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The vast majority of small businesses use social media as a marketing tool and it’s easy to see why. Social media platforms like Meta, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram have hundreds of millions of users. A consistent presence on social media allows small businesses to reach customers wherever they are. But with so many prominent platforms, managing multiple social accounts can be a real nightmare.

After all, business owners would have to spend time and energy logging into multiple social media accounts, creating a post for each account, and distributing them throughout the day as needed. For many small businesses that employ only a handful of people, this is simply not feasible. For this reason, many small businesses are turning to social media management platforms that allow them to create a comprehensive social media strategy that they can manage from one place.

We have introduced many applications for Linux, but we have not even mentioned the social networking applications that exist for this platform. When all the Tweetmania started, there were only a handful of social networking apps for Linux, and even those were mostly based on Adobe Air. However, faster than expected, a plethora of social media apps for this often-ignored platform hit the market. Although there are many such applications, we decided to present only the best ones.

The best social software for Linux


SocialOomph is another advanced and feature-rich tool that allows users, businesses, and large organizations to manage their presence on various social media channels through a single platform. The tool allows users to stay informed about what they are doing on different channels, update channels and interact with users through the platform. This dramatically improves and organizes users’ social media pages and customer engagement.

Key features include precise scheduling, bulk uploads, self-destructing posts, post flood control to prevent annoying followers, content management, conversion tracking, keyword filtering, post scheduling for efficient management, automatic generation of a blog and social posts from RSS feeds with keywords. filtering option, and much more.

social outbreak

Sprout Social is a social media management platform used by leading companies around the world to increase the effectiveness of their social marketing, community building, and customer service efforts through social channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Sprout Social is based in Chicago, Illinois, where our team of talented and passionate employees work tirelessly to help our clients continue to set the pace in the marketplace. Sprout Social was founded in 2010 and is backed by venture funds from Lightbank and NEA. For more information, visit our websites and


HumHub is a free and open source social networking software package and framework with a user-friendly interface like Facebook. It is lightweight and has several tools that make communication and collaboration easy. HumHub gives you the ability to customize it and create your own large company social network, social intranet, or social app.

HubHum is a flexible system and offers a modular design that can be extended with third-party tools to connect existing or self-written software. Humhub offers a self-hosted solution that gives you full control over your social network, meaning your server, your data, and your rules. Community and Enterprise edition options are available.

Social Zoho

Zoho is a powerful platform that offers cutting-edge solutions and platforms to its users and is known by many organizations, businesses, and users around the world. Zoho Social, like other Zoho products, offers a set of competitive and advanced tools that allow social media managers to manage their channels and interact with their users in the most efficient way.

Powerful features include customer segmentation, customizable reports, dashboard creation, data visualization, engagement tracking, multi-account management, multi-channel data collection, real-time reporting, reporting and statistics, social media integration, analytics visual, alerts/notifications, auto-publish, auto-schedule, and the list goes on.


Oxwall is free and open source community software distributed under the Common Public Attribution License. It is written in PHP and is used as a platform for social networks and community sites. Oxwall is a free open source PHP/MySQL social media platform software package for building social networks, family sites and collaboration systems. It is a flexible community website engine designed with the goal of providing people with an easy-to-use and well-coded software platform for social needs.

Oxwall is easy to install, configure and manage. Oxwall was designed and developed with a creative approach with a purpose in mind to make it as easy as possible for people to manage communities. Oxwall is used for a wide range of projects, from custom social networks to business collaboration tools and community solutions.


Socioboard is free and open source social media management software with a powerful social media suite for all businesses. Generate reports and analyze data to help social media managers make informed business decisions. Social networks are for users, not for companies. Socioboard looks at social media from a business perspective and does an excellent job of filling in the gaps that social media can’t.

Companies need to own their social data and be able to determine what they want to do with it. They must create reports and analyze data to make informed and improved business decisions.


Any fan of the Ubuntu distro who also frequents social networking sites is probably familiar with Gwibber. This social networking app runs pretty much by default on all Ubuntu installations.

This Python-based application supports Twitter, Friendfeed, Digg, and Facebook in an easy-to-use graphical user interface. The next version of Gwibber will expand support for more social networking sites, especially Reddit.


Choqok is a fast, efficient, and easy-to-use Twitter client for Linux (designed specifically for the KDE desktop environment) that is installed by default on some Linux distributions that ship with the KDE desktop environment. The name comes from Old Persian and means “sparrow”.

Some people prefer to use desktop clients for Twitter; local clients provide a better notification system and it’s always easy to call an app from the system instead of going to the twitter browser tab every time you want to see/post updates. There are several desktop client applications that allow you to handle your Twitter communications from within System-Try, but Choqok is considered the most stable and widely used.


Hotot, an HTML-friendly app on the desktop as well, has long been the preferred method for many users to tweet, nip, and follow. By bringing one version of the application to the browser, users can use the features they are used to, but without the limitations of the operating system. The interface is adaptive: the wider the browser window, the more columns are displayed, but with the disadvantage that they cannot be sorted.

Notifications run through Chrome’s notification system, so you won’t miss a tweet, and they also include the same sound. Hotot is currently at version 0.9.6, which is still in alpha. It is a nice and attractive microblogging app, it has a lot of features and you can customize it, but it is in an early stage of development, so it may not be very stable.


Buffer helps you build an audience organically. We are a values-driven company that offers affordable and intuitive marketing tools for ambitious individuals and teams. With Buffer, all you have to do is enter a few tweets into your Buffer and the app schedules them for you throughout the day. Unlike traditional tweet scheduling apps like Hootsuite or SocialOomph, you don’t have to schedule every tweet.

Fixed time windows (which you can change) determine when buffered tweets reach your followers each day. All you have to do is fill your buffer with tweets. In addition to using the website, you can easily add tweets to your buffer directly from the article you want to share using browser extensions.

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