Best Spotify keyboard Shortcuts 2024: boost your spotify exp.

Spotify offers everything its music streaming competitors have and more.

There are one of the best Spotify keyboard Shortcuts you can consider now. Spotify has completely transformed the music streaming industry with its groundbreaking features and widespread availability across different platforms. It’s not surprising that Spotify has become the most popular music streaming service, with a large lead in a market that is growing quickly.

Spotify is different from its competitors because it has native Windows and Mac apps, while most of its competitors only have web versions for desktop use. Whether you choose to stick with the Free plan or upgrade to Spotify Premium, Spotify’s keyboard shortcuts make it easy to move around the official app. Below we have mentioned the best Spotify keyboard Shortcuts.

Benefits of using keyboard shortcuts on Spotify

There are several benefits to using keyboard shortcuts on Spotify:

Efficient: Using keyboard shortcuts, you can control different functions in Spotify without using the mouse or going through menus. This saves time and makes it easier to play/pause, skip tracks, change the volume, and switch between playlists.

Convenience: You can control Spotify even when it’s running in the background or minimized by using keyboard shortcuts. To control playback, you don’t have to bring the Spotify window to the front or stop what you’re doing.

Ease of Use: Using keyboard shortcuts is a faster and more natural way to use Spotify. Once you know how to use the shortcuts, you can move around in the app easily and do things with little effort.

Multitasking: You can control Spotify and do other things at the same time by using keyboard shortcuts. This makes it easy to do more than one thing at once, since you can quickly change tracks, change the volume, or do other things without stopping what you’re doing.

Accessibility: Shortcuts on the keyboard can be especially helpful for people who have trouble moving around or using their hands. They offer an alternative way to enter information that can be easier to use than using a mouse. This makes things more accessible and inclusive.

Customization: Many music players, like Spotify, let users change keyboard shortcuts or even make their own. This lets you change the shortcuts to fit your needs and the way you work, making your experience better for you.

Best Spotify keyboard Shortcuts

Spotify has a number of keyboard shortcuts that make it easier and more fun to use. With these shortcuts, users don’t have to use the interface to control how their music plays. Spacebar (play/pause), Ctrl + right arrow (next track), Ctrl + left arrow (previous track), Ctrl + up arrow (volume up), Ctrl + down arrow (volume down), and Ctrl + F (search) are some of the best keyboard shortcuts for Spotify. These shortcuts make it easier for users to find their favorite music and listen to it quickly and easily.

Playback Control Shortcuts:

Ctrl + →Next track
Ctrl + ←Previous track
Ctrl + Up ArrowIncrease volume
Ctrl + Down ArrowDecrease volume
Ctrl + Shift + ↑Increase playback speed (desktop)
Ctrl + Shift + ↓Decrease playback speed (desktop)
Ctrl + Shift + FActivate full screen mode (desktop)
Ctrl + Shift + LActivate lyrics view (desktop)

Playlist Navigation Shortcuts:

Ctrl + NCreate new playlist
Ctrl + LFocus on search bar
Ctrl + 1-9Switch to a specific playlist
Ctrl + Alt + ↑Move track up (desktop)
Ctrl + Alt + ↓Move track down (desktop)
Ctrl + Shift + NCreate new playlist folder (desktop)

Miscellaneous Shortcuts:

Ctrl + PPlay/pause current track
Ctrl + RRefresh the app
Ctrl + SSave the current track
Ctrl + QQuit the Spotify app
Ctrl + FSearch within the app
Ctrl + OOpen a file from your computer
Ctrl + HShow/hide the sidebar (desktop)

Best Spotify keyboard Shortcuts for different platforms

Spotify has different keyboard shortcuts for different platforms to make things easier for users. On Windows, common keyboard shortcuts include Ctrl+Shift+Right/Left to skip to the next/previous track, Ctrl+Space to play/pause, and Ctrl+Up/Down to increase/decrease the volume. Mac users can skip tracks with Command+Option+Right/Left, play/pause with Space, and change the volume with Command+Up/Down. Web users can use Ctrl+Right or Ctrl+Left to skip tracks, and Space to play or pause. These shortcuts make it easy to control and move around in the Spotify app, making it easier to listen to music without interruptions.

