Best Rugged Smartwatch

Like the regular smartwatch, the rugged smartwatch started out as a traditional wearable that could be mechanical or powered by a battery and was either waterproof or resistant to water.

The idea of a smartwatch is not really new, as engineers have tried many times over many years to put a mini-computer on your wrist. However, the Pebble series was the first to break into the consumer market, and the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, and Motorola 360 made it popular. For tech fans who work in rough conditions, a best rugged smartwatch is a must-have. When looking for a smartwatch, people who work in construction, the military, or go on adventures have to make hard decisions and search hard to find something that fits their needs.

Heavy-duty or “rugged” smartwatches are resistant to water, scratches, and shocks to a fairly high degree. They have straps that can be switched out and tactical features to help them survive all kinds of outdoor conditions. Smartwatches don’t need an introduction because there are already a lot of them on the market. This article will focus on the most rugged smartwatches that can handle a harsher environment and all the wear and tear that comes with sports and activities outdoors. Below we have mentioned some of the best rugged smartwatch.

6 Best Rugged Smartwatch

Ticwatch Pro

best rugged smartwatch

The Ticwatch Pro is without a doubt the best rugged smartwatch, and surprisingly, it’s also quite cheap. It runs on Wear OS and has all the bells and whistles, like Google Fit and Google Pay, as well as access to thousands of apps that work with it. But first, let’s talk about what this watch has that made us put it on our list of the most rugged smartwatches.

The water resistance is about average, and you can safely put it in water up to 5 feet deep. So not being able to get wet is not the best thing about this watch. The watch is rated MIL-STD-810G, which means that it should be able to handle extreme temperatures, shocks, and other dangers found in the workplace.

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Garmin Fenix 6

best rugged smartwatch

People have said that Garmin smartwatches are some of the best rugged sports tracking devices on the market. A month ago, Garmin released its new Fenix 6 series, which has some big improvements over the Fenix 5 rugged smartwatches. This is one of the best rugged smartwatch.

Garmin didn’t make any compromises, and the price tag shows it. Garmin products have always been expensive, but the Fenix smartwatches have a high-quality build, good tracking features, and a lot of sensors. If you choose the Sapphire model, you also get a rugged device that you won’t be afraid to bring with you on your outdoor adventures.

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Garmin Instinct Solar

best rugged smartwatch

The Garmin Instinct Solar is the best rugged smartwatch on our list because it has a battery life that is so long it’s hard to believe. Depending on which mode you choose for how much power you use, the battery can last anywhere from 30 hours to 68 days. With solar power, the Expedition GPS Activity mode can last up to 68 days. Without solar power, it can only last up to 28 days. Battery Saver Watch Mode gives you unlimited power when you charge it with the sun or 56 days of power when you don’t use the sun. The Smartwatch mode can run for 24 days on a single charge and 54 days when charged by the sun. With solar power, the Max Battery GPS Mode can run for up to 145 hours.  

And finally, the GPS mode lets you use it for 38 hours with solar charging and 30 hours without. But we think this is one of the best rugged smartwatches because it has 20 built-in fitness apps and a lot of different ways to track your fitness. GPS and an altimeter barometer support key metrics like tracking heart rate, energy levels, breathing, hydration, sleep, steps, women’s health, movement, floors climbed, calories, intensity minutes, and distance travelled.

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Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch

best rugged smartwatch

The Amazfit T-REX is the best rugged smartwatch on the long list of wearables made by the company. It is just as tough and durable as top brands like Garmin, Samsung, and Suunto. As with all Amazfit smartwatches, it gives you the most for your money. The smartwatch has GPS and GLONASS built in to give it a wide range of coverage. The GPS, on the other hand, isn’t as accurate as the ones in high-end Samsung and Garmin watches. There are 14 different sports modes on the smartwatch.

It keeps track of your calories burned, heart rate, steps, and sleep, and is made to last like a military watch. The Zepp app isn’t good enough, though. Its advanced fitness features turn it into a very tough fitness tracker that looks like a smartwatch. T-REX has different battery modes, and the best thing about Amazfit is that its wearable tech stays charged as long as it says it will. The smartwatch can be used for GPS for 20 hours straight, or for 20 days of mixed use. In basic mode, you can get up to 66 days out of the battery.

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HUAWEI Watch GT Sport

best rugged smartwatch

The HUAWEI GT Sport looks like a regular smartwatch, but it is really a tracking watch that looks like a smartwatch. This watch is good for things like climbing and running outside. One reason why it is so popular is that its screen is hard to scratch. This watch is great for people who are into fitness and want a watch that looks good on their wrist.

Fans of the Huawei GT watch can track their heart rate accurately, see their GPS route, and keep track of their daily workouts. This tough watch comes in two styles that are pretty common these days: the classic and the sport. The silver body is for classic uses, and the black body is for sports. This is the best rugged smartwatch.

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Casio Menโ€™s G-Shock Move Smartwatch

best rugged smartwatch

This Casio G-Shock should be on your short list if you like the rugged look of a traditional outdoor watch. This pick makes us think of a best rugged smartwatch because it can track your heart rate, distance, and pace in real time. You’ll like that you can set a target heart rate and use the digital screen to see a graphical representation of your heart rate zone, heart rate graph, and your highest and lowest heart rates. The Casio G-Shock can also be used as a training tool that keeps track of time, altitude, calories burned, aerobic and anaerobic training effects, and more.

The 200-meter water resistance rating is also a nice feature. This is one of the highest ratings we found when doing research for this buying guide. In the same way, you can use GPS routing for better fitness metrics. Even though this watch is great for people who like to work out, it doesn’t have a lot of smart features. This watch can connect to both iPhones and Androids through Bluetooth, but it doesn’t have a touch screen.

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The best rugged smartwatch will be one that can handle what you do. Specifically, if you spend a lot of time outside or in the water, you should get a watch with a higher water resistance rating and, if possible, one that can be charged with solar power so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to charge it.

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