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A human activity involving physical exertion and skill as the primary focus of the activity, with elements of competition or social participation where the rules and patterns of behavior governing the activity exist formally through organizations and is generally recognized as a sport . A sports management software will allow you to easily prepare for matches well in advance so that when the last day arrives you will not feel stressed or worried about the many mistakes that could have been made before the important day. You can view upcoming games, past game results, season records, and any other team-specific information all in one place.

Sports management software can allow you to track statistics and data in real time to evaluate players. This is huge, especially at more professional and competitive levels, where stats matter and can make a huge difference between being on the bench and starting. Sports management software can integrate many aspects (such as: attendance documents, payment books, profile information) and wrap them all in one software and the best part is that whether it is desktop or mobile, you will be able to manage all the information and strategy.

Here is the list of the best sports software for Mac OS


LeagueApps is a sports and athletics management platform that provides sports team managers with cloud-based tools to run a successful program. With sports like lacrosse, basketball, baseball, soccer, and many more, LeagueApps is an ideal solution for organizations. The flexible system promises a user-friendly approach to all functions, including online registrations, payment processing through a compatible merchant account, messaging, scheduling, reporting and e-commerce for the sale of associated products and merchandise.

Multiple registration models allow organizers to attract the right people to the right teams, use custom forms, and set flexible pricing and payment rules. Organizers can accept credit card payments, track invoices, manage attendee contacts, and provide public access to information, standings, and schedules. Members can manage accounts through the portal dashboard, while a fully customizable team home page communicates the latest rosters and more.


All-in-one sports management platform for sports clubs, leagues, associations, teams, coaches, players and parents. Mobile friendly and secure all in one sports platform to manage player registrations, online payments, schedules, teams, leagues, tournaments, fields, members and website. Integrated team management app for all teams in the organization to manage team communication, live chat, schedules, roster, player availability, volunteers, and photos. Integrated player portal to manage player’s achievements, profile and family members. Free mobile application for all members of the organization.


PerfectMind is a membership and business management software platform for municipalities, rec centers, gyms, martial arts schools, yoga studios, and more. Includes customer relationship management (CRM) functionality that allows users to manage their customers and members, with access to full payment histories, current memberships and class bookings, and the option to link contact or family profiles related, duplicating shared information such as addresses and phone numbers.

Automatic payment processing allows PerfectMind to collect payments from members, which are then recorded in the integrated accounting application. Users are notified of late payments and members are automatically re-billed for payments that have failed or not been made. The included point of sale (POS) allows users to increase revenue by selling additional merchandise, as well as assisting with inventory management and purchase history management.


SportsBiz is business management software that helps sports organizations of all sizes manage payments, online bookings, assignments, class schedules, client communications, billing, and more on one centralized platform. Organizations can set the time or duration of events, automatically generate invoices, track student attendance, and grant role-based access rights to employees. SportsBiz helps administrators generate reports, providing information on accounts receivable, cash or revenue accrued, staff work time, student attendance, and total enrollment.

Supervisors can assign tasks to employees, add, edit, and organize client and student information, and view weekly or daily class schedules. Managers can capture customer payment details, display data in the form of graphs and invoices, send newsletters and other promotional materials to customers via email. Sports professionals can also use the mobile app to mark student attendance, view lesson details, and access client invoices, events, assignments, and more from the database.


The Club Assistant app is designed for sports club coaches, administrators and players to organize all the relevant information about their favorite clubs and teams on one platform. The app has four main functions to ensure that players and coaches are always up to date with the latest developments and procedures. App users can see an overview of their club information: latest news, league standings and match results. App users can send and receive push notifications so they never miss an update, postponement, or cancellation. All communication is organized on one platform for all team members, trainers and administrators.

The app includes sport-specific features to provide fans of different sports with relevant information and features tailored to their specific sport. Coaches can track the presence of their players on one platform, simplifying check-ins and allowing for more timely communication. This athlete tracking system allows coaches to create a personal file for each player to view their attendance history and progress statistics.

Team fee payment

TeamFeePay is an online soccer club membership management system that gives soccer clubs a better way to manage their members through automated registrations, events, payments and more. Founded by licensed football coaches, the software understands the real-world challenges clubs face. It allows clubs to save time on administration and recover more football time for volunteers. There are no registration fees or hidden fees with soccer club management software. It is free to use and also provides personalized customer service to all clubs.


It can take hours to complete the tasks and processes necessary for safety and compliance in sports and youth programs. Putting the focus back on its participants and their parents, while offering a safe place at the same time, feels unattainable.

You can enhance the youth sports experience with PlayerSpace, a program management package that enables you to efficiently run a variety of programs, including team competitions like basketball, soccer, and baseball, swimming lessons, fitness classes, and sports camps and diurnal


Wooter is a league, tournament, team and manager management platform that enables organizations to manage leagues and players and create a custom league website and mobile app for Android and iOS. The platform allows organizations to manage registrations, players, teams and schedules and provide game statistics and videos along with chat and messaging features. Players can get their own player profiles and view team pages, season averages, leaderboards, leaderboards and more through a mobile device.

This software provides a complete view of the statistics of each player and team for each game. Users can follow the season schedule and view the leaderboards as well as all the leaderboards and player and team leaderboards for each division. Commissioners can message the entire league and team members can communicate with each other through private chat rooms.


PlayyOn is an online management solution for sports and leisure activities. The cloud-based solution provides an easy, all-in-one, instant solution. PlayyOn’s platform for FREE use offers a website, an online registration form with payment options, hours and communication. PlayyOn serves events, programs, tournaments, camps, classes, activities and teams. Affordable add-on features available for insurance, web services, virtual training and more.

Perfect for recreational programs for youth and/or adults. Standalone solution or can be integrated into an existing website. Academies, clubs, camps, city recreation programs, school sports programs, extracurricular activities, and other facilities use PlayyOn to organize and manage registrations, websites, communications, and more.


Sideline is a sports management tool created for soccer players who organize and schedule their own matches. It is a web-based application that can be accessed on desktop and mobile browsers and can be used in real time and in the field. It provides team registration features and game management tools that allow game organizers to keep track of all matches and players accordingly. Members can connect directly to WhatsApp to receive instant messages and know when, where and with/against whom they will play next.

The software can manage an unlimited number of members and create teams according to the given numbers and availability. Participants can also self-register for upcoming competitions and track all individual and team performance and stats. Provides data management features like; Match reports and season statistics give team leaders the access they need to see a complete picture of all their past, current and future season, game and player statistics. All functions have their own descriptions and instructions.

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