Best Robot Games for iPhone 2024: for gamers

The best robot games for iPhone, where the machines are programmed on the computer to perform a series of tasks. To complete the tasks during the game, the player can control the robots either from the first-person perspective or from the third-person perspective.

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy the best Robot Games for iPhone. This list of apps shows that. I have played a number of games in this genre, and they all take place in the exciting world of robots. It doesn’t matter if you play games occasionally or all the time; there are lots of games for everyone. You might become hooked on at least a few of these games once you start playing them.

As we have been doing for a while, we have selected a number of iOS games with the highly interesting theme of robots that we hope you will find entertaining. Robots are machines that have been built by humans to be entertaining, make our lives better, produce stuff, or even engage in combat. However, human beings enjoy to imagine and play with technology to depict what robots will be able to do in the near future in both movies and video games. Below, we have mentioned the best robot games for iPhone.

Check the list of best Robot Games for iPhone

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

The Robot Boxing movie Real Steel was incredibly well-liked, and this game is the movie’s contest game. These games, in contrast to the majority of its offerings, offer traditional arcade combat controls. You will therefore need to move and strike using only your player abilities. Overall, this is one of the best robot games for iPhone that you can download.

You can choose from a variety of strong robots from the film, including the formidable Zeus, in this game. There are numerous game types available, including multiplayer and career mode. There is also a local multiplayer option where you may play with your friends using your home Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network. Additionally, there are 11 enormous arenas where you can box with opponents.

War Robots

Pixonic created the action, multiplayer games online, and third-person shooter video game called War Robots. Playing the game is possible on mobile operating systems like iOS and Android. The player can choose from a variety of gigantic robots in the game and then launch into war against artificial intelligence robots or other actual players from across the world.

The user must connect with other players, work together with them, and compete against an other team in order to fully immerse oneself in a team-based experience. The game introduces six-on-six playing variants, and the player will be added to the team via the game’s matching mechanism. The player can engage in player versus player (PvP) combat, where he must choose a foe. This is the best robot games for iPhone.


A multiplayer third-person shooter starring mechanical giants was included in the best robot games for iPhone developed by experts. Railguns, machine guns, and rocket launchers. assault the opposition with a variety of weapons, such as powerful submachine guns or an orbital strike by an interplanetary dropship;

Adaptable experience Change more than just your armaments; you may also upgrade your chassis and add armour plate. Future planet in terms of current physics. We can precisely control the physics of our war machines with Unreal Engine 4, which produces a high-tech, realistic warfare simulator;
brief (6–10 minute) game sessions.

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

As you can see from the image, this is yet another of the best robot games for iPhone and iPad. Less realistic images are present here, yet they are still excellent. Here, we’ll be able to build our own robot from scratch in every way. We can add various weaponry, tyres, and even the fundamental design of the machine.

When we triumph in various conflicts, they award us chests where we can find items and weapons. This is now one of the top graphic design program. Real-time fighting occurs in this game, which is shattering Google Play records and has more than 50 million users. One of those robot games that we never anticipated becoming so addictive is this one.

Walking War Robots

War Robots is a game to check out if you want an action-packed robot game with multiplayer real-time conflicts. You will be controlling your robot as you use all of your available weapons, intricate tactical moves, and surprise strikes to destroy the other players’ robots.

Over 20 various types of weapons, exciting PvP fights against players from across the world, 21 battle robots with varying capabilities and skills, and the option to found your own clan and lead it to success are just a few of the features. You will finish military missions and obtain the title of Best Pilot in addition to bonuses. Currently, this is the best robot games for iPhone you can check now.


Another excellent robot game for iPad and iPhone users is this one. It is mentioned that Machinarium is an independent game in which they have put all the love in the world… love in all aspects, since you will put yourself in the skin, or rather, on the nuts of a robot in love.

This is something that has allowed it to be widely recognized for its creative aspect. You’ll find yourself exiled from your home city and separated from your beloved for no obvious reason. You’ll need to figure out how to get back together without getting knocked off your horse. This is one of the best robot games for iPhone you can install now.

Mass Effect: Infiltrator

Mass Effect: Infiltrator is a fantastic game from the Mass Effect series that offers a more colourful and brilliant gaming experience for mobile devices. You must navigate a world that is constantly at odds with itself and is generally chaotic while fending off legions of foes using simple tap and tilt controls. The epic missions in Mass Effect: Infiltrator, including Geth Menace, Robot Wars, and World War campaigns, bind you to the device for a considerable amount of time. Overall, this is the best robot games for iPhone you can consider.

Mass Effect: Infiltrator is a fantastic game to play and enjoy. It has a tonne of missions, a tonne of adversaries, a terrific plot, blasting game-play, and interesting graphics. For a fantastic Action, RPG, Stealth, and Shooter video game experience, do give it a shot.

Mech Gladiator2

We pay attention when many users proclaim this to be the greatest robot game ever made. After investigating it, we come to the conclusion that they might be onto something. Although it doesn’t appear to be the best robot game at first glance, once you start playing, you rapidly see the game’s potential. Still, it is one of the best robot games for iPhone you can consider you can consider.

Create unique robots to compete in a thrilling robotic duel against people from all over the world. Up to 4 players can participate, and there are 15 difficult stages to complete. Over 50 parts and colors are available for you to use in customizing your robots. You’ll be grateful to us for this game once you’ve downloaded and started playing it. This is one of the best robot games for iPhone you can download.

Love You to Bits

Alike Studio created and released the adventure, sci-fi, and single-player point-and-click game Love You to Bits for mobile devices. The game showcases the lovely setting in which it is set and chronicles Kosmo’s exploration through space as he searches for his robot girlfriend, Nova.

The best robot games for iPhone, according to the plot, is broken up into parts and dispersed throughout space following a terrible tragedy. The adventurer, which the player controls, must gather all the components from space in order to recover the robot, reconstruct her, and return.

Robot Race

Another game with a robot theme that provides the player with a tonne of entertainment and content. You must know how popular car racing is. Robot races are now cool; you can buy weapons to shoot your competitors, turbochargers to accelerate, etc. Overall, this is the best robot games for iPhone you can consider.

You will get the opportunity to explore a sci-fi futuristic world in this game, which represents humanity’s last hope. With the exception of a few in-game purchases, this is free to play, but you can disable them. With its never-before-seen graphics and effects, this game provides a singular and magnificent experience.


The best Robot Games for iPhone, where the machines are programmed on the computer to perform a series of tasks. To complete the tasks during the game, the player can control the robots either from the first-person perspective or from the third-person perspective. Robot-themed video games have amazing gameplay with a number of objectives to fulfill and are in the strategy, exploration, combat and action genres. In certain games, the player can change the robot’s look and behavior by using different goods and accessories before starting the game.

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