Spotify Desktop App Shortcuts:

Ctrl + RightNext Track
Ctrl + LeftPrevious Track
Ctrl + UpVolume Up
Ctrl + DownVolume Down
Ctrl + Shift + UpIncrease Volume Gradually
Ctrl + Shift + DownDecrease Volume Gradually
Ctrl + FSearch
Ctrl + NCreate New Playlist
Ctrl + TOpen Top Lists
Ctrl + OOpen a File
Ctrl + PPlay/Pause
Ctrl + QQuit Spotify
Ctrl + SSave to Your Music
Ctrl + WClose Window
Ctrl + RRefresh
Ctrl + HOpen History
Ctrl + LFocus on Search Bar
Ctrl + Shift + NCreate New Playlist Folder
Ctrl + 1 to 9Switch to a Specific Playlist

Spotify Web Player Shortcuts:

Ctrl + RightNext Track
Ctrl + LeftPrevious Track
Ctrl + UpVolume Up
Ctrl + DownVolume Down
g then hHome
g then rYour Library
g then bBrowse
g then pYour Profile
g then tTop Lists
Ctrl + Shift + DownDecrease Volume Gradually
Ctrl + Shift + UpIncrease Volume Gradually
Ctrl + Shift + MMute Volume
?Show Keyboard Shortcuts

Spotify Mobile App Shortcuts:

Tap on Album ArtPlay/Pause
Swipe RightNext Track
Swipe LeftPrevious Track
Swipe UpVolume Up
Swipe DownVolume Down
Tap on SearchSearch
Tap on Your LibraryYour Library
Tap on HomeHome
Tap on BrowseBrowse
Tap on SettingsSettings
Long Press on SongAdd to Queue
Long Press on PlaylistAdd to Playlist
Long Press on AlbumSave to Your Music
Long Press on ArtistView Artist
Long Press on PodcastView Podcast

How to enable and use keyboard shortcuts on Spotify?

Follow these steps to turn on and use keyboard shortcuts on Spotify:

  1. Start up Spotify: Open the Spotify app on your computer and sign in to your account.
  2. Access the settings: Click the “Edit” button in the top menu bar (on Windows) or the “Spotify” button (on macOS). Choose “Preferences” (on Windows) or “Preferences…” (on macOS) from the menu that drops down.
  3. Go to Keyboard Shortcuts: In the Preferences window, scroll down until you see the “Key combinations” section. Click on it to access the settings for keyboard shortcuts.
  4. Enable Keyboard Shortcuts: Check the box or flip the switch that says “Enable keyboard shortcuts.” This will enable the use of shortcuts on the keyboard in Spotify.
  5. Find Out What Shortcuts Are Available: In the same section, you can find a list of keyboard shortcuts and their functions in Spotify. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the available shortcuts.
  6. Customize Shortcuts (optional): If you want to change or customize any keyboard shortcuts, click on the “Change” button or the pencil icon next to the shortcut you want to modify. You can then press the keys you want to use to create a new shortcut.
  7. Save Changes: After turning on keyboard shortcuts or making changes to them, click “OK” or “Save” to save your changes and close the Preferences window.
  8. Start Using Keyboard Shortcuts: You can now utilize keyboard shortcuts in Spotify. By pressing the appropriate key combinations, you can perform actions like play/pause music, skip tracks, adjust the volume, and more.


Can you add keyboard shortcuts for Spotify?

Adds the following shortcuts to by default: Play/Pause button for media: play, pause Previous track: the previous track media key Next track: next media key There isn’t a shortcut by default, but you can bind keys for: Toggle shuffle Switch repeat (once, all, off) Toggle song like Volume up / down / mute.

What is the command K on Spotify?

Try typing [CTRL]+[K] (on Windows) or [Cmd]+[K] (on Mac). This will open a quick search box overlay where you can start typing what you’re looking for and get suggested results without having to open the full search page first.

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