Best SHAREit Alternatives 2024: top file sharing apps

It was found that the apps put Indian users' privacy and India's right to control its own data at risk.

Previously hailed as the ultimate file transfer tool for Windows, Android, and iOS, best SHAREit alternatives has recently found itself embroiled in controversies surrounding user privacy. The Indian government has banned the SHAREit app because it is connected to China. This makes it impossible to move files between Android and PC. Also, even before the ban, both the PC client and the mobile app for SHAREit were full of annoying ads.

Since the app is now banned in India, it is important to look for other choices. There are now a lot of other Windows PC programs that can be used instead of SHAREit. These alternatives can be used to move files easily between devices that are compatible, and they may even have more features than SHAREit. Below we have mentioned the best SHAREit alternatives.

Best SHAREit Alternatives Comparison Table

PlatformPriceOfficial Website
Send AnywhereFreeVisit Website
Nearby ShareFreeVisit Website
TeamViewerPricing variesVisit Website
Files by GoogleFreeVisit Website
SnapdropFreeVisit Website

Send Anywhere

Best SHAREit Alternatives


  • Easy file sharing across devices
  • No registration or login required
  • Fast and secure transfers

“Send Anywhere” is a good option to SHAREit if you want a tool that can do a lot and works well. The ability to send the original file size makes it stand out from many other file transfer apps. This could be a big deal for people who don’t want file-sharing apps to ruin the quality of their files. Also, you can send files anywhere in the world, which you can’t do with SHAREit.

The app lets you send and receive files with a 6-digit protection key. You can share your files with more than one person by giving them a safe link that works for 48 hours. If you want the person to be able to open the file without having to enter the security key, you can send a message to the device you want them to use. Currently, this is one of the best SHAREit alternatives you can consider now.


  • Easy and quick file sharing across different devices.
  • No need for an internet connection to transfer files.
  • Supports various file types and sizes.


  • Limited file storage capacity within the app.
  • Some users may experience occasional connection issues.

Nearby Share

Best SHAREit Alternatives


  • Quick sharing with nearby devices
  • Supports various file types
  • Works offline and without internet connection

For those who don’t know, Nearby Share is often said to be Google’s solution for Airdrop. Google started putting Nearby Share on Android phones with Marshmallow or later in August of last year. Since Nearby Share is run by Google Play Services, you can be sure that it will be on most new Android phones. Still, this is one of the best SHAREit alternatives you can consider now.

Also, Nearby Share works with Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC, and Wi-Fi Direct, which is peer-to-peer Wi-Fi. So, even if you can’t connect to a Wi-Fi network, you can still share files. In the linked piece, you can find out more about how to use Nearby Share on an Android device. On Chromebooks, you can also turn on Nearby Share to move files quickly.


  • Seamless file sharing between nearby devices.
  • Built-in feature on Android devices for convenient use.
  • Supports various file types and sizes.


  • Limited compatibility with non-Android devices.
  • Requires Bluetooth and location services to be enabled.


Best SHAREit Alternatives


  • Remote access and control
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Secure and reliable connection

TeamViewer has never been known for its ability to share files, but it can share big files. With TeamViewer, you can send big files to any other computer over the internet quickly and easily. It lets you send files straight to a computer or service far away. TeamViewer’s file sharing is safe, quick, and straight forward. Currently, this is one of the best SHAREit alternatives you can consider now.


  • Remote access and control of computers and devices.
  • Convenient for troubleshooting and remote support.
  • Cross-platform compatibility.


  • Free version has limited features and functionality.
  • May have a learning curve for first-time users.

Files by Google

Best SHAREit Alternatives


  • File management and cleanup
  • Offline file sharing
  • Smart recommendations for storage optimization

Files by Google is another great app you can use instead of ShareIt to share files. This is basically Google’s file manager app, and it’s free on the Play Store. It doesn’t have ads or bloatware, and it has a lot of cool features to help you clean up your storage and organize your files better, but file sharing is one of its best features. Overall, this is one of the best SHAREit alternatives you can consider now.

You can share songs, documents, videos, and even apps with nearby devices that don’t need to be connected to the internet. Also, in my tests, I found that the speed of file sharing was pretty quick and effective. So, Files by Google’s file sharing feature is good, but it’s only available for Android. This means that, unlike ShareIt, you can’t use it to send files to PCs or Apple devices.


  • Easy file management and organization.
  • Ability to free up device storage by deleting unnecessary files.
  • Built-in file encryption for enhanced security.


  • Limited cloud storage options compared to dedicated cloud services.
  • May encounter occasional bugs or performance issues.


Best SHAREit Alternatives


  • Instant file sharing between devices
  • No installation or account needed
  • Works on any platform or browser

Like SHAREit, Snapdrop can compete with Apple’s well-known “AirDrop” system for sharing files. It’s a good choice because it’s easy to share information between different devices. There are also no limits on the size of the file, so you can easily share almost anything you want. Currently, this is one of the best SHAREit alternatives you can consider now.

The layout looks a lot like the one used by AirDrop. It doesn’t need a lot of setup either, which makes things easier. Since it only works on the web, unlike SHAREit, it needs an Internet link. As far as security goes, the open-source app is reliable and gives your info the protection it needs. So, there’s no need to worry. This is one of the best SHAREit alternatives that you can use if you want a place to share files online.


  • No need to install additional apps or create accounts.
  • Supports multiple file transfers simultaneously.


  • Requires devices to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • May not work optimally on older web browsers or devices.


What is SHAREit?

SHAREit is a popular file-sharing application that allows users to transfer files, documents, photos, videos, and more between devices.

Do these alternatives work across different platforms?

Yes, most of the options listed above are cross-platform apps, which means they work on both Android and iOS devices. Some of them also have Windows, Mac, and internet versions.

Can I transfer files of any size using these alternatives?

Most of the time, these options let you send files of different sizes, even big ones. But the speed of the transfer may change based on the size of the file and the quality of your internet connection.

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