Best Project Management Software 2024: tools to keep things in order

The best Project Management Software keep track of tasks, projects, and groups of projects.

I have found that using the best Project Management Software is very important for keeping chores, projects, and project groups running smoothly. These software tools keep track of the work so that no jobs get missed and everyone on the team and in the project can see what’s going on. I can say from my own experience that project management software has been very helpful in helping project managers and teams not only meet client needs but also work within the constraints of time, price, and scope.

It might be scary to think about switching to a new project management solution, but I’ve learned that taking the time to learn about your options can pay off in the long run. After that, there are almost as many pricing options as there are feature options, but most businesses will be able to choose a solution that fits their budget. No of the size of your team, project, or budget, we’ve found the top project management solutions on the market right now. Below we have mentioned some of the best Project Management Software.

Best Project Management Software

Features for resource and project management, time tracking, communication, and reporting are available on Users can add files to cards and connect them to them, write comments, mention teammates, and more. Additionally, it provides a fantastic project reporting dashboard that can gather information from several boards for better tracking of progress. You can use to track hours, deadlines, and bills even if it doesn’t offer the same comprehensive set of capabilities for project accounting and invoicing as other solutions. Overall, this is one of the best Project Management Software that you can download.


One platform for managing and finishing all of your team’s projects is ClickUp, a sophisticated project management tool. In a centralized workspace, users may organised projects, assign tasks, and manage resources. They can also communicate and work together with team members and visitors. This is the best Project Management Software.

Wikis and documents can be created, shared, and edited together using ClickUp’s functionality. To improve communication and teamwork, users can leave comments on documents and assignments, assign remarks, and interact with other team members. Custom dashboards and six pre-built report kinds for team reporting are among the reporting tools available.


One of the safest picks in the market for PM software is Smartsheet’s project and work management platform, which was introduced in 2005. I was amazed by the user-friendliness of the UI and the flexibility of the capabilities from the point of onboarding through using the platform. By enhancing a spreadsheet interface with Smartsheet’s accessible UX, necessary integrations, extensive configurability, and no-code features, traditional tools are improved.

There is no unlimited free plan for Smartsheet, and its prices are among the most on the market. The platform’s advantages, in my opinion, more than warrant consideration for small teams up to corporate corporations. For now, this is one of the best Project Management Software you can consider.


In terms of project management software, ClickUp is advancing the quickest. The San Diego-based firm has developed into one of the top providers of PM solutions in just five years since its foundation. With a variety of project views and tools to support productivity and cooperation for many different functional teams, ClickUp significantly exceeded my expectations. When you consider that ClickUp provides a number of reasonable subscriptions for various team sizes, it’s challenging to ignore the market’s emerging PM software.


A project management application called Wrike assists teams in being more flexible to new working methods. It can be used by a variety of teams, including those for marketing, design, expert services, product management, and business operations. Whether for managing agile teams, clients, or remote workers, the project management tool may readily adapt to a variety of company demands. Currently, this is the best Project Management Software you can check now.

Wrike provides an unlimited free subscription with modest capabilities that can be enough to manage straightforward projects. Advanced features like shared dashboards, interactive Gantt charts, custom fields and workflows, automation, and productivity connectors are only available with paid services. Additional security features available in enterprise plans include SSO, 2FA, password policies, configurable roles, and audit reports appropriate for hybrid workplaces.

Zoho Projects

An online project management tool for companies of all sizes is Zoho Projects. Any team, whether an enterprise or small business, can use it as their one-stop project management solution. Construction, software development, real estate, education, and marketing are some of the businesses that use it. A free plan for a small team of three users is available on the project management app, while subscription options are available for larger teams.

Unlimited projects, readily used templates, and online storage space for project data can all be found in Zoho Projects. Users can create timetables, automate procedures, receive reminders, manage tasks, subtasks, and dependencies. The project management programmed also has options for team collaboration, resource management, custom views, and time tracking. Overall, this is the best Project Management Software you can consider.


Trello, which is based on the kanban card-based management approach, is the perfect tool for individuals and small teams to start using for basic project management because of its straightforward interface and large free tier. Kanban-based apps like Trello are more free-form and flexible than conventional solutions built for managing resources and monitoring progress toward a specified end date. Still, it is one of the best Project Management Software you can consider.

Kanban is a lean project-management methodology that optimize bottlenecks in the system by balancing workload needs with capacity. Individual projects and continuous workflows can both be managed successfully, and the board and card metaphors are simple to comprehend. Cards can feature images and connected files, hyperlinks, custom dropdown menus, due dates, and many other things, giving them a tonne of power.


Basecamp is one of the more seasoned project management applications on our list. Since then, the number of users has increased to almost 3.5 million. Because you can work with clients and other people outside of your organisation, it entered our list of the finest tools for collaboration. Although Basecamp offers many of the same functions and tools as other monthly subscription services like Dropbox and Slack, it does not entirely replace them.

Calendaring and scheduling, live chat, private messaging, file storage, and other features are available. It makes it simple to discover the task, image, or message you’re looking for thanks to its straightforward layout and strong search capabilities. It also provides a powerful reporting package that enables you to dig as deep or as far as is necessary. This is one of the best Project Management Software you can download.


The straightforward yet effective Kanban structure used by MeisterTask makes project management easier. This clever, user-friendly online task management tool is a popular pick for teams that value clear visual design and a positive user experience because of its broad range of collaborative possibilities.

Collaborating with coworkers in-house and from a home office is made simple and pleasurable by features like watching, mentioning, tags, and task scheduling. The first-of-its-kind agenda offered by MeisterTask is a personal board to which tasks from any project can be grouped. For now, this is the best Project Management Software.


Nifty is a modern project management tool that shortens project development cycles and increases team efficiency. The result is milestone-driven development that motivates teams and ensures business goals are met on time. The task management features of Nifty software include file and document sharing

An integrated calendar that can be connected to Google, and task management in Kanban or list view. Since each project has its own discussion thread that encourages project-specific conversations, collaboration in Nifty comes naturally. Additionally, Nifty offers Github integration, which encourages cross-departmental collaboration like no other software.

Final Words

A sort of online collaboration software called project management software aids in the planning, scheduling, and completion of projects. Users can monitor productivity, track progress, and assign tasks to other persons. To increase productivity, managers can use project management software to track how much time each employee spends working on various projects.

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