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Coaches are always looking for the latest best practices to improve the game. What do successful coaches and players do differently? If the Golden State Warriors basketball team is any indication, they’re looking at ways to use technology to track and analyze data. Technology Is Impacting the Sports World provides a vivid example of how technology is having a positive impact on sports.

A sports coach can use technology to win. Today’s sports training apps allow coaches to provide data such as statistics, tracking, video analysis, and performance measurement. In addition to apps that help improve the overall performance of players, there are also sports training apps that facilitate regular communication with parents and players.

Here is the list of the best training, coaching and sports monitoring apps


Hudl is an application that allows you to analyze the performance of your equipment by recording it on your phone or tablet. You can then use the app to select different plays/within a game and the app also allows you to share this with your team.

We found this app useful for analyzing computer performance. The app was really in its element when used to illustrate the best parts of a performance as well as the parts that needed improvement. The benefits for a trainer mean they can then share this with their team, along with coaching points on how to do better next time.


CoachUp connects athletes with amazing athletic trainers across the country, giving them access to personalized one-on-one coaching. This helps them develop skills and confidence, which leads to better performance and better decision making. This app allows coaches to build a thriving business under their control and provides them with $1 million in liability insurance for each class booked through CoachUp.

Athletes and parents get a secure way to find and hire quality coaches, track training, analysis and feedback. And everyone involved can access training resources like exercises, workouts, and more. More than 20,000 trainers use CoachUp and hundreds of training sessions take place every day.


Lucid wants athletes to train their minds as well as their bodies, and the app provides access to mental skills coaches who have worked with the likes of Michal Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Brandon Marshall. It could provide the boost athletes need to go to the next level.

iPractice Builder

ipractice Builder currently consists of a video catalog with 25 sports. Within each sport, the app offers a series of pre-recorded video training exercises to help coaches create a training session. We chose this app because it’s great for coaches who are new to sports training.

An experienced trainer may already be familiar with a number of training exercises in the app and some may not seem relevant to them. Being able to include your own coaching practices can be very helpful when you have other coaches working for you as you can share them with them. For £6.99 we still thought this was an app to recommend.

trainer’s eye

Coach’s Eye allows coaches to record videos of their athletes and then gives them a variety of options to customize for better review. Whether it’s easy and intuitive slow motion, note taking, panning, comparing two clips, or instantly overdrawing clips, Coach’s Eye has you covered.

Every action on the field, court, or even in the weight room has shape, and Coach’s Eye helps coaches and players capture and refine that shape. As Allyson Felix, a four-time gold medalist in US track and field, said, “Coach’s Eye is an innovative way for anyone to gain a competitive advantage by examining the performance of elite athletes and translating that into her performance.” .

the correct profile

Developed more than 30 years ago and used by the NFL, NBA, MLB, and US Military Special Forces, the Trouwine Athletic Profile (TAP) test has helped assess athletes’ mindsets for building successful teams. The Right Profile offers the test through its partnership with AthleteTypes.


Strava tracks a variety of exercises with GPS and then allows you to upload them online. You can also set challenges for your team and create a competitive angle by setting up leagues to see who is training and who is not. STRAVA is not a tactical or team performance tracking application.

This app excels at preseason and postseason training plans while working on physical development. Coaches benefit from using this app to monitor the fitness and movement of their players. STRAVA is also useful for monitoring motivation levels when you’ve put together a pre-season fitness program and want to make sure they’re completing it.


BAND keeps coaches in constant contact with their athletes and their parents. Coaches are under constant pressure to update parents and athletes on fees, practices, position changes, important dates and other updates.

BAND has a simple interface calendar, messaging and notification system that allows your entire team to stay on the same page. It’s also a great way to immediately notify relevant parties in the event of a win, an emergency, or any other situation that may arise for your team.

adjustment plan

Fitplan provides step-by-step fitness plans from top trainers and helps users achieve their fitness goals, whether it’s building muscle, losing weight, or preparing for a marathon.

Audio and video guided instructions guide users through gym and home workouts, providing an alternative to personal training.

training spikes

TrainingPeaks is an application that allows you to monitor the physical training of your athletes. Very similar to Strava, this app allows your athletes to follow a set training program and you can communicate with your athletes (with Premium).

The advantage of this app over Strava is that coaches can create and complete a fitness program and your athletes just have to look at the app and complete the program that you or your fitness coach has already set. The downside is that this setting only applies to premium paying customers, which adds up if all your players sign up.


Sportlyzer is an all-in-one app for trainers. It helps you manage your team through the registration of athletes and parents, facilitating contacts and programming.

It helps coaches plan, measure and analyze training, results and player progress. And it helps coaches easily share information with players and parents. More than 21,000 trainers and 230,000 athletes use Sportlyzer to improve their lives.

American Red Cross

This app from the renowned organization offers competent advice for everyday emergencies with the help of videos, interactive quizzes and step-by-step instructions. Additionally, interactive quizzes help users refresh their life-saving knowledge.

Teamer Sports Team App

The Teamer Sports Team app allows coaches to manage their team, collect payments, check player availability, and share schedules/locations with their team. Even better, it’s free. This app really stands out for us and is helpful in many ways. Whether you’re a Sunday league team with erratic players or a Saturday team you know always shows up. Coaches can use this app to pick tactics and update teammates before game day.

We also find that sharing game location is very helpful in preventing your players from getting lost on game day. This app is our favorite team management app because of its simplicity and ease of use. For sports coaches who coach and lead a team, this app is a must have.

game changer

GameChanger started with baseball, softball, and basketball and has expanded to soccer. It allows coaches to manage their squad, schedule training sessions and matches, and much more. It also allows a scorer to record key plays, events and statistics through a simple and intuitive interface.

GameChanger knows how to receive information and create statistics that it can automatically collect during a season. Over 200,000 sports teams use GameChanger to improve their records.

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