Best Places to Stay in Jakarta

Hello everyone, in this article, we will discuss about Best Places to Stay in Jakarta. If you’re a tourist visiting Jakarta, you probably want to know where to stay in the city. The capital of the Republic of Indonesia is Jakarta. Over 10 million residents of all ethnic backgrounds live in Jakarta, a massive, expansive metropolis that is home to all of Indonesia.

Jakarta is a large, multiethnic city that is a vibrant tourist attraction with exciting neighborhoods. Discover famous sites like Istiqlal Mosque and Merdeka Palace. Visit theme parks like Atlantis Water Adventure Park and Sea World for hours of family entertainment and shop at upscale malls, which are frequently situated close to fantastic hotels that fit a range of budgets. When deciding where to stay during your trip to Jakarta, take into account the attractions, shopping, and cuisine that most appeal to you. Use the new Jakarta to travel between neighborhoods and tourist destinations.

Here is the list of Best Places to Stay in Jakarta


Within Central Jakarta, an administrative municipality of Indonesia’s capital city, is where you’ll find the Menteng subdistrict. Visitors to Menteng are shocked to find spacious, well-lit boulevards lined with trees, huge fountains, and upscale eating options inside the exclusive neighborhood that houses embassies and prominent Indonesian figures.

The Selamat Datang or Welcome Monument is a well-known landmark in Menteng, where the cool and trendy crowd congregates to enjoy the numerous classical music performances and art exhibitions. Menteng is most known for its master-planned urban residential area, which was established in 1912, when Indonesia was under Dutch administration.


There are numerous activities that visitors to Jakarta City, especially tourists, can engage in while exploring. For instance, people can go to some well-known locations to either conduct leisure or study about history. Typically, travelers are curious to visit that place to understand about the Attractions in Jakarta. In order to enjoy photography, shopping, dining, and other activities, other people are also interested in traveling to Kemang.

There are a lot of intriguing places to visit, after all. It is likely that residents of Jakarta City and the surrounding areas are aware of Kemang Village. After all, this neighborhood is recognized as the bourgeoisie place. It stands for the executive lifestyle and hedonism. It makes sense given the abundance of upscale and contemporary stores there. Tourists will also discover a variety of high-class establishments, such as pricey restaurants, nightclubs, cafes, malls, contemporary homes, and other opulent structures.

South Jakarta

One of the best administrative cities that make up Jakarta’s Special Capital Region is South Jakarta, Jakarte Beludik, Indonesian, Jakarta Selatan. South Jakarta is not regarded as a legitimate municipality because it lacks self-government and a city council.

After East Jakarta and West Jakarta, it is the third most populous of the administrative cities of Jakarta At Kebayoran Baru, there is an administrative hub. South Jakarta is bordered to the north by Central Jakarta, to the east by East Jakarta, to the south by Depok, to the northwest by West Jakarta, and to the west by Tangerang and South Tangerang cities.


A low-rise residential community called Setiabudi may be found in the Golden Triangle’s northern region. Initially, its inhabitants were low- to middle-income families, but as land values rise, this is beginning to change. Many homes have been converted into boarding houses, studio apartments, or hotels that are well-liked by single office workers. There, you can get a room for a reasonable fee and be close to the CBD.

Jalan Jaksa

A brief roadway in the heart of Jakarta is called Jalan Jaksa. It once had a reputation for being popular with legal students during the Dutch era, hence the moniker “Jalan Jaksa,” where Jaksa is Indonesian for “attorney.” It draws a sizable youth population from all over the nation and the world due to its reputation as a backpackers’ street with some of the greatest hostels, pubs, and cafes for an unforgettable evening.

In its heyday, Jalan Jaksa was known among young tourists as a backpacking Mecca because of its inexpensive hotel and hostel options, as well as its vibrant nightlife. Large crowds were attracted to this narrow street by the bars and pubs that lined it. These days are a thing of the past thanks to revised visa requirements that limit visitors to the country to 30 days without a visa.


In Kuningan, one of Jakarta’s best places to shop in Jakarta and locating top-notch hotels, there is a large retail center called Kuningan City Mall. Kuningan is a well-liked region for tourists conducting business in Jakarta because it also includes a lot of office complexes. Kuningan City Mall is situated around 6.5 km south of the Monas, Indonesia’s national monument, to assist you understand where it is.

Popular locations like Pacific Place and the Bung Karno athletics park are 4 kilometers to the east of it. South of Jakarta’s city center, it is situated. It won’t take you long to discover that Kuningan City Mall is a multi-level shopping complex when you are there to shop. The project also includes two apartment towers and one office tower in addition to the mall portion.


What’s the point of vacationing in a nation’s capital city if you don’t take in its nightlife? Dragonfly is one of Jakarta’s greatest nightclubs where you can experience Indonesian nightlife. With interiors made of wood and marble, the location provides a wonderful atmosphere. The sophisticated lighting and sound equipment enhance the setting’s overall effect. No matter how exhausted you are, the lounge and bar at the Dragonfly will get you in the mood to party. Do not overlook their defining occurrences.

Central Jakarta

Even though it is much smaller than the Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta’s Cathedral is still one of the best sites to visit. It was constructed in 1901, and it has served as the Roman Catholic establishment’s headquarters ever since. The church’s facade is embellished with magnificent Roman details and breathtaking white towers.

The interiors provide a peek of European cathedrals and present a significantly distinct perspective on the country’s religious landscape. This cathedral gives the nation’s Catholic heritage a new lease on life. Overall, this church’s magnificent design and serene atmosphere are sure to sooth your souls.

Kota Tua

Kota Tua is technically the region in North Jakarta surrounding Taman Fatahillah Square. I use it to characterize Mangga Besar and Glodok as part of a broader zone in my article. Red-light district Kota Tua is notorious for housing the priciest sleazy massage parlors, strip clubs, nightclubs, and gogo bars in Jakarta.

Nevertheless, remaining close by has a number of benefits: Hotels are substantially less expensive here than elsewhere, and several tourist sites are nearby. One of the best areas in Jakarta to consume street cuisine is Jalan Mangga Besar. Under typical traffic circumstances, it will take around an hour to travel from Kota Tua to the Jakarta city center.

Taman Mini Indonesia Park

If you want to learn more about Indonesian history and culture, Taman Mini Indonesia Park should be on your travel itinerary. The park’s 250 acres are filled with the history and customs that set Indonesia apart from other countries. You’ll find a variety of theme pavilions.

A cable car, a traditional theater that hosts regular events, an IMAX theater where you can see some of the best movies currently showing, and a detailed model of the Indonesian archipelago are all there. Both tourists and residents of Jakarta agree that this enormous park is one of the best sites to see in a single day.

Final words

In Jakarta, there are numerous locations to explore. The list provided above Best Places to Stay in Jakarta will give you a general understanding of the city so you can begin making the finest travel arrangements for your Jakarta vacation.

I hope you understand this article, Best Places to Stay in Jakarta.

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