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Quick list of Best Romance Audiobooks

There is hardly a more suitable genre for audiobooks than romance novels. Whether it’s a tender first love story or a passionate adventure, we love hearing storytellers, who are among the best in their field, gently weave together the threads of a love story to make these enchanting tales. are easier to hear. In this list, you’ll find sexy tropes of all kinds, diverse and distinct characters ready to fall in love, and remarkable and innovative audio with standout performances. Romance audiobooks are a great option for an entertaining and relaxing listening experience. If you love audiobooks and enjoy light fiction with sweet love stories or passionate romances, here are some of the best romance audiobooks to add to your listening expectations.

You’ll find everything the genre has to offer, from enemies to lovers, royal romances, funny and sexy pranks, to sweet friendship stories narrated by fantastic voice actors. So grab your headphones and get ready to fall in love with our list of the best romance audiobooks that will make anyone swoon. Today’s romance writers are finding new ways to tell emotional love stories that resonate with modern readers. Today’s romance novels are diverse, inclusive, and don’t shy away from serious topics. At the same time, these novels often have witty dialogue, strong voiced main characters, and plenty of drama and intense emotions to keep the story moving, making these romance novels perfect audiobooks.

Check the list of the best romance audiobooks

broken knight

This tale of the girl next door loves the boy next door isn’t like most we’ve heard before. Broken Knight carries all the sweetness of childhood love between neighbors Luna and Knight, who grew apart as they became separate cliques but kept their love for each other.

But it’s also a compelling story steeped in tragedy and fear, and the couple at the center are more authentic, emotionally raw, and compelling in doing so. This romance listener is also notable for its wide range of narrators: Savannah Peachwood, Jacob Morgan, CJ Bloom, and Christian Rummel, each playing a different character with a different perspective on events. The entire cast works seamlessly to underscore the central couple’s struggle to find each other in the suffocating and rebellious confines of their small town.

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The rule of limits

The Off Limits Rule follows a single mother who returns home to give herself a fresh start. She immediately discovers that her brother’s old roommate is incredibly attractive and, in fact, a decent guy. Of course, they both know that if anything were to happen to her brother, they’d freak out, so they keep things in the friend zone…for as long as possible.

The tension that built up between Lucy and Cooper was delicious! It was exciting and infuriating to read while they danced around their feelings, but it was worth it in the end. The parts with Lucy’s son were also authentic and lovable, adding a beautiful dimension to this relationship!

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The Garden of Small Beginnings

Lilian Girvan is still mourning the loss of her husband, who died in a car accident three years ago. Her life is filled with her two young daughters, her work as an illustrator and her sister who helps make it all work.

When her job requires her to take a gardening class to illustrate a book, she thinks it will be a fun activity for everyone. She doesn’t anticipate a class full of quirky people who become unlikely friends and a scheming teacher who makes her wonder if she might even be ready to go out with her again. This audiobook is light, easy to listen to, a bit fun, and fast-paced. The romance isn’t central, but a more mature and established lead is refreshing.

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The kiss quotient

Stella Lane values ​​logic and mathematics above all else, a temperament that is exacerbated by her Asperger syndrome. Still, she has decided that, as a highly successful 30-year-old woman, all she has left to learn is the love department. Doing what anyone seeking expert advice and guidance would do, she hires a pro: shooting guard Michael Phan.

What follows is a charming and wholly unique romance, in which Stella applies her trademark logical approach to the task of learning everything there is to know about love and sex, piece by piece. Narrator Carly Robins has the difficult task of making the love scenes sound clinical and sexy at the same time; she pulls it off so perfectly that when Stella realizes she’s developed feelings for her unconventional tutor, the audience is likely to feel it too.

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the game of hate

It’s the perfect time to listen to this book and then watch the new movie to see how they compare! A classic romance between enemies and lovers with the added advantage that they are equals competing for the same position. This one is full of hilarious banners and delicious excitement.

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the blue bistro

Adrienne is new to Nantucket and is in desperate need of a job. Despite her lack of restaurant experience, Thatcher Smith hires her as a hostess. Thatcher herself is fascinating, but so is the talented and notorious private chef Fiona. Adrienne falls in love with life at the restaurant as she grows closer to Thatcher and tries to unravel Fiona’s secrets.

This is the perfect summer read/listen; light and easy to follow, with enough seriousness to keep me focused on what happens next. Plus, who can resist a love story audiobook accompanied by delicious food descriptions?

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a princess in theory

Naledi Smith continues to receive emails from an African prince claiming to be her fiancé. Like anyone in her right mind (and especially as the smart and practical student that she is), Naledi thinks they’re spam and immediately trashes them. But when it turns out they’re not, she discovers that she’s in for a rather unexpected royal adventure.

With her fresh and sharp wit, author Alyssa Cole keeps their budding relationship sexy and fun. Masterfully narrated by Karen Chilton, who captures the essence of both royal prince Thabiso and skeptical Naledi, this audiobook offers a much-needed refresher on the overwhelming Eurocentric uniformity of royal romance.

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A true love

What if years after his presumed death, it turns out that the person you loved and lost is alive? This is what Emma looks like after losing her loving husband and childhood sweetheart, Jesse, in a helicopter crash. She is deeply saddened, returns to her family and falls in love with her again.

But then Jesse is found, having survived and fought his way back to her. Now Emma must decide if Jesse is part of her future. While it doesn’t stand out among some of Jenkins Reid’s more recent big and bold bestsellers, you still get great writing, an emotional journey, and a sweet audiobook love story with one of my favorite narrators.

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Aurora borealis

There are few names as well known in the romance and mystery genres as the prolific Nora Roberts. With “Northern Lights” she combines her romantic experience with elements of criminal investigation to create a heartbreaking and fast-paced story.

Set in the beautiful little town of Lunacy, Alaska, the story brings together two fiercely independent spirits: Nate Burke, a hardened police chief on the run from his past, and the private and wholesome Meg Galloway, who prefers the company of her dogs. Eskimos. for the company of one, an unexpected New Year’s kiss seems to change everything, until Nate finds evidence that a long-lost killer may still be with them.

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Evvie Drake begins again

Narrator Julia Whelan lends her voice to some of the most popular books of recent years, and for good reason! Her catalog includes books by Taylor Jenkins Reid, Emily Henry, Kristin Hannah, and VE Schwab!! Therefore, she is a staple on this list of the best romance audiobooks.

Recently widowed, Evvie Drake struggles to get her life back on track. Former Major League pitcher Dean Tenney can no longer pitch right-handed and doesn’t know why. When Dean moves into an apartment behind Evvie’s house, the two make a deal: Dean won’t ask about Evvie’s late husband, and Evvie won’t ask about Dean’s baseball career. But rules are made to be broken.

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