Best Ransomware Protection Tools 2024: for robust cybersecurity

Ransomware protection is about preventing the occurrence of a ransomware event and/or reducing the risk of a successful attack.

In today’s digital world, the threat of ransomware is very real, and it poses significant challenges for corporations as well as for individuals. When it comes to protecting yourself from this widespread threat, the most effective method is to make use of the best Ransomware Protection Tools. These tools prevent harmful encryption and extortion attempts from reaching important systems and sensitive data. They are analogous to digital guardians.

When ransomware attacks, they encrypt your private data and hold it hostage. Once hackers get your money, they’ll let you back into your files. It’s easy to pay a ransom, but it’s also risky because it makes you more open to attacks in the future. To protect yourself from these harmful attacks, you need antivirus software that can really block ransomware. Below, we have mentioned the best ransomware support tools.

What is Ransomware Protection Tool?

A Ransomware Protection Tool is a piece of software that can stop, find, and lessen the effects of ransomware attacks on computers. It usually has things like monitoring file systems in real time, analysing behaviour to find odd activities, and blocking known ransomware signatures. To get back encrypted files, some tools also have backup and recovery features. These tools help people and businesses protect their data and lessen the damage that cyber threats do by actively blocking ransomware.

Best Ransomware Protection Tools Comparison Table

Ransomware protection tools are essential against malware that encrypts files and demands payment. These tools use advanced algorithms to detect and block ransomware threats, provide real-time monitoring, backup solutions, and behaviour analysis to protect data integrity and organisational resilience from evolving attack methods.

FeatureGuardzTotalAVThreatLockerData443 Ransomware Recovery ManagerWebroot
Firewall ProtectionYesYesYesYesYes
System OptimizationYesYesYesNoYes
Email ProtectionYesYesYesNoYes
Identity ProtectionYesYesYesNoYes
Multi-Platform SupportYes (Windows)Yes (Windows, macOS)Yes (Windows)Yes (Windows)Yes (Windows)
User InterfaceUser-friendlyUser-friendlyUser-friendlyUser-friendlyUser-friendly


Best Ransomware Protection Tools


  • Advanced threat detection and prevention
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts
  • Secure firewall protection
  • User-friendly interface for easy management

Guardz scans endpoints, cloud data accounts, and email systems for security issues. The endpoint protection service checks for viruses, ransomware, Trojans, keyloggers, spyware, adware, and malware that doesn’t need files to work. The package can also find threats that are known to return over time. An APT is when a hacker steals account credentials and uses them to get long-term access to an IT system. Currently, this is one of the best ransomware support tools.

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  • Robust real-time threat detection
  • User-friendly interface
  • Regular updates for evolving threats


  • Limited additional features compared to some competitors
  • Customer support response times can vary


Best Ransomware Protection Tools


  • Comprehensive antivirus and malware protection
  • Optimization tools for system performance
  • Secure browsing with web shield
  • Multi-platform compatibility for diverse device protection

TotalAV is one of the best antivirus programmes, and its strong protection against ransomware is one of its best features. It has a very good real-world protection score of 97.7% and a lot of different security features. With its strong ability to fight malware, TotalAV is a great choice for people who want a reliable way to protect themselves from digital threats. Overall, this is one of the best ransomware support tools.


  • Comprehensive antivirus and anti-malware protection
  • User-friendly with a simple interface
  • Multi-platform support (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS)


  • Some additional features require a premium subscription
  • Occasional system performance impact during scans


Best Ransomware Protection Tools


  • Application allowlisting and blocklisting
  • Zero-trust endpoint security model
  • Granular control over software execution
  • Advanced threat intelligence integration

ThreatLocker makes it very easy to find and get rid of ransomware: it just stops all programmes from running. A closed security stance is a way to stop this from happening, and it can be used on many things, like networks. This default deny strategy is used by ThreatLocker at many levels, so you don’t have to back up your data. This is the best ransomware support tools that you can consider.


