Best Shortstop Baseball Gloves Brands

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Quick list of Best Shortstop Baseball Gloves Brands

When it comes to baseball gloves, most professional MLB players wear Rawlings or Wilson gloves on the field. Brand awareness, storied presence and craftsmanship play a big part in what glove makers love, from minor leaguers to pros. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to the best baseball gloves, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. And we don’t just select the most expensive gloves. Whether you’re looking for a catcher’s glove, a fielder’s glove, or a first baseman’s glove, shortstops catch ground balls in the hole, outfielders make diving catches, and corner infielders catch hard hit balls in the field. line.

While the defensive jewels are applauded and repeated, the gauntlets rarely get any attention. Well why should they? Finally, the gloves are inanimate objects controlled by the players. But have you ever thought about the brand of baseball leather responsible for defensive masterpieces? Don’t be surprised anymore. By searching professional attire, social media, and photo databases, we’ve uncovered some of the most popular glove brands worn by top players in Major League Baseball.

Here is the list of the best shortstop baseball glove brands

WILSON A2000 Baseball Glove

When Chicago-based manufacturer Ashland Manufacturing began making gloves in 1913, their company was known for meat. When they changed their name to Wilson Sporting Goods in 1931, baseball gloves were the tastiest dish. Now, professional players from Clayton Kershaw to Jose Altuve wear Wilson’s popular styles. Glove Guru Shigeaki Aso is the company’s master craftsman. Wilson is responsible for some of the best performing gloves on the market, including the fan favorite A2000 series. We have no doubt that Wilson will continue to be one of the best baseball glove brands for the foreseeable future.

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All Star 35″ Pro Elite Series

While Wilson, Marucci, and Rawlings are great receiver gloves, we think the 35-inch Pro Elite All-Stars are the best in the business. Several professionals use this equipment and given the stranglehold Wilson and Rawlings have on the business, it’s quite an achievement. These gloves don’t come cheap and working with these guys is going to have a few accidents with a Mack truck. Still, it’s worth the money and is the best catcher’s glove on the market today.

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Louisville Slugger 125 Baseball Glove

Louisville Slugger is known for making quality baseball gloves made from American cowhide leather. Each baseball glove features a perforated palm pad for enhanced feel, extra-wide tanned laces for durability, and a lightweight construction that promotes excellent hand safety. The Louisville Slugger LXT has established itself as the preferred choice for fast pitch gloves, worn by top players at the highest level. The LXT is made from full-grain, double-oiled ox leather that’s soft and durable.

The X-Spand wrist opening, which ensures a perfect fit regardless of glove size, is one of the many great features of this series. Plus, women’s-specific patterns increase overall comfort for smaller hands. The LXT is a great choice when looking for a baseball glove that will perform and last on the field. Louisville Slugger is the most recognized brand in fast pitch baseball.

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Mizuno Pro Baseball Glove

Chris Sale has relied on Mizuno throughout his career, and the Boston Red Sox star has made six All-Star appearances. The most popular line is the Pro series, and Corey Kluber, Didi Gregorius, Andrelton Simmons, and Tucker Barnhart use one. That’s a pretty impressive list. Kluber has won two Cy Young Awards in his career, and Gregorius is a well-respected shortstop with the Yankees. Simmons is a three-time Gold Glover and Barnhart received his first such award in the 2017 season. According to What Pros Wear, Ian Desmond, a versatile part of the Colorado Rockies, relies on various Mizuno gloves depending on the position he is assigned to play.

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Franklin Sports Baseball Field Glove

The Franklin Sports CTZ5000 Baseball Glove is made from premium cowhide leather to help baseball players of all ages play their best. Black cowhide leather is soft and durable, making it light and easy to break into, yet durable enough to wear season after season. The super soft palm lining keeps your hand cool and comfortable so you can practice and play without blisters or sweaty palms. Plus, the chrome stitching and logo treatment give this glove a modern, professional feel so you can look and play your best. No matter what position you play, there’s a CTZ5000 glove for you, so grab yours and hit the field today.

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Rawlings Heart of The Hide Baseball Glove

The “Sure Catch” glove put Rawlings of St. Louis on the map. In 1912, this one-piece glove with sewn-in finger channels didn’t look good, but it outperformed the alternatives. Years later, a former Cardinals pitcher revolutionized the game by throwing Rawlings on the index finger and thumb in a multi-strap lace-up feature. This essentially created the first natural pocket. Today, Rawlings Heart of the Hide Leather Gloves are loved by players around the world and are one of the most used glove brands by professional players. Rawlings also presents Gold Glove Awards to MLB infielders and outfielders who display exceptional performance.

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Rawlings Pro Preferred Baseball Glove

The Rawlings Pro Preferred Series is made from flawless full-grain Kiple leather, giving it a look and feel like no other. Pittard shearling leather has been used to line the palm of the gloves, which has the incredible ability to wick away moisture while remaining comfortable. Everything about this glove is of the highest quality, even the laces are made from premium leather for durability. A fleece strap is included to ensure they are as comfortable as possible on the wrist. The inside pocket depth of this 11.5-inch glove is minimal, making it ideal for a shortstop. Hand welded for a unique look on the little finger and thumb and a smooth feel on the inside of the glove, this glove is crafted with precision and care.

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Nokona S-V1

The Nokona S-V1 2022 is a fantastic glove for younger players looking for the best in the business. Its buffalo leather works quickly and comes out super soft from the cover. Do not hesitate either with the velcro wristband. Allows for an adjustable fit for kids who want a snug fit or those who are very self-conscious about how a glove feels on their hand. Regardless, the Nokona glove consistently gets some of the best reviews for young players, and while it’s probably $150 more than we’re willing to spend, it’s the best youth baseball glove on the market right now.

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Marucci Oxbow baseball glove type M

Albert Pujols. David Ortiz. Andrew McCutchen. Buster Posey. Francis Lindor. All of these MLB players have spent their time and money advising Baton Rouge-based Marucci on how to make his gloves. Since the company was founded by two former Major League Baseball players and their athletic trainer, Marucci has handcrafted racquets and gloves for some of the best players in the game. The results have shown that Marucci baseball gloves are quality gloves for players around the world, from the first game to the final championship.

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JOE 9″ Joe Junior Shoeless Baseball Glove

This Shoeless Joe’s Glove is designed for younger baseball beginners who are just starting to catch baseball and play. It is made from unique aged vintage tobacco leather that has been hand-rubbed with specific vintage components to give it suppleness and be relatively easy to break. Each glove has also been carefully cut and sewn by hand, making each one unique. The glove’s single-post mesh provides a stable pocket that simplifies throwing on the field. Also, the short length supports fast transfers. Because the gloves are hand rubbed with old components, they have a game-worn look that a shortstop would find intriguing if he wanted to add years to his experience just by looking at them.

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