Best Server and Network Racks for Home

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Check Best Server and Network Racks for Home

The world is changing. Technology is invading the home like never before. Builders are even including structured network panels in smaller homes and dedicated network cabinets in larger homes. These dedicated spaces often include a shared space for audio / video equipment for things like whole-home music systems and movie theaters. It is not uncommon for home audio and video to be distributed throughout the home via Ethernet.

This puts the home network front and center. All this equipment (firewalls, switches, HDMI matrix switchers, amplifiers, etc.) needs a place to live. The best place to put it, of course, is a home network rack! So today let’s take a look at the best home network rack for your application and talk about a few reasons why you might want one.

Navepoint 42U Adjustable Depth 4-Post Open Frame Rack

If you’re looking for a robust and affordable full-size rack, Navepoint has you covered, with this 42U four-post rack that is capable of handling everything from telecommunications equipment and network switches to complete sets of blade servers. It is compatible with all standard 19-inch rack-mountable equipment, with an adjustable rack depth from 17-inch to 32.5-inch, giving you more than enough room for all standard server sizes from Dell, HP and IBM.

The sturdy four-post design ensures that everything will stay in place, with a 881-pound weight capacity, and you can mount it on the floor in your server room or use the four included wheels to keep it more mobile, even though the 82-inch one height means you probably won’t be able to move it from room to room.

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Weighing a hefty 71.2 pounds, the durable and robust TI Navepoint 12U Deluxe Server Network Rack is a great choice if you’re looking for a wall-mount option. Offering standard-size 19-inch rack-mountable equipment, the 12U offers a maximum rail depth of 13 inches with a total usable space measurement of 16 inches, front to back. Removable side panels allow IT administrators or anyone who works in network server administration to gain easy access before and after installation.

The top and bottom offer open brackets for easy cable and wire access, while the lockable glass door protects equipment from physical intrusion. In addition, removable side panels offer ventilation slots and dual built-in fans to keep your computer cool.

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Startech 25U Adjustable Depth 4 Post Open Frame Server Rack

Whether it’s traditional servers, network attached storage devices, or telecommunications equipment, the Startech 25U Adjustable Depth Open Frame Server Rack Cabinet is up for the challenge. Capable of supporting up to 1,200 pounds of equipment, the Startech 25U offers a wide range of mounting depth settings from 22 to 40 inches deep. The four-post rack is fully customizable to your needs, while optional accessories such as casters, leveling feet, or cable management hooks are included in the box.

The open nature of the Startech 25U means there is no rack-level security, so it is best used in an area that is already secure. Ultimately, the Startech 25U not only offers excellent storage in a not-too-large package, it is also well within industry rack standards, so it fits in most equipment.

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Tripp Lite 6U Wall Mount Rack Cabinet

With a maximum load capacity of up to 200 pounds, Tripp Lite’s 6U Wall Mount Server Enclosure is a feature-rich option. The heavy-duty steel frame can support 19-inch equipment with perforated doors and side panels that allow maximum airflow. It is lock compatible to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing network equipment, and the door can be opened to the left or right, adapting to different room spaces.

Plus, the Tripp Lite 6U offers additional details like top and bottom cable ports to maintain cable organization, which can quickly spiral out of control depending on how much gear you have inside the 16.5-inch deep rack. Mounting is straightforward and can be done with optional casters for easy portability or is ready to wall-mount right out of the box.

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8U Startech Hinged Open Frame Wall Mount Network Rack

If you’re looking for a super open frame design, Startech’s 8U RK819WALLO Wall Mount is a great choice for maximum airflow. The open frame design lends itself to helping maintain cooling temperatures, which can lead to longer equipment life without the need for excess fans. The hinged design allows easy access to the rear panels where you can begin mounting standard 19-inch servers or network equipment (and continually reach for them after installation). Capable of supporting equipment up to a total of 140 pounds, the high-quality steel construction and four-post design offer the peace of mind and assurance that your equipment is stable.

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