  • Application allowlisting for advanced threat prevention
  • Granular control over application and device usage
  • Integration with other security solutions


  • Initial setup can be complex for inexperienced users
  • Requires ongoing management for optimal effectiveness

Data443 Ransomware Recovery Manager

Best Ransomware Protection Tools


  • Rapid ransomware detection and recovery
  • Automated backup and restoration features
  • Secure data encryption and protection
  • Centralized management console for streamlined operations

When you restart your computer with Data443 Ransomware Remediation Manager, it is safe and free of ransomware again. If it finds active ransomware, it restarts the system right away. It keeps safe copies of files in specific folders like Documents and Pictures. If the ransomware does any damage, these copies can be used to fix the computer before the fatal reboot. Overall, it is one of the best ransomware support tools that you can consider.


  • Specialized focus on ransomware recovery
  • Quick restoration of encrypted files
  • Integration with existing security infrastructure


  • Limited in scope to ransomware incidents
  • May not be a standalone solution for comprehensive cybersecurity


Best Ransomware Protection Tools


  • Cloud-based endpoint security
  • Real-time threat intelligence updates
  • Lightweight agent for minimal system impact
  • Behavior-based threat analysis and blocking

It’s not like other antivirus software that Webroot AntiVirus works. Sure, it gets rid of known harmful programmes and pats the head on known good programmes before sending them on their way. But when it finds an unknown programme, it prevents the programme from doing anything permanent (like sending your data to an unknown server) and sends information to the big Webroot brain in the cloud. Still, it is one of the best ransomware support tools that you can consider.


  • Lightweight and doesn’t consume significant system resources
  • Cloud-based threat intelligence for real-time protection
  • Behavioral analysis for proactive threat detection


  • Dependency on internet connectivity for full functionality
  • Limited features compared to some traditional antivirus suites

Tips for Maximizing Ransomware Protection

Ransomware needs to be protected against in a number of ways, including through technology, user education, and proactive steps. Here are some ways to protect yourself from ransomware even more:

Keep Your Software Up-To-Date: Make sure that your operating system, software, and apps are all regularly updated. Patches for security that fix holes that ransomware could use are often part of updates.

Use Antivirus and Malware Software: Make sure all of your devices have trusted antivirus and malware software. Update the software and set up scans to happen regularly.

Install firewalls: Firewalls can help stop people who aren’t supposed to be there from getting into your network and can also help stop malicious traffic, which lowers the risk of ransomware infections.

Back Up Often: Make sure you back up your important data often and that the copies are kept safely and not online. Having recent backups can help you get your data back after a ransomware attack without having to pay the ransom.

Strong passwords and multi-factor authentication (MFA) should be used: Make sure that all of your accounts have strong, unique passwords, and use multi-factor authentication whenever you can. This gives your systems and data an extra layer of security that can keep people from getting in without your permission.

How to Choose the Best Ransomware Protection Tool

Picking the best ransomware protection tool is important to keep your digital assets safe and stop possible data breaches. When choosing a ransomware protection tool, here are some important things to keep in mind:

How well it works: Look for a solution that protects against all kinds of ransomware attacks. To find and stop ransomware threats effectively, it should use several layers of defence, such as behaviour analysis, signature-based detection, and heuristic scanning.

Real-time Monitoring: The ransomware protection tool should be able to watch file systems, network traffic, and system processes in real time so that it can quickly spot any strange activity or possible ransomware behaviour.

Behaviour Analysis: Pick a solution that uses advanced behavioural analysis methods to find ransomware-like actions like encrypting files, changing important system files without permission, and accessing them without permission.

Automatic Updates: Make sure that the tool you use to protect yourself from ransomware gets regular updates so that it can keep up with new ransomware threats and changing ways to attack. Automatic updates help make sure that your security measures are still up to date and can protect you from the newest threats.

Ease of Use: The tool should be simple to set up, manage, and keep an eye on. It should have easy-to-understand controls for setting up security policies and alerts that are clear and actionable if ransomware is found.


Can Windows Defender remove ransomware?

Ransomware attacks can be prevented, detected, investigated, and responded to with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

Which antivirus is better than McAfee?

Norton plans start at $19.99/year, much cheaper. Norton protects against malware better, scans faster, and impacts system performance less than McAfee.

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