Best PS4 Multiplayer Games 2024: to have fun with friends

The best PS4 multiplayer games let you team up with your roommates or play online to see how good you are.

On my PS4, I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying some great multiplayer games over the years. The PlayStation 4 has a lot of games, so I can play with my roommates in person or go online to test my skills. There are games for everyone. The PS4 has everything: intense shooters, fight games that will pump your adrenaline, and RPGs that will pull you in. It has been my gaming partner for eight amazing years, and I can say that it has built up a great library of multiplayer games that are always fun.

However, the company has also released a number of games specifically designed for multi-player collaboration, such as Destruction All Stars for the PS5. Arcade games, sports games and competitive shooters are all represented under the banner of one of the best-selling gaming systems. Although the PS5 is Sony’s newest and hottest console, not everyone can get one. That’s why it’s time to take a look at the best multiplayer titles for the PlayStation 4.

We also indicate whether or not you need PlayStation Plus to play these PS4 games online. Keep in mind that all of these games will also be playable on PlayStation 5 thanks to backwards compatibility. With that in mind, here are our recommendations for the best multiplayer games on the PlayStation 4, whether local multiplayer or online. Below we have mentioned the best PS4 multiplayer games.

Best PS4 Multiplayer Games

Final Fantasy 14

Best PS4 Multiplayer Games

Although, Final Fantasy 14 is the best PS4 Multiplayer Game. The term “class fantasy” and similar terms are increasingly misused, but it is a useful framework for talking about the success of the Summoner and Monk redesigns. Summoner feels like a summoner from the FF series in a way that it didn’t before. This has nothing to do with ability strengths or anything like that, but rather the audiovisual aesthetics and overall mechanical approach. The same goes for Monk: planning the perfect lightning combo and then executing it just feels good. Is it optimal in terms of damage?

Who cares about that? we just turned into a phoenix and kicked some jerk in the jaw so hard he exploded! Of course, with good comes bad, and in Endwalker there’s more than a fair share of bad feelings. The big elephant in the room is the currently more than screwed up login queue and the game’s capacity issues. Entering a popular MMO during the Early Access phase or the launch week of an expansion is hell by default; we aging MMO veterans know this by now.

Apex Legends

Best PS4 Multiplayer Games

Apex Legends is set in the Titanfall universe, but plays very differently from it: Every weapon has ballistics, Titans no longer exist, and wall running is gone as well. The weapons feel more responsive and upbeat than they have since Modern Warfare, and accounting for range and drop in the same split second it used to take just to aim we feel like a mathematical savant when the shots hit. we like the Wingman, a hand cannon with a slow reload time and a penetrating power that makes it feel like a cowboy’s single action army.

The main thing is that there is something for everyone: semi-automatic rifles, automatic rifles, LMGs and SMGs. Weapon stats can be improved by finding and equipping attachments scattered all over the map, and that’s where we thought Apex was going to lose. Inventory management is still the worst part of Battle Royale. For now, this is one of the best PS4 Multiplayer Games you should buy.


Best PS4 Multiplayer Games

The basis of Bloodborne’s story is H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. Although it has been greatly expanded by other authors with sometimes dubious results, Lovecraft’s creation is basically an amoral universe where humanity has absolutely no meaning, cosmic beings do evil things because they can, and those who can perceive this state are driven mad by the knowledge.

The more insight the hunter gains, the more he begins to see the world as it really is, and the more he loses control of “reality.” The humanoid enemies in Yharnam hate and fear you, screaming “foul beast” and “away, away!”. If nothing else, another hunter you defeat in Old Yharnam suggests that the things you kill may not be what you think they are. The Bloodborne is one of the best PS4 multiplayer games.

Diablo 3

Best PS4 Multiplayer Games

That’s the problem that comes up when you talk about Diablo 3 is one of the best PS4 multiplayer games. you can play now: it’s impossible to do so without sounding like you either have a serious problem or that you’ve picked up the world’s most boring habit. Those are the two extremes, and not only are they both true, but they can both be true at the same time. But there’s also a sensible middle ground, a sensible reason to play Diablo 3 – it’s the most relaxing low-stakes game in the world, a great way to relieve stress alone or with a few buddies, doing nothing of consequence while feeling like you’re making progress.

You choose a character from one of seven classes, each with a casual play style most classes do what you’d imagine. Barbarians charge into the fray, wizards destroy everything from afar, and witch doctors conquer hordes with easy racism. As you play, your character gains experience and learns new skills, which you can put together in various combinations in a fun way.

NBA 2K22

Best PS4 Multiplayer Games

NBA 2K22’s gameplay is like a fine wine: crisp, smooth and getting better with age. Often sports games copy and paste the same mechanics and animations from the previous edition of the game, and the NBA 2K series has been guilty of this in the past. However, this year is different. The AI in this game is not perfect, but it simulates what real basketball players would do. It’s harder to play isolation basketball, so moving the ball and creating openings become more important.

