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If you plan to move to Thailand soon and live there for the long term, you should definitely learn to speak Thai. It is even better if you learn to read and write Thai as it is the official and national language. For Westerners it can be very difficult to learn Thai because it is a tonal language that we are not used to. For this reason, many English-speaking Westerners who move to Thailand don’t bother to learn the language. In fact, one of the biggest phenomena in Thailand is that most of the foreigners who live here do not speak the Thai language. Let’s face it, one of the biggest phenomena in Thailand is that most of the foreigners who live here permanently don’t know the Thai language.

While expats in most other countries would learn the local language and prioritize understanding the local culture and integrating into society, this is not the case in Thailand, where most foreigners speak English even though they can, English proficiency of most Thais. it is worse than that of high school graduates in Western countries. Foreigners who choose not to learn Thai have many different excuses, like the sounds are too difficult, Thais speak too fast, and living in Thailand is fun even if you don’t speak Thai. Even if these reasons are true, it is better to learn the language if you want to live well in this country. Therefore, today we will give you reasons why you should learn the Thai language.

Here is the list of the best reasons why you should learn Thai

Better understand Thai people and culture

Learning Thai will help you better understand the culture. For example, the way Thais talk to each other, the slang they use, the way different objects are classified, and the way they address people. You’ll understand the little things that make a big difference, like the fact that it’s okay to call someone else’s child your own, or other phases like lok son dua (being happy in one’s company). The list goes on and I’m sure you get the idea. The more you learn, the better you will understand Thai people and the easier it will be for you to integrate into a community, which will help you make Thai friends and understand local slang.

To make friends more easily

This is a wonderful reason to learn Thai. Because in Thailand not many people speak English, especially outside the big cities. This means that if you don’t speak Thai, you have a limited circle of friends. You can hang out with other expats or with some Thai people who speak English. And if you live in a more remote Thai city or town, you may not have any friends because no one can speak English. So if you want to make a lot of friends when you move to Thailand, you should learn their language.

Integrate into Thai society

Yes, you will always be the “farang” and when you meet a Thai for the first time, they will never expect you to learn Thai. But once you start a simple conversation in Thai, they will look at you from a completely different perspective, showing you respect and flattering you. If you don’t learn Thai, you will always feel a bit isolated, even if you have lived here for years. If you ever intend to apply for Thai citizenship, one of the main requirements is to interview the government official in Thai.

Trading is easier

Thais believe that they can get the most money from farangs who are on vacation and do not know fair prices for goods and services. Not 7-Eleven groceries or massages, of course, but anything priceless, like haggling at markets or shuttle services. If you speak Thai, the locals know that you have spent a lot of time in Thailand and are experienced enough not to accept an unreasonable price offer.

Communicate effectively with your Thai partner

I recently came to the UK with my partner for Christmas and although she speaks enough English to get by and converse with my friends and family, knowing enough Thai to fill it in has come in handy in being able to fill in the gaps when she doesn’t understand the slang and, Of course, those Englishmen who mumble out of the side of their mouths at 100 mph. Granted, my Thai isn’t perfect, but I can express what I need to say and clear up any confusion. I think that in a Thai-foreign relationship it is important that both parties try to learn each other’s language. The duty to learn English should not be left to the Thai partner without the foreign partner also participating in learning Thai.

Thais can’t gossip on you

We all know the situation when we are talking to a Thai woman in English and all of a sudden she turns to her friends and says something to them in Thai and they all burst out laughing. Or you just finished a conversation with a guy and as she walks away she says something to her friend, whatever she thinks about the conversation that just happened. Or you are sitting in a restaurant with some Thai friends and from time to time they speak in Thai and often they think the same about you, knowing that you don’t understand them. When you learn Thai you are always up to date, Thai people cannot gossip with you and you can also react to what they say.

stop losing yourself

I will never forget the time I was driving across the country with a friend in a rental car on a road trip. Just follow the map, we think, very easy. It was 2am and we were still trying to decipher the street signs with not a single English speaker in sight. Granted, the larger cities were signposted in English, but the off the beaten path mission was impossible. The point is, if he had known the Thai alphabet, he could have found his way relatively easily. Also, if my Thai had been better then, I would have been able to understand the instructions we were given at the many gas stations we asked for help.

Increase your chances of employment

While the West, particularly Europe, is in decline, Southeast Asia is booming and thus an increasing number of 20-30 foreigners are migrating to Thailand, many of whom are seeking or will seek employment. Learning the Thai language is a huge advantage in any job as you may be required to speak to other employees or customers who speak little English. As a teacher, for example, you can talk to parents and identify better with your students. As an employee of the company, you can participate in conversations between Thai employees.

It is easier to find a good Thai girlfriend

Thai girls are shy, if you don’t agree ask yourself if you spend most of your time with prostitutes or girls with regular or university jobs. If you try to approach regular Thai girls in English, in many cases they will be hesitant to give you their connection, not only because she is shy but also because her English is poor. If she is lucky, she will laugh and turn to her friend, who can help her as an interpreter. To make things easy from the start, it’s no surprise that being able to speak to a girl in Thai is a big help. You will also know what she talks about you with her friends, what she writes about you on Facebook, etc.

You get more dates from online dating sites

There are hundreds of thousands of sexy Thai girls active on the various Thai online dating sites and for every girl there are at least two men who are registered and trying to set up dates with them. If you know how to write your profile in Thai, you will not only receive a lot more messages, but you will also be able to chat with them in Thai, which makes scheduling a date much easier as girls assume you are not just a tourist. looking for a quick fling.

Final words: Best Reasons Why you Should Learn Thai

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