Best Surf Gloves 2024: improve performance in the waves

Discover the perfect surf gloves for more performance and comfort in the waves.

The best surf gloves are well aware that the first parts of their body to feel the cold water are usually their hands and feet. When the temperature drops into the 40s and 50s Fahrenheit (under 10 degrees Celsius for European readers), surfers of all types, from longboarders to shortboarders, look for the right gear to keep their hands and feet warm. This is true in the Pacific Northwest, New York, along Norway’s coast, and on the English North Sea.

Surf gloves are a must-have item for people who like to surf in all four seasons, especially in places like California and Cornwall, where some of the best waves happen when it’s cold. When surfing in cold water, surf gloves can make a big difference in how comfortable you are, and in some places, they are a necessity, not just a matter of comfort. If you have had cold fingers too many times and are looking for the best surf gloves online, you have come to the right place.

Best Surf Gloves Comparison Table

Wetsuit GlovesThicknessMaterialDesign
XCEL Drylock Texture Skin3mmTexture Skin5-Finger
Rip Curl Flashbomb3/2mmN/A5-Finger
Patagonia R3 YulexN/AYulexN/A
Vissla 7 Seas7mmN/AMittens
Rip Curl Dawn Patrol3mmN/A5-Finger

XCEL 3mm Drylock Texture Skin 5-Finger Wetsuit Gloves

Best Surf Gloves
Style5-Finger Wetsuit Gloves
MaterialTexture Skin

XCEL can’t do much wrong these days, especially when we’re talking about the Drylock range. It has pretty much changed how we think about keeping warm in the winter when wearing a wetty. Here, the goal is to cut down on flushing and add smart thermal tech to the key panels. This is why you need these gloves, which do that by using a patented donut seal and Celliant Black smart fibers. Overall, this is one of the best surf gloves you can buy right now.

If you have not tried the Celliant Black material that XCEL is putting in its best wetsuits, we’ll just say this. It’s hot. But even more important, it warms up very quickly. This keeps your fingers from hurting for five minutes when you paddle for the first time. The Texture Skin lining is another thing that makes these gloves some of the best surf gloves for 2021/22. Its crosshatched and bubbled surface is great at blocking oncoming winds, and it also adds good friction to the board’s surface to keep you standing up even when the temperature is below zero.

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  • Excellent insulation with 3mm thickness
  • Texture skin enhances grip and dexterity


  • Some users may find the texture uncomfortable against the skin

Rip Curl 3​/2 Flashbomb 5-Finger Wetsuit Gloves

Best Surf Gloves
Style5-Finger Wetsuit Gloves
BrandRip Curl

In keeping with the style of the Flashbomb, Rip Curl chose a 3/2 construction over a classic 3-mil all over. That suggests that these gloves are better for intermediate to expert surfers who want to improve their performance. We agree with that, and we can say that the hand panels are more sensitive and the whole thing bends more than similar models. To put it another way, these gloves might not be as warm as their friends, but they give you more control when you’re paddling and touching the deck.

But we don’t want it to sound like we’re putting down the thermal abilities. The Flashbomb line has made a name for itself by combining warmth and flexibility in a great way. Since the E5 lining was put in around 2016, this has become even more true. It’s still going strong and is the engine behind these gloves, which can easily handle sessions of 1-2 hours from the West Coast to southern Canada. Thus, this is one of the best surf gloves you can buy right now.

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  • Five-finger design offers flexibility and dexterity
  • High-quality construction from the renowned brand Rip Curl


  • Some users may experience discomfort or chafing during extended use

Patagonia R3 Yulex Gloves

Best Surf Gloves

We have no doubt that these Patagonia hand warmers are the best wetsuit gloves for surfers who care about the environment. This famous outdoor company has done a lot to make the neoprene industry more environmentally friendly. What’s the answer? Yulex natural rubber comes from plantations of trees that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council to be much greener than anything else on the market right now. The whole process also uses dope dyeing that saves water and makes the most of the materials. Still, this is one of the best surf gloves you can buy right now.

But the R3 wetsuit gloves from Patagonia are on our list for more than just cutting carbon emissions. Simply put, these are pretty warm. The Yulex might make Extinction Rebellion happy, but it’s also very good at keeping heat in the water. We’ve used them in surf spots on the West Coast that drop to 45 F or less, but they work best in places where the temperature is between 48 and 59 F.

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  • Made from eco-friendly Yulex material
  • Comfortable and flexible design
  • Suitable for various water activities


  • Lack of specified thickness may make it difficult to determine warmth level
  • May not offer as much insulation as thicker gloves

Vissla 7mm 7 Seas Wetsuit Mittens

Best Surf Gloves

If the water you want to surf in is really cold, like, really cold, there are three things you can do with wetsuit gloves. One goes up based on how thick the neoprene is. The other is to choose mittens over gloves. And the last thing is to find a company that makes very high-quality rubber. All of the above is true of these Vissla 7 Seas Mittens. Overall, this is one of the best surf gloves you can buy right now.

We’ll go out on a limb and say that, even on the coldest December days, there’s not much south of the Arctic Circle that could compete with these. They have a thick 7mm of protection, seams that are blind-stitched to keep water out, and Vissla’s impressive hollow fiber inlays, which are like loft insulation for your fingers. There’s also a tough Duramax Exterior, which we find takes away a little bit of the flex but keeps the wind away like nobody’s business.


  • Maximum warmth provided by 7mm thickness
  • Mittens design enhances heat retention
  • Durable construction from the trusted brand Vissla


  • Reduced dexterity compared to five-finger gloves
  • May be too warm for milder water temperatures

Rip Curl 3mm Dawn Patrol Wetsuit Gloves

Best Surf Gloves
StyleWetsuit Gloves
BrandRip Curl

The Rip Curl 3mm Dawn Patrol Wetsuit Gloves have everything you need and don’t have any extras. They also cost less than $30 each, which is great news if you’re just getting started and want to dip your toe into the winter waters. We don’t just recommend them because they are a good price for what you get.

These are an all-around great pair of surf gloves that should last you a few seasons. The Dawn Patrol line from RC focuses a lot on keeping heat in, and they’ve done a good job of that for the last few years we’ve surfed sessions of 1 to 2 hours in them without any problems, and we’ve used the booty versions a lot. For now, this is one of the best surf gloves you can buy right now.

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  • Adequate warmth with 3mm thickness
  • Designed specifically for water sports


  • May not provide sufficient insulation in very cold waters
  • Limited finger mobility compared to five-finger gloves


What are surf gloves?

Surfers wear special gloves called “surf gloves” to protect their hands from cold water, cuts, and other injuries that could happen while surfing. Most of the time, they are made of neoprene or other insulating and flexible materials.

Why should I wear surf gloves?

There are many good things about surf gloves. They keep your hands warm in cold water and in colder weather because they act as insulation. They also keep your hands from getting sores and calluses from paddling over and over again. Also, surf gloves give you a better grip on your surfboard, making you more in control and less likely to slip.

When should I wear surf gloves?

Surf gloves are especially helpful when the water is cold or when you’re surfing in the winter. They can also help if you get blisters easily or if you surf in rocky areas where your hands might come in contact with sharp things.

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