Best Pillows to Relieve Neck Pain

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Quick list of Best Pillows to Relieve Neck Pain

Does your neck hurt when you first get up? It’s not just you. One study found that neck pain is a common illness that can cause significant pain and possibly disability. Neck discomfort can affect anyone, although it usually gets worse as people age. Injury-related pain may go away in a few days or weeks, but some people may still experience chronic problems.

Ongoing pain may be influenced by your sleeping position and your pillow. For example, people who sleep on their stomachs may experience more neck pain. Your spine is arched and your neck is tilted to the side in this position. Experts advise finding a pillow that supports the natural curve of your neck and trying to sleep on your back or side for relief. Neck pain can be characterized as pain in the muscles, bones, nerves, joints, and discs between the bones of the neck.

You may experience stiffness or pain in your neck, and it may be difficult to move your neck from side to side. Sometimes a long-term medical condition like fibromyalgia causes neck pain. Other times, a fall or accident can hurt your neck and make it painful. Occasional neck discomfort is usually not a cause for alarm. However, it is crucial to contact a doctor if your symptoms persist for more than a week, if the pain is unbearable, or if you experience additional symptoms such as fever, headache, or signs of a heart attack.

Here is the list of the best neck pain relief pillows

Therapeutica Orthopedic Sleeping Pillow, Average

The best first step if you have significant neck discomfort is to discuss your treatment options with a doctor. However, a corrective pillow like this highly structured option can be helpful if you think your sleeping position is wrong. It is intended to support the thoracic spine, correct the neck, relieve jaw discomfort, and support the head. The ideal size is decided by the distance from the base of your neck to the point of your shoulder. There are four sizes available: average, small, large and extra large.

The Therapeutica Pillow is also made by Core Products, the company that created our top pick. The company warns that as you get used to the Therapeutica pillow’s hard shape, your neck pain may worsen, but adds that over time, it can help relieve stiffness. The firm molded foam in the pillow will gradually soften as you use it while maintaining its supportive shape.

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Memory Epabo Orthopedic Pillow

The ergonomic contour of the Epabo Memory Orthopedic Pillow may be suitable for back and side sleepers. The curved shape supports the head and keeps the spine aligned and at rest. Compared to other memory foam pillows, this one has a permeable material. Importantly, a user can modify the cushion to fit her preferences. For those who feel that the cushion is too high, it has a removable foam piece on the back that can help lower the resting position of the head. However, the pillow may be too stiff for people with severe neck discomfort to fully relax.

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Coop Home Goods Eden Cushion

Soft and springy, the Eden pillow is available from Coop Home Goods. It’s filled with a blend of gel-infused cross-sectional polyurethane (also known as shredded memory foam) and polyester microfiber to enhance cooling. The liner can be opened to add or remove as much padding as you like, allowing you to customize the height or loft of the pillow. Included with the pillow is a second bag of fill that weighs a half pound.

This means that all types of sleepers can benefit from the Eden pillow, while back and stomach sleepers often benefit more from softer, lower-height pillows. Even when sleeping on your side, the Eden pillow does an excellent job of supporting your neck and head, according to expert reviews, despite its softness. The bolster gives the pillow stability and helps with neck support.

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Core Products Tri-Core Cervical Support Cushion

For back sleepers, the concave center of the Core Products Tri-Core Neck Pillow supports the head. Depending on whether you need more or less support around your neck, the top and bottom of the mattress have different cervical roll heights. Also, the raised sides are helpful if you decide to sleep on your side. Keep in mind that it’s designed to be firm for added support, so if you’re used to getting softer, for example, it may take some getting used to.

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side sleeper pillow

The usual side sleeper pillow isn’t designed for a restful night’s sleep, even though side sleepers need a pillow that provides additional shoulder support while keeping the neck and spine in alignment. With the right frame and shape for side sleepers, an intuitive curved design that supports your neck and shoulders whether you’re on your side or back, and customizable loft for your ideal head position, Sleep Artisan has created its best-selling Side Sleeper. Pillow.

Even the highest quality side sleeper pillows often contain remnants of shredded cardboard that feel lumpy and inconsistent. Sleep Artisan side pillow filling is specifically manufactured using our custom cutting equipment and 100% pure virgin talalay latax foam, never residual waste.

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marlow pillow

According to Dr. Janet Kennedy, a professional psychologist and creator of NYC Sleep Doctor, neck support is crucial for back sleepers. For back sleepers, she recommends a neck brace to decrease snoring and keep your airway open. I usually sleep on my side, but after using the Marlow pillow, I now prefer to sleep on my back. The Marlow Pillow has a conventional rectangular shape and looks more like a typical bed pillow compared to the AllSett Neck Brace and Neck Pillow from Core Products.

The pillow has two compression zippers on each side, and when they are opened, the pillow expands vertically, instantly changing the loft without the hassle of adding or removing any padding. It’s filled with a proprietary blend of shredded memory foam and a down-alternative microfiber. The Marlow Pillow allowed me to sleep pain-free after straining the base of my neck during an overly aggressive gym workout, and I woke up more mobile than I was before bed.

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Weekender Gel Memory Pillow

The Weekender Gel Memory Foam pillow is a solid piece of gel-infused polyurethane foam. The pillow is ventilated to allow breathing. A dense piece of memory foam will typically be stiffer and less flexible than a cushion filled with polyfill or a down equivalent. Based on reviews, this Weekender pillow is soft and lightweight, making it a better choice for people who find other memory foam pillows too stiff. The Weekender is available in three sizes: regular, queen and king.

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Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

The number of memory foam strips in this pillow can be adjusted to provide the desired height or firmness for the user. Also, additional padding can be purchased separately. The pillow is said to be appropriate for all sleeping positions on the company’s website, but expert reviews indicate that it works best for side and back sleepers because it’s a bit too thick for heavy sleepers. face down

Shredded memory foam bits are used to create this hypoallergenic cushion, which has a Kool-Flow bamboo cover with micro-vents. This indicates that it is a down alternative pillow, suitable for people with allergies or who dislike down. However, customers who are sensitive to off-gassing may not appreciate this pillow because expert reviews have noted that the cushions sometimes have a chemical odor.

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