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Quick list of Best Skateboarding Helmets

A helmet is the most essential piece of safety equipment for skating. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or advanced rider, a protective helmet is key to confident riding. Skateboarding is a fun and exciting experience, but it can also be dangerous. Falling onto hard pavement, losing your balance during a trick, or being hit by a passing car can all lead to injuries. The right safety gear can save you expensive medical bills, and in certain circumstances, your gear can even save your life. A helmet is possibly the most important thing. It protects you from skull fractures, concussions, and other serious head injuries.

It’s the only way to learn new tricks and expand your skateboarding skills. Whether you’re doing it for fun or for a competition, one thing is for sure: you need a high-quality helmet. Without proper head protection, you are at greater risk of serious injury. Instead of taking that risk, why not protect your head by wearing one of the best skate helmets? It is a very simple and easy precaution to take. In addition to offering protection, the best skate helmets will also offer comfort, style, and durability. Skateboard helmets are not the same as bicycle helmets. Crashing into a bike and falling off a skateboard can cause very different types of head impact. Each of them is designed for different types of impacts. High-speed crashes typically occur on bicycles, while lower-impact falls typically occur when skateboarding.

Here is the list of the best skateboard helmets

JBM Skateboard Helmet

These skateboard helmets are flexible and suitable for multi-sport activities, such as roller and inline skating, rollerblading, skateboarding and scootering. These helmets would be essential protective gear for any outdoor sports lover. These skating helmets are specially designed for multi-sport head protection. The material use is tough and durable PVC and PC, EPS foam which would help absorb impact and protect your head during impact.

These skate helmets come with an adjustable strap that makes them flexible to fit you. The flexibility of the strap makes it a unisex product and it would fit well for both men and women, boys and girls. Using multiple vents, special streamlined design and breathable foam to reduce sweating and keep cool. It also reduces elevated body temperature caused by intense body movements.

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retro skid

This bike helmet has a durable ABS shell and a dense EPS foam interior to keep you safe. Stay visible in the bike lane with fully adjustable reflective nylon chin straps. Remi’s full perimeter, rubber edge protector protects the helmet from chipping. Stay cool with 11 breathable vents and a channeled interior for optimal airflow in and around your bike helmet. Don’t worry on very hot days. The inner pads of this bicycle helmet are removable, washable and quick-drying.

This lightweight helmet is designed with a padded interior, chin pads, and an extra set of thick pads so you can adjust your fit. The Remi Adult Bike Helmet has a built in visor to block out the sun while you ride – no sunglasses needed.

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triple eight

Dual-certified skateboard helmet with high-impact-absorbing EPS foam, dual-density thick soft foam, and moisture-wicking Sweatsaver fabric. To determine the proper size, measure around the head with a soft tape measure or string; liners should be used to further customize the fit. Includes two sets of different-sized Sweatsaver pads to customize the fit; the pads fit great when new and expect to be worn for a couple of hours before the helmet breaks down completely.

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KAMUGO Kids Adjustable Helmet

This helmet features shock-absorbing EPS (Expanded Polystyrene Shell) and a form-fitting design to reduce the risk of your child getting injured while biking on or off the road. If your toddler is one of those who go through a number of kids’ bike helmets in a short amount of time, then you’re in luck! Avoid the disappointments associated with other toddler bike helmets that are made from cheap polycarbonate. Invest in our tough adjustable bike helmet that is extremely durable and built to last.

Whether gifted from father to son, grandparents to grandchildren, or aunt to niece, the KAMUGO Kids Bike Helmet makes a great gift for boys and girls ages 8-14! It comes in a beautiful box, the child will be delighted when he receives his gift.

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Pro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet

With a rigid frame ready to take on whatever mischief the most aggressive skaters get into and a soft 2-stage foam liner, it’s no wonder there are so many wannabe classic skates out there. Look sharp and skate hard with the Pro-Tec Classic Skate Skateboard Helmet.

With its HDPE Flex shell over a soft 2-stage foam liner that is sure to stay secure in any condition, the Pro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet is the product of decades of fine tuning. One of the original skate helmet designs from the early 1970s, Pro-Tec’s current iteration has been optimized for ideal fit, strength and durability. A long-time favorite of skaters around the world, this helmet comes in sizes XS-XL in a variety of colors sure to please all athletes looking to keep their dome intact when going big.

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Pro-Tec Old School Certification

The iconic skate helmet makes a comeback. The Pro-Tec Old School Certified Skateboard Helmet look was always guaranteed to get a nod of approval from the pool dog in the bowl, and now it’s getting endorsements from Captain Security, too. Certified for multiple impacts, this is a smart, modern helmet option that doesn’t lose its visual connection to radical skaters past and present.

The Pro-Tec Old School Certified helmet, a vintage design now multi-impact certified, has officially proven that even the most timeless products can get better with time. With its flexible HDPE polyethylene shell and three layers of foam in different densities, Old School Certified is made with comfort in mind and built to fit a wide variety of head shapes and sizes. Available in multiple colors, this is a perfect option for anyone looking to combine iconic style with unparalleled protection and comfort.

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Triple Eight Lil 8 Double

Designed especially for a child’s head, the LIL 8 has all the features you’d expect from Triple Eight in a smaller (and cheaper) size. Meets CPSC and ASTM F1492 standards, making it acceptable for biking, skating, and skateboarding. It is built with a durable yet lightweight ABS shell and an EPS foam liner. Sweatsaver fit pads help with helmet fit, so your child will be comfortable wearing it for long periods of time. These interchangeable pads also help reduce sweat stains and odours. The thinner liners come already installed on the hull, while the thicker removable liners can be added or removed as desired.

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Bell Sanction Adult Integral

The Bell Sanction is a full face helmet, which makes it stand out on this list. Why did we choose this for electric skateboarding? It is more dangerous than riding a normal skateboard. Due to high speeds, crashes can be much more serious. You want to protect your entire head and face. While it is technically certified for cycling and BMX bikes, it will work for electric skateboards as well. It has a durable ABS shell, so it stays light at 850 grams.

It also has a lower profile, so if you tend to find e-skate helmets too big, this is a good option. The other cool feature is the adjustable visor. On clear days, it can protect your eyes from bright sun and reflective surfaces like cars. There are some vents, but some reviews say they’re not enough if you sweat a lot. Sizes range from extra small (49-50 cm) to large (58-60 cm).

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Helmet of the collection of a thousand chapters

Another unique product from the Thousand brand, this men’s and women’s skate helmet offers a handful of great features. It’s built with MIPS, which adds an extra layer of protection against head trauma and brain injury. MIPS works by reducing rotational forces during a crash. To reduce glare and increase your field of vision, the helmet has a visor.

You can choose from a hand-painted tortoise shell, metallic rose gold, or a simple matte black. The other feature we really liked (and made this helmet our pick for best low-light riding) is the magnetic multi-purpose light. 30 lumen USB rechargeable tail light turns on automatically when attached to the back of the helmet. Skateboarding at night is inherently riskier than daylight, but if you need to, this light is extremely useful.

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Final words: Best Skateboarding Helmets

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