Best Selfie Apps for Android 2024: to take the best selfie

The best Selfie apps for android let you add effects, change the colours, cover up flaws, and do a lot more.

As much as I love taking selfies, you should really think about getting a selfie app to get that perfect picture and change it however you want. I’ve found that some of the best selfie apps for Android are very flexible. You can add cool effects, change the colors, and even hide small flaws to get a perfect look. There are a lot of great features in these apps that have helped me improve my photos and gotten consistently great results.

Additionally, there is the chance that the stranger would flee with your expensive mobile phone or steal your personal information in the process. Nowadays, smartphones come included with a front-facing camera, allowing you to take as many selfies as you like. Today’s smartphones can have front cameras with up to 48 MP or even more. Some smartphones include front cameras that are superior to the ones on the back and may even have cutting-edge capabilities like wide-angle views.

Therefore, a smartphone today cannot be considered smart if it lacks a selfie camera. Nowadays, taking high-quality selfies is as simple as pie. However, we have provided you with a list of the 10 best selfie sites for Android so that you may take your best selfies in case you want to improve your selfie photographs even more, perhaps by adding an additional filter for a touch-up. Below, we have mentioned the best Selfie Apps for Android.

10 Best Selfie Apps for Android


A selfie camera software should have a variety of filters and customization options, which Retrica does. In addition, it has a good design and allows you to reflect pictures shot with the front-facing camera. Anyone can use this software with ease, from amateurs to experts in mobile photography app.

The 100+ filters are simple to choose from and locate, and they let you edit your photographs in-app with video, GIFs, and a collage maker. Although you must connect those accounts to Retrica in order to utilize that feature, the app also makes it simple to share content to Facebook and Instagram.


When it comes to selfie filters, Snapchat is hands-down the best option. With Snapchat, you may choose from the subtlest, most exquisite selfie filters to the quirkiest, funniest ones you’ve ever seen. This software offers the well-known dog filter and its relatives, allowing you to transform into a charming puppy, teddy bear, or cat whenever and wherever you like.

You may directly export your selfies from Snapchat to other apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Along with the standard camera settings like the timer option and more, there are also additional editing options like adding stickers, text, and other things.


One of the greatest selfie apps for hiding blemishes or other skin flaws on your face is Airbrush. An all-in-one photo editing app called Airbrush has a variety of capabilities that can instantly up your selfie game. Using the app’s blemish remover function, you may first quickly remove blemishes and pimples.

dditionally, it goes above and beyond by enabling you to, among other things, whiten your teeth, brighten your eyes, add blur, and restructure your selfie. You can take care of everything before pressing the capture button because it offers real-time editing as Snapchat does. In this manner, each selfie you take is constantly prepared for sharing.


There can’t possibly be any Instagram users left who are unaware of the different filter choices the program offers. When it comes to competing with Snapchat to offer filter options to its users, Instagram isn’t far behind. You can choose from a variety of filters for your IG stories, such as those based on cities like Paris, Oslo, and Tokyo, as well as those made by other users and made available to the public.

Along with static filters, motion filters like face morphing, zooming in and out, and others are also available. The lighting, sharpness, and colour tone of images may all be changed with Instagram’s outstanding selection of filters and face filters/masks. Instagram continues to be a great social media sites addicts because to its collage-making options and Boomerang feature. You can now use the new masks that are available when you swipe right from your Instagram feed or add text to your selfie.


A photo editing app with a tonne of entertaining and distinctive features is Camera360 Ultimate for Android. It allows you to edit images in real time as you take them or to take a picture and add filters and other effects later. With so many options available, Camera360’s interface is by far its biggest flaw. Even after using the app for several hours, we still found the overwhelming quantity of menu options confusing and the dearth of explanations or tutorials frustrating.

This is not your typical photo-editing appthis is Camera360. It seems to skip some of the more fundamental features included in the majority of photo editors and to concentrate more on advanced editing. To give you an idea, it doesn’t include the fundamental crop, rotate, brightness, and contrast tools, but it has an absurd amount of filters and shooting options.

