Best Places to Visit in Tissamaharama

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Tissamaharama is a small town in the Hambantota district of Sri Lanka that is mainly used as a starting point for visitors to Yala National Park, Bundala National Park safaris and the Katha Agama pilgrimage. Whether you are in the famous city of Colombo or wandering through the city of Galle, there is always so much to see and do that you will run out of time, but never places. However, aside from seeing these well-known popular tourist attractions in Sri Lanka, Tissamaharama has some very rewarding sites to explore over the bank holiday weekend.

The splendor of Lake Tissawewa in Tissamaharama amazed me. But it didn’t take me long to realize that this small town has much more to offer and is a bird watcher’s paradise. Here is a list of the top ten things to see and do in and around Tissamaharama that you should not miss the next time you are in town.

Here is the list of the best places to visit in Tissamaharama

Tissamaharama Raja Maha Vihara

Followers of the Buddhist religion cannot ignore a visit to the ancient Tissamaharama Raja Maha Vihara temple in Tissamaharama, near Kataragama, in the southern province of Sri Lanka. Being one of the four ancient Buddhist monasteries in Sri Lanka, it is always rushed by believers. It is believed that this place was built when Arhant Mahinda Thera arrived. Therefore, the importance of him is best judged by the fact that Lord Buddha himself blessed the Tissamaharama Raja Maha Vihara site during his third visit to Sri Lanka. From the 3rd century onwards, this monastery remained the most popular center of the Buddhist Enlightenment. Tourists also visit the largest Buddhist stupa in Sri Lanka, the Tissamaharama Dagoba during a visit to this monastery.

Vedda – Opt for a village tour.

Exploring popular family sites in Sri Lanka can be a lot of fun, but hitting the streets in a strange place can be even more exciting. During your tour of this diverse country, don’t forget to choose an interesting tour of the village of Veda. With your family, enjoy discovering the local way of life by going to this village. Stroll through the small settlements of a forest-dwelling community. Their way of life will transport you to the Stone Age. As you make your way through town, don’t miss the opportunity to stop at a local residence. Sit down together and discover a new flavor while enjoying the basic food of the village. You can have a lot of pure honey here as Vedda produces it in large quantity.

yala national park

Enjoy the unspoiled beauty outdoors in the tropical nature and observe the exciting moments of wildlife and beautiful nature with a safari in Yala. Offering you a bargain to discover a variety of wildlife, Yala National Park is the perfect getaway for a complete change of scenery. Famous as the national park with the highest concentration of leopards in Sri Lanka, these lazy yet wild predators are the main feature of a Yala safari. We introduce you to wild leopards throughout the park filled with thorny bushes, tall trees, picturesque ponds and golden dunes. January to July is the season when you can see the most leopards. Catch rare leopards and watch playful elephants take a mud bath. In addition to sights of majestic elephants and leopards, a Yala safari can bring you the impressive spectacle of a unique night bear, warthog, water buffalo, deer, sable and golden jackal.

Sigiriya Museum: relive history

A family day at the Sigiriya Museum will be wonderful. For history buffs, a visit to the Sigiriya Museum is a must. Feel transported to past times, take your children to the gallery of the Museum and let them enjoy the rich historical past. Have them look at the architectural spaces, photos, and models. This outing will definitely help them learn a lot about symbolic history and undefined art. The conceptual design of the museum will enchant you and will make you relive history.

Bundala Bird Paradise

The transfer to the Bundala was arranged through the hotel and was very efficient. The guide was very nice and very informative. We arrived at the park and before entering we saw all kinds of birds and several crocodiles. We arrived at the ticket booth and were escorted by a guide who was very knowledgeable and knew where to look and what to look for. The place was beautiful and I would recommend a visit to all bird lovers and generally anyone who enjoys nature. The birds we saw were: Marsh Chickens, Green Kingfishers, Blue Tailed Kingfishers, Purple Herons, Eagles, Bee-Eaters, etc. Animals we saw include: elephants, magpies, water buffalo, ground monitors, 2 species of monkeys, hares, etc. I loved this experience and there was no one else there which made it even better.


A city widely known for its temples and archaeological treasures, Polonnaruwa is one of the best tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. You can visit here and find the ruins of Polonnaruwa which are well preserved and offer a perfect historical experience for travellers. There are many temples, tombs and stupas on the site and there are more than a hundred in number. If you are a fan of history on your trip to Sri Lanka, then this is the place you cannot miss.

Also, here is something interesting that is quite obvious, Sri Lanka is a country that has a deep history and culture. Throughout the years, history buffs have visited this country for the sole purpose of understanding the history and culture of this country. Therefore, when it comes to this historical experience, the Polonnaruwa ruins are a prime example of how Sri Lankan history has unfolded. So, if you are a traveler interested in learning about and understanding the country’s past, then visit Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka.

Old dutch fort in Galle

If you are looking for a quiet environment to sit back and admire the views of Sri Lanka’s blue waters, Old Dutch Fort in Galle is the place for you. One can come here, sit back and watch the vast sea in what is said to be a thrilling experience. The fortress is located in South Asia and is a very popular place among history lovers. Old Dutch Fort is believed to date back to the 16th century and travelers can get a taste of history here.

Although the maintenance of the fortress was not satisfactory, it is still a good place to sit and gaze at the endless sea. The best piece; The fort offers some of the most picturesque views from the top.

Ravana’s Cave

Perhaps one of those places that is sure to fascinate travelers coming to Sri Lanka is Ravana’s cave. Historians suggest that Ravana used the cave as a hiding place for Princess Sita. The cave is located about 2 km from the town of Ella and is located at the base of a rock. Travelers who come here have to climb about a thousand steps to reach the cave.

In fact, the tunnels that can be found in the cave are a perfect representation of Ravana’s genius. It wasn’t just a secret passage through the hills, but a quick way to get around. Today, words cannot describe the feeling when travelers see this place in Sri Lanka.

Diyaluma Falls

Often known as Diya Heluma, the Diyaluma waterfalls are another amazing attraction located just off the A4 highway between Wellawaya and Koslanda. It is considered the second largest waterfall in Sri Lanka. Besides the waterfall itself, it has some ancillary attractions around it with some small rock pools and smaller waterfalls. If your luck is on your side, you might even see some elephants in the area. It is also often seen as a steaming drop of water due to its appearance. The waterfall breaks at Poonagala Oya.

Ulpotha Village: Relaxation and Rejuvenation through Yoga and Ayurveda.

Seek comfort and relaxation with your family at Yoga & Ayurveda Retreats, the ideal Ulpotha Village getaway. Between green fields on one side and a lake on the other, the calm and serenity of this place will refresh your senses. Enjoy traditional village life and renew yourself with relaxing Ayurvedic treatments. Feel refreshed by taking morning yoga classes with your children in this wonderful place. This point will offer the definitive space to your family to avoid fatigue.

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