Best Stream Deck Keyboard Shortcuts 2024: maximum productivity

Stream Deck is a USB peripheral with multiple dedicated programmable buttons.

There are the best Stream Deck Keyboard Shortcuts that you can consider and suggested other peoples. Streamers face numerous tasks and responsibilities before and during their livestreams, requiring them to maintain a smooth operation. This can take a lot of time and keep them from focusing on how to best connect with their audience.

Stream Decks make things easier by letting streamers do a wide range of tasks quickly and easily by pressing a single button. This frees them up to focus on the streaming experience itself instead of getting caught up in the details of setting changes. Each Stream Deck is like a blank canvas, inviting streamers to change the way it works to meet their own needs. Below we have mentioned the best Stream Deck Keyboard Shortcuts.

What is a Stream Deck Shortcut?

A Stream Deck shortcut is a custom action or command that can be assigned to a button on the Elgato Stream Deck device. The Elgato Stream Deck is a hardware control panel with buttons that can be changed. It is mostly used by content creators, streamers, and video editors to speed up their workflows and do different tasks with a single button press.

Stream Deck shortcuts can be set up to do a wide range of things, like start applications, open websites, trigger keyboard shortcuts, change audio settings, switch scenes in streaming software, send pre-written messages, and much more. The goal of these shortcuts is to automate repetitive tasks, make complicated actions easier, and boost productivity by making it easy to get to functions that are often used.

Benefits of Stream Deck Shortcuts

Streamers and content creators can get a lot out of Stream Deck shortcuts:

Efficiency and Workflow Optimization:

Stream Deck shortcuts let users assign specific actions or commands to the physical buttons on the Stream Deck device. This makes the device more efficient and improves the flow of work. This lets streamers do things quickly by pressing a single button, so they don’t have to do things by hand or go through menus. It speeds up the process and saves time, making it easier to create and stream content.

Enhanced Multitasking:

Multitasking is made easier with Stream Deck shortcuts, which make it easy to switch between different functions and applications. Streamers can change scenes, change the volume of the audio, open applications, start macros, and do other things without stopping the stream or switching windows. This makes it possible to have smoother transitions and content delivery.

Professional Presentation:

Shortcuts in Stream Deck improve the overall quality of how streams or content are shown. With the ability to give each button a custom icon or label, streamers can make an interface that looks good and fits with their brand. This professional presentation gives the stream a more polished and organized look and makes it more interesting to watch.

Best Stream Deck Keyboard Shortcuts

The best shortcuts for Stream Deck depend on the user’s needs and tastes. But shortcuts are often used to do things like open applications, change audio settings, run macros, switch scenes in streaming software, turn on and off push-to-talk for voice communication, and activate system-wide shortcuts like volume control or screen capture.

General Shortcuts:

Alt + F4Close active window
Win + DShow desktop
Ctrl + CCopy selected item(s)
Ctrl + VPaste copied item(s)
Ctrl + ZUndo last action
Ctrl + SSave current file/document
Ctrl + FOpen “Find” dialog
Ctrl + PPrint current document
Ctrl + ASelect all items
Ctrl + XCut selected item(s)
Ctrl + YRedo last action

Web Browsing Shortcuts:

Ctrl + TOpen a new tab
Ctrl + WClose current tab
Ctrl + TabSwitch to the next tab
Ctrl + Shift + TabSwitch to the previous tab
Ctrl + F5Refresh the page
Ctrl + DBookmark the current page
Ctrl + LHighlight the URL/address bar
Ctrl + Shift + DeleteOpen the “Clear browsing data” dialog

Text Editing Shortcuts:

Ctrl + BBold selected text
Ctrl + IItalicize selected text
Ctrl + UUnderline selected text
Ctrl + KInsert hyperlink
Ctrl + BackspaceDelete the previous word
Ctrl + Shift + VPaste and match formatting
Ctrl + Shift + Arrow KeySelect text word by word
Ctrl + Shift + CCopy text formatting
Ctrl + Shift + XCut text formatting
Ctrl + Shift + LConvert selected text to a bullet list
Ctrl + Shift + NClear formatting from selected text

Best Stream Deck Keyboard Shortcuts for Different Platforms

Here are some of the best short cuts for stream deck on different platforms: Ctrl+C to copy, Ctrl+V to paste, and Alt+Tab to switch between apps are all important shortcuts on Windows. Cmd + C to copy, Cmd + V to paste, and Cmd + Space to open Spotlight search are all popular shortcuts for macOS users. People who use Linux (GNOME) can use shortcuts like Ctrl+C to copy, Ctrl+V to paste, and Alt+Tab to switch between apps. These shortcuts can make you more productive and speed up your work on different platforms.

Windows Shortcuts:

Ctrl + CCopy selected item
Ctrl + VPaste selected item
Ctrl + XCut selected item
Ctrl + ZUndo the last action
Ctrl + Shift + ZRedo the last action
Alt + TabSwitch between open applications
Win + DShow desktop
Win + EOpen File Explorer
Win + ROpen the Run dialog box
Win + LLock the computer
Win + PrtScnTake a screenshot
Win + 1 to 9Switch to the corresponding app in the taskbar

macOS Shortcuts:

Cmd + CCopy selected item
Cmd + VPaste selected item
Cmd + XCut selected item
Cmd + ZUndo the last action
Cmd + Shift + ZRedo the last action
Cmd + TabSwitch between open applications
Cmd + SpaceOpen Spotlight search
Cmd + Option + EscForce quit the currently active application
Cmd + Shift + 3Take a screenshot of the entire screen
Cmd + Shift + 4Take a screenshot of a selected area
Cmd + QQuit the current application

Linux Shortcuts (GNOME):

Ctrl + CCopy selected item
Ctrl + VPaste selected item
Ctrl + XCut selected item
Ctrl + ZUndo the last action
Ctrl + Shift + ZRedo the last action
Alt + TabSwitch between open applications
Super (Win) + DShow desktop
Super (Win) + EOpen File Manager
Super (Win) + ROpen the Run dialog
PrtScnTake a screenshot

Tips for Creating Effective Stream Deck Shortcuts

Stream deck shortcuts can help you get a lot more done and improve your workflow. Here are some ideas to help you make shortcuts that work:

Identify repetitive tasks:

Find tasks that you do over and over again. Write down tasks or actions that you do often while streaming or working. These are the kinds of tasks that would work well with stream deck shortcuts.

Prioritize frequently used actions:

Prioritize actions that are used often: Set up shortcuts for the things you do most often. This makes sure that you can get to important functions quickly without having to go through a lot of menus or windows.

Keep it simple:

Try to keep your shortcuts as simple as possible. Use easy-to-understand icons or labels that show what the action is. Don’t put too many shortcuts on your stream deck because it can get confusing.

Use folders or pages:

Put shortcuts that go to the same place in folders or on different pages on your stream deck. This keeps your shortcuts in order and makes them easy to find. Think about making folders for specific tasks, apps, or streaming services.


What is a Stream Deck?

Elgato Systems made the Stream Deck, which is a piece of hardware. It is made up of a grid of buttons that can be changed and programmed to do different things, give commands, and open shortcuts on your computer. Content creators and streamers often use it to improve their workflow and make things easier to do during live broadcasts.

Can I create my own custom shortcuts and actions?

Yes, you can use the Stream Deck software to make your own shortcuts and actions. The software has an easy-to-use interface that lets you give the buttons on your Stream Deck different commands and actions. You can choose from a lot of different actions, such as starting programs, running scripts, simulating key presses, and more.

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