured in his photos. He’s Part 1 series has earned him several international awards and he is currently working on the Part 2 series. Jimmy Nelson’s photographic work has been exhibited in many leading international museums and art galleries.

walker evans

Walker Evans is one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. His sharp, elegant photographs and articulate publications have inspired generations of artists, from Helen Levitt and Robert Frank to Diane Arbus, Lee Friedlander, and Bernd and Hilla Becher. A forerunner of the documentary tradition in American photography, Evans had an uncanny ability to see the present as if it were already the past and to translate that knowledge and historically informed vision into enduring art.

His main theme was colloquial language: the indigenous expressions of a people found in street stalls, in cheap cafes, in advertisements, in humble rooms and in the high streets of small towns. For fifty years, from the late 1920s to the early 1970s, Evans chronicled the American scene with the nuance of a poet and the precision of a surgeon, creating an encyclopedic visual catalog of modern America in the making. .

Yousuf Karsh

Yousuf Karsh has taken photos that tell a story and are easier to understand than many others. Each of the portraits of him tells you everything about the subject.

I felt that there was a secret behind every woman and every man. Whether she’s capturing a beaming eye or a gesture made entirely unconsciously, these are times when people temporarily lose their mask. Karsh’s portraits communicate with people.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

A photographer’s photographer, Cartier-Bresson was a major influence on modern photojournalism and its establishment as an art form.

His accomplishments included co-founding the Magnum agency in 1947, and he excelled in documentary, portrait, and landscape work. His concept of capturing an event at the “decisive moment” was hugely influential.

robert frank

There has never been a more prolific photographer than Robert Frank. From 1941 he worked as an advertising photographer in Zurich, Basel and Geneva. In 1947 he found work as a fashion photographer in the United States. He used his then unconventional 35mm Leica. Between 1950 and 1959 he dedicated himself to street photography and photojournalism.

This is where he became best known. The Guggenheim Fellowship allowed him to travel the country, resulting in his most famous work: The Americans. He worked closely with Walker Evans and became one of the most famous street photographers in the world. He supplemented the images of himself with text written directly on the negatives and prints.

Don McCullin

Although McCullin is best known for his images depicting the brutal realities of war in Vietnam, Cyprus, and Cambodia, McCullin’s internationally acclaimed work includes documentary images set in his native England and dark, shifting landscapes. Brave and fearless in his pursuit of a story, he was knighted in 2017 for his services to photography.

Paul Strand

Paul Strand was an American photographer who helped establish photography as an art form in the 20th century. His varied work spans more than six decades. He covered many genres and themes in America, Europe and Africa.

Alfred Steiglitz helped influence his modernist approach. Paul even worked with renowned documentary photographer Lewis Hine. He learned to capture the bustle of the city, formal abstractions and street portraits.

robert layer

On December 3, 1938, Picture Post presented The World’s Greatest War Photographer: Robert Capa, a series of 26 photographs taken during the Spanish Civil War. But the “best war photographer” hated war. Born Andre Friedmann in Budapest in 1913 to Jewish parents, he studied political science at the German Political University in Berlin. Expelled from the country by the threat of the Nazi regime, he settled in Paris in 1933.

He was represented by Alliance Photo and met the journalist and photographer Gerda Taro. Together they invented the “famous” American photographer Robert Capa and began selling his prints under that name. He met Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway and befriended fellow photographers David “Chim” Seymour and Henri Cartier-Bresson. Beginning in 1936, Capa’s reports on the Spanish Civil War appear regularly. The image of him as a loyal soldier who had just been mortally wounded earned him an international reputation and became a powerful symbol of the war.

lee jeffries

Hailing from Manchester, UK, Lee Jeffries enjoys traveling the world capturing black and white portraits of homeless people. His passion for homeless portrait photography began while he was running a marathon in London. He came across a young woman curled up in a sleeping bag and his idea of ​​homelessness changed dramatically.

According to Lee Jeffries, the emotions of the homeless seem to run high, which can tell amazing stories. Since then, she has been photographing homeless people as subjects and raising funds through her photos to make life for the homeless a better place. Congratulations to this photographer who has modesty and nobility in his work.

steve mccurry

With a career spanning four decades, Steve McCurry has captured some of humanity’s most iconic images. The striking images of him often involve his subject looking directly into the camera lens with a piercing gaze. The rich yet natural colors complement his scenes and help tell the story of the people in them. McCurry’s photographs show the rich diversity of humanity around the world.

When you look at a photo of Steve McCurry, you feel like you’re standing where the photo was taken. It’s almost like being able to have a conversation with the person on the other side of the lens. When the photograph feels as poignant as McCurry’s, the world becomes a little smaller and the viewer begins to understand the beauty in diversity. It’s impossible not to feel a connection when looking at his work, and that’s why he’s one of the greatest photographers of all time.

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