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Immersing yourself in the culture of a country is the best way to learn about it. What better way to achieve this than by delighting in the delicious food on offer? Street food is one of the most popular culinary experiences in the world. While several places are famous for their street food splendor, Sri Lanka offers a number of places that are uniquely its own. Foodwire embarks on a street food journey as it reflects on the happy times of eating, even though many businesses are not operating due to the current Covid-19 scenario.

If you consider yourself a true foodie, come with us on a delicious culinary tour to Sri Lanka and explore the many streets of the island to discover the cultural diversity of the country. As in India, curry and rice are staple foods that are paired with a variety of side dishes. On the other hand, there are substantial differences between spices and culinary styles. Sri Lankan food combines regional and foreign ingredients and influences. However, in Sri Lankan cuisine, the coconut takes center stage. The best foods to try in Sri Lanka are outlined in the following paragraphs.

Here is the list of the best street food to try in Sri Lanka

egg hoppers

Wake up to panoramic views of the landscape and enjoy crispy pancakes served Sri Lankan style. Often served in the wee hours of the morning, egghoppers can conquer you in a matter of minutes! Perfectly cooked in a mini wok, the rich bites are prepared in the shape of a bowl with a fried egg in the center. Served with chutney, coconut shampoo or chili sauce, this Sri Lankan breakfast is something you can’t miss!

Sri Lankan coconut curry

Yes, coconut milk is a common ingredient in Sri Lankan food and is used in a variety of Sri Lankan curries. Recipes are then sautéed with chicken, beef, seafood, or vegetarian items using a variety of spices and comparable ingredients, including onions, peppers, garlic, curry leaves, turmeric, cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon. Dal Curry, Chicken Curry, Lake Badhuma Fish, Vegetarian Elabatu Pahi, Cashew Nuts and Peas and many more are some of the most well-known curries in Sri Lanka. Even a well-known jackfruit curry known as Polos, which is made from young green jackfruit and cooked with garlic, ginger, onion and spices, is delicious. You will love the delicious cuisine of Sri Lanka, especially its many varieties of curries.

isso vadei

Today, the park is filled with food vendor carts lit by little pools of electricity, selling nuclear orange isso vadei: spicy lentil cakes with shrimp mixed or balanced on top. These after-work snacks draw Colombo residents to the noisy beach in all conditions. Having tried a couple, I’m not surprised, they’re weird and addictive things to choose from (if not that great).


Sri Lankans prefer the street dish or snack kottu roti (known as “short meals”). It’s not just tasty; it’s entertaining to watch too. Cut into small cubes, the roti (flatbread) is poured over meat and/or vegetables that have been fried in coconut oil and spices. In the evenings, you can find it set up on counters all over the place with sandwiches and a stealthy metal chop. Food gets gourmet touches at many new restaurants. The kottu at the Pilawoos Hotel in Colombo, however, is famous. Along Galle Road, there are numerous Pilawoos. These are the most popular on 146 and 417. Try the Colombo beach seats at Galle Face Green as an alternative.


Not surprisingly, samosas are probably the most ubiquitous street snack in Sri Lanka. The little savory triangles tend to be vegetables or beef and are packed with lots of spices. They were always hidden at the edge of my vision: every street corner seems to exude their flavor. I found that the smaller they were, the tastier they were, as the ratio of crispy dough to meat was just right. There will always be a debate over who serves better, but the Bombay Sweet Mahal (195 Galle Road) has been killing them for years.

kola kanda

Having gained popularity as a breakfast item, Kola Kanda is a traditional soup made from different herbs. It comes with a number of health benefits due to the presence of medicinal leaf juice in it. This slimy herb soup is served hot with a sprinkle of palm sugar or jagger for flavor. The green color of the juice comes from the herbs. Ideal for vegetarians, this soup can be used for a quick meal. Although the recipe differs in stores, you should definitely try it once.

goat brain curry

This adventurous dish attracts tourists and locals alike. This simple yet delicious curry is made with goat brains, onion, salt, yogurt, and lots of other spices. The cooking process involves mixing all the spices together and then cooking the goat brain. If you want to try something unique during your stay in Sri Lanka, it is definitely worth a try.

Cassava chips

Another popular street food to try in Sri Lanka is cassava. Made with cassava like tapioca, this street food is chewy and sweet. Texture-wise, it’s crunchy but melts in your mouth. Take a gastronomic journey with these fried cassava chips during your stay in Sri Lanka. They often come seasoned with salt and mild spices as well. You’ll even find them at local movie theaters. Many locals find it simply addictive.

Thambili (king coconut water)

Rich in vitamin E, calcium, carbohydrates, iron, potassium, and other nutrients, Thambili, also known as King Coconut Water, is a sweet drink found in almost every part of the island country. Sold by street vendors and street vendors, each sip has magical power like an elixir to help you quench your thirst in minutes. Reputed as a remedy for many ailments such as allergies, skin rashes, and kidney disorders, it has many health benefits.


The most nutritious food you could ask for in Sri Lanka is mallung, commonly known as mallum. It consists of grated green grass that has been sauteed with a little water. It is usually flavored with grated coconut, onions, chillies, salt, and curry leaves. After cooking, it’s finished with a squeeze of lemon for a quick and satisfying dinner. With most meals, the dish is usually offered as a side dish. It can be made from a wide variety of leafy greens, including those you may not be familiar with from Sri Lanka. It is known as kalavang mallung when more than one variety is mixed.

Parippu (Dal)

A meal in Sri Lanka is not complete without parippu (commonly known as dal or lentils). Therefore, it is certain that you will find it sooner rather than later. It’s often referred to as a curry, but it’s actually different because it usually doesn’t have the strong spices of a curry. This eases the abdomen. Paripu in Sri Lanka is made with masoor dal, which are red lentils. But when cooked, lentils turn yellow. Depending on how much coconut milk is added, it can be a light or heavy meal. Eat this dish by tossing it on top of your rice and stirring it. Or pick it up with a rolling pin.


Watalappan is a unique Ramadan dessert that is a staple food of the Muslim population in Sri Lanka. Immigrants from Malaysia are believed to have brought it to the island. It currently dominates most restaurant menus across the country due to its popularity. Jaggery is used to sweeten this decadent baked coconut cream pudding (unrefined cane sugar). Its soft and fluffy texture is offset by a garnish of crunchy nuts. Subtle flavors of nutmeg and cardamom can also be found in the delicious watalappan at Upali’s in Colombo.


Although “roti” means “simple bread” in all corners of the world, what you find in Sri Lanka is much more than that. A variety of perfect flavors, its multiple versions, such as natural roti, vegetable, egg roti and meat or fish roti, are designed to make you fall in love. Get this delicious staple from a retailer and let your tasty cups fully enjoy this culinary journey.

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