Magic Skin, one of Camera360’s alternative shooting modes, is made specifically for selfies and other pictures of people. It contains a whole array of filters devoted to improving the appearance of your photographs, one of which even makes lips appear redder. Some of the options claim to blur lines and blotches, but when we tested them out, they appeared to give skin an unnaturally washed-out appearance.


Facetune is a photo editing tool that can dramatically improve any selfie. Take a picture right from the app’s interface, edit it quickly, or apply effects to images in your collection. The various tools in Face tune are incredibly easy to use. Every time you go to use a new tool, the app shows a brief instruction in case you have a question for whatever reason. You can also expand your skin, modify the colour of your hair, and whiten your teeth.

All you need to do is save the edit photo to your phone’s memory after you’re done. Having said that, you must watch a movie or purchase the app’s ad-free version in order to save an image. Face tune is a top-notch photo-editing program with a tonne of helpful features and a user-friendly layout. Although the app is specifically made for editing selfies, any photo may be beautifully edited with it.

B1612 Beauty & Filter Camera

B612 is a selfie-specific photography app that enables you to edit your selfie photos with dozens of different filters before posting them on your preferred social media platforms. B612 features more than 50 distinct filters in all. By just swiping your finger along the bottom of the screen, where you can see a tiny sample of how it will appear, you can select any of these. A random filter can also be applied by just gliding your finger over the image.

B612 camera allows you to combine images into collages in addition to adding filters. You may create them with only a standard selfie, a collage of up to nine images, or even vertical collages of two or three images. Additionally, the B612 has a timer for taking selfies while standing a distance away and a tilt-shift feature for adjusting the depth of field. A good photography app with a comprehensive and user-friendly UI is B612. A great tool for anyone looking to shoot a good selfie using effects, filters, and anything else they would desire.


One of the most widely used photo-editing applications in the world, BeautyPlus was first released in 2013 and is utilized by amateur and professional photographers as well as cosmetics artists. Every month, some 50 million users of the app edit and apply filters to their selfies, images, and videos. The program, created by China’s Xiamen Meitu Technology Co., Ltd., is especially well-liked among selfie-takers and can be used to do everything from airbrushing away imperfections to shrinking features and enhancing smiles with a few simple drags and clicks.

It needs a lot of developers because the company frequently upgrades the program. However, the underlying design lost its consistency and clarity over time. The quick-moving team wanted a mechanism to communicate with their cooperating devs while also streamlining lifecycle management and resolving issues with asynchronous UI refresh.

YouCam Perfect

One of the top selfie camera apps in the world, YouCam Perfect has more than 300 million users and offers a fantastic array of photo editing options to transform your ordinary photos into works of art. With 1000+ photo effects, filters, magic brushes, stickers, cut-outs, watermarks, object remover, and more, YouCam Perfect gives you the full set of photo editing tools.

YouCam Perfect is a great pick for you if you’re looking for a picture editing programme that allows you to enhance your photos, make stunning collages or frames, and record video selfies in real-time.

HD camera

For Android handsets, HD Camera is an app that was created and is offered on the Google Play Store. The HD Camera app adds a tonne of functionality to your current camera hardware so you can snap better, higher-quality photographs whenever you want.

HD Camera for Android has a tonne of editing and configuration capabilities, including face identification, colour effects, scene modes, white balance, exposure correction, burst mode, and more. Additionally, for simplicity of use, HD video recording is available and can be switched between front and rear facing cameras. It’s simple to use gestures to swiftly take images and navigate the user interface.

Final Words

On the basis of popularity and ease, the aforementioned apps are some of the top selfie apps for Android and iOS. Use them to alter the look and feel of your selfies with captivating filter & photo effect tools. You can download all of these selfie camera apps for free from the Google Play and App Store. What are you still holding out for? Choose your favorite and take selfies that are worthy of sharing!

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