The most obvious improvement in the game is on defense. Gone are the days when point guards could pass defenders with ease. In NBA 2K22, defenders will stop in front of the ball carrier and force you to get past them. In the past, trying to steal the ball on defense almost automatically resulted in a reach-in foul. But this year, players are rewarded for well-timed steals. The same goes for the new shot contest and shot blocking mechanics. It’s a balanced system that avoids the absurd late completions that prevent free throws, and also fixes the common case of a well-guarded throw being ruled a free throw. Overall, this is one of the best PS4 multiplayer games.

Grand Theft Auto V

Best PS4 Multiplayer Games

This is the most beautiful, expansive and generous GTA game, and by some distance the most evil and nihilistic. Rockstar went through a phase of portraying their protagonists as anti-heroes in Bully, Grand Theft Auto IV, and the unfortunately console-bound Red Dead Redemption. Niko Bellic in GTA 4 did some terrible things, but he had a downtrodden charm that helped make you like him as you piloted him through the underworld.

He was surrounded by people who, while larger than life, were ultimately human beneath the surface. These people included some of Rockstar’s better female characters – Kate McReary, Mallorie Bardas, Ash Butler from The Lost and Damned. Grand Theft Auto 5 does away with all of that, intentionally, but to its detriment. The three protagonists live in a city full of bland, two-dimensional caricatures, and they themselves flirt with this limit. Michael is a middle-aged former bank robber, unhappily married and on the verge of collapse. Although, this is one of the best PS4 Multiplayer Games you can purchase now.

Injustice 2

Best PS4 Multiplayer Games

Injustice 2, the follow-up to the Justice League-inspired combat games from Mortal Kombat developer NetherRealm, is the studio’s fourth game to feature a cinematic campaign, in which a series of one-on-one fights are stitched together with extended cutscenes to create an interactive movie. These campaigns, which NetherRealm introduced with the Mortal Kombat reboot (often referred to as MK9), fill a void left open in most fighting games: An engaging single-player component for players who don’t necessarily have the time to keep up with the dedicated competitive players who dominate online.

The Injustice 2 is one of the best PS4 Multiplayer Games, builds on this concept, eclipsing the campaigns of its predecessors while adding new systems and modes specifically geared toward non-competitive play. The campaign features one of the best DC stories in years, packed with carefully crafted cutscenes featuring a bevy of DC superheroes and villains. The emphasis on making the game welcoming to all is also evident in the loot system, which lets you customize your stats and appearance. Injustice 2 is unique in that it offers a deep, enriching experience for both casual games and seasoned pros.

Titanfall 2

Best PS4 Multiplayer Games

It’s fitting then that these select sequences, of which there are often several per level, are some of the most intense and exciting moments we’ve experienced in a game in a long time. Titanfall 2’s campaign does things you wouldn’t expect, takes you to places unimaginable to first-time players, and introduces mechanics we never thought would appear in a game like this. We lost count of how many times we finished a level and were overwhelmed by what we had just done, especially in the last two hours, which move at a breakneck pace and don’t let up until the credits roll.

This is so much more than just a pilot, his mech and a few enemies to shoot down. But even if that was all, you’d have a ton of fun during the single player adventure. Both Cooper and BT are flawlessly controllable, with a straightforward control scheme that is easy to learn and relatively simple to master. Overall, this is the best PS4 Multiplayer Games you can consider.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Best PS4 Multiplayer Games

The central concept of Dragon Ball FighterZ is to start from a simplified base and build complicated ideas and tricks on it. This starts with the gameplay. No more than a simple quarter turn (a Street Fighter Hadouken) is required to perform super moves and super combos. Combos are more about positioning than chaining perfect button presses (along with a centralized auto-combo for each character), and the moves make traversing 2D space convenient and quick.

The 3-against-3 tag team setup (similar to the Marvel vs. Capcom series) and easy-to-learn controls almost guarantee that players will use more than a few characters. A lot of attention to detail has been paid to both the animation of the characters and their customization. This means that the small squad is complete, even if they are familiar faces, and that each animation is unique for each character.

Dead By Daylight

Best PS4 Multiplayer Games

The perpetrator is on a mission to incapacitate the survivors, hang them on a hook, and have them remain there until they are “sacrificed” to death. In theory this is the best PS4 Multiplayer Games ever, you have total control in this scenario. If you attack, the survivors cannot fight back. You can also tell where the generator is because you can see a glowing red silhouette in the distance. You have to keep an eye on the generator and hunt for the restrained survivors while keeping an eye on them and getting your teammates to release them.

The difference in perspective is the first and most obvious difference between the killer and the survivors, but there are many nuances that create a give and take between the two sides. For example, most killer characters are faster than the survivors, so they will win an easy chase. However, they are less agile, and the survivors can use obstacles in the environment, such as windows, to put some distance between them, or stun the killer by knocking over a large wooden pallet at the right moment.

Final Words

Even though some of these games didn’t manage to grab a spot on our list of the best PS4 games for kids on this year, there’s no denying that they earned their place as the best competitive gaming experiences of the old generation. Here are the best multiplayer PS4 games you can find right now, and why they’re worth buying.

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