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Romantic movies tap into our hearts and whether they give us the warm, dark feelings we crave or leave us devastated, romance is one of the most enduring and endless classifications of cinema and storytelling in general. Everyone loves a better love story and elements of love weave through other genres as well, so whether you’re in the mood for a fun rom-com, holiday romance, love thriller, or heartbreaking drama , we’ve got you covered with our list. of the best romantic movies on Hulu right now.

Whether you’re cuddled up with a glass of wine and a linen face mask or lounging on the couch with your significant other, watching a movie is the perfect late-night activity. And among all the streaming services out there, you basically have unlimited options to choose from. You can get smart with a documentary, scare with a horror movie, give yourself the gift of a good scream with a tear gas canister, or find that much-needed lyric with a comedy.

But regardless of your mood, you can never go wrong with a worthwhile love story. And if it’s romance you’re in the mood for, we’ve got some of the best romantic movies you can stream on Hulu right now.

Here is the list of the best romantic movies on Hulu

Palm Springs

Rating: 4.7/5

Stuck in one year, two wedding guests develop a budding romance as they relive the same day over and over again. Stuck at a Palm Springs wedding, Niles (Andy Semberg) meets Sarah (Kristin Milioti), the best man and the black sheep of the family. After rescuing her from a devastating toast, Sarah finds herself drawn to Niles and her incredible nihilism. But when her impromptu effort is thwarted by a surreal breakup, Sarah has to embrace Niles with the realization that nothing really matters and they start wreaking havoc on the wedding party.

With love, Simon

Rating: 4.6/5

Simon Spier keeps a big secret from his family, friends and all his classmates: he is gay. When this secret is threatened, Simon must confront everyone and accept his identity. A young adult story about a teenager, Simon Speer, goes through a different kind of story than Roman and Juliet. Simon is having an affair with a guy, Blue, over email, but the only problem is that Simon has no idea who he’s talking to. Simon must find out who this boy is, who Blue is. In the process he tries to find himself.

the world to come

Rating: 4.5/5

Still distraught over the untimely death of her young daughter, Abigail grows increasingly frustrated as she finds herself further and further away from her husband, a farmer, Dyer. As Abigail’s silent, sad grief turns into a depressing depression, suddenly brilliant Tallie and her insecure husband Finney rent a piece of land nearby in bleak Schoharie County, 1856, and their unhappily married wives . Now, amid unprecedented eye-opening emotions and a harsh world carved out by men, both Abigail and Tally find comfort in their burgeoning friendship. What is it like to be seen, to be heard, to be loved and to be loved?

27 dresses

Rating: 4.4/5

After serving as a maid of honor 27 times, a young woman struggles with the idea of ​​being by her sister’s side as her sister marries the man she is secretly in love with. Two things about Jane: She never says no to her friends (she’s been a bridesmaid 27 times and selflessly plans her friends’ weddings), and she has a crush on her boss, George, and nurtures dreams of a lovely, romantic wedding of her own.

She meets Kevin, a cynical writer who finds her attractive, and that same week her flirty little sister, Tess, comes to town. Jane silently watches George fall in love with Tess, a manipulative pretender. Worse yet, Jane may be called in to plan her wedding. Meanwhile, Kevin tries to get Jane’s attention and comes up with an idea that could jump-start her career. Will Jane be able to uncork her feelings?

sixteen candles

Rating: 4.4/5

A girl’s “sweet” sixteenth birthday is anything but special as she suffers every possible embarrassment. Samantha’s life is going downhill fast. The sixteen year old girl loves the most popular boy in school and the craziest boy in school loves her. Her sister is getting married and with all the excitement the rest of her family forgets her birthday! Add all this to a pair of terribly embarrassing grandparents, an exchange student named Long Duk Dong, and we have the backstory of a hilarious journey for the young lady.

sex and the city

Rating: 4.3/5

After moving into a stunningly beautiful New York apartment together, Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big make the rather arbitrary decision to marry. The wedding itself turns out to be anything but rushed: the guest list quickly grows from 75 to 200 guests, and Carrie’s simple tagless wedding dress gives way to an enormous creation that makes her look like a giant cream roll.

An upcoming photo leaked to Vogue puts the event, which will take place at the New York Public Library, in the public eye. Meanwhile, Carrie’s girlfriends: Samantha, the sexpot. Charlotte, the sweet naive. and Miranda, the rigid perfectionist, couldn’t be happier. At the very least, they couldn’t have been happier for Carrie. Charlotte still has the unfulfilled hope of getting pregnant. Samantha finds a devoted, romantic relationship more draining than she could have imagined.

Miranda inadvertently lets her own misery, created when Steve admits he only cheated on her once, ruin Carrie’s misery. After a heated encounter with Steve, she discovers Mr. Big and tells him that he is crazy to get married. She really only thinks about her own marriage. But her angry comment of hers makes Mr. Big think.

the theory of everything

Rating: 4.3/5

In the early 1960s at Cambridge, cosmology student Stephen Hawking met medieval Spanish poetry student Jane Hawking. two soul mates with a mutual curiosity for each other. Unfortunately, with the world at the feet of the two young dreamers, at the age of twenty-one comes Hawking’s terrifying diagnosis of ALS: an incurable and progressive degenerative motor neuron disease.

In the aftermath of this terrible news, with the doctors giving Steven only two years to live, the determined and faithful Jane storms into his life, marries him, and eventually they have three children together. But while Hawking’s physical decline steadily weakens his frail body, his mind, on the other hand, remains sharp, always searching for this single equation that could explain the elusive “Theory of Everything.” So far, Stephen Hawking, in his seventies, has no plans to retire and tirelessly tries to prove his point.


Rating: 4.2/5

A woman returns to her Orthodox Jewish community who shunned her because of her attraction to a childhood friend. Once back, her passions reignite as they explore the boundaries of faith and sexuality. From a screenplay by Sebastián Lelio and Rebecca Lenkiewicz, the film follows a woman who returns to her Orthodox Jewish community that rejected her decades earlier due to her attraction to a childhood friend. Once back, her passions reignite as they explore the boundaries of faith and sexuality. Based on the book by Naomi Alderman, the film stars Rachel Weisz, Rachel McAdams, and Alessandro Nivola.

sex and the city 2

Rating: 4.1/5

While struggling with the pressures of life, love and work in Manhattan, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte join Samantha for a trip to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, where Samantha’s ex is filming a new movie. It’s been two years since Carrie Bradshaw finally landed John “Mr. Big” Preston, the man she was always meant to be with.

Just as her friend Charlotte has to deal with her little daughter’s “terrible twos,” Carrie has to deal with their relationship for the worst: Big likes to watch old black-and-white movies on TV and eats prepackaged food. he keeps Carrie from feeling like the free party girl she was. Meanwhile, Miranda faces a new boss who can’t handle a smart, strong woman, and Samantha takes on PR, turning the fashion quartet into a profitable trip to Abu Dhabi.

goes on 30

Rating: 4.0/5

A girl makes a wish on her thirteenth birthday and wakes up the next day a thirty-year-old woman. After her total humiliation at her thirteenth birthday party, Jenna Rink wants to hide from her until she’s thirty. Thanks to a little wishing powder, Jenna’s prayer has been answered. With an amazing body, a dream apartment, a fabulous wardrobe, an athlete boyfriend, a dream job and superstar friends, this couldn’t be a better life. Unfortunately, Jenna realizes that this is not what she wanted. The only one she needs from her is her childhood best friend, Matt, a boy she thought wrecked her party. But when he finds him, he is an adult and not the same person she knew.

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