Best Things to do and Places to go in Qatar

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Located in the Middle East, Qatar, one of the richest countries in the world, has become a paradise for vacationers in recent years. In this country, travelers can marvel at natural wonders or take part in a variety of activities beyond their imagination. There are so many things to do in Qatar that you will never tire of exploring. Qatar offers an eclectic mix of museums, architecture and hidden historical sites. Add to that arid stretches of desert, a long stretch of coastline on the Persian Gulf with quiet, private beaches, and a bit of dune-walking, and you have the recipe for your own Qatar adventure. From the spectacular skyscrapers and unique architecture of the capital, Doha, to desert safaris, shopping excursions, and Arabian culture found around every corner, here are some of the best things to do in Qatar.

Qatar is a country of fascinating culture, extraordinary landscapes and remarkable architecture, a place that must be seen to be understood. Qatar is located in the Persian Gulf and borders Saudi Arabia. It is one of the seven Arab states. Qatar is a small country, but that doesn’t detract from its diverse attractions and rapidly developing tourism industry. Especially in Doha, the capital of the peninsular state, new tourist facilities are being built almost daily. The weather is near perfect thanks to consistent summer weather, and it’s a wonderful place for those of us who love travel photography.

Here is the list of the best things to do and places to go in Qatar

Experience Kitesurfing at Sealine Beach

There is a good reason why Qatar has become one of the top kitesurfing destinations in the world. The weather conditions in the country are generally perfect for kitesurfing and there is no better place than Sealine Beach. Sealine Beach is among the best beaches in Qatar and is the place where travelers can enjoy reasonable kitesurfing activities. There are many local agencies in the area that offer kitesurfing services ranging in price from QAR700 to QAR900 per person. So if you’re up for some adventures in Qatar, how about kitesurfing at Sealine Beach?

Islamic Art Museum

Located in MIA Park on Doha’s waterfront, the Museum of Islamic Art is an architectural gem and is considered one of Doha’s most iconic attractions. Designed by world-renowned architect IM Pei, the Museum of Islamic Art is one of the museums with the largest collection of Islamic art in the world. While the paintings were collected from three continents over a period of 1,400 years, the interiors are impressive with spectacular geometric designs from the Islamic world, making it one of the many places to visit in Doha at night. In fact, it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Doha.

desert safari tours

The modern city of Doha is surrounded by a beautiful desert area which makes for an adventurous day trip. The Mesaieed Desert to the south is dotted with towering sand peaks that are exciting to navigate in ATVs or 4x4s for dune bashing. Venture further south to the inland sea of ​​Khor Al Adaid to find an otherworldly landscape where ocean meets desert. You can also arrange a camel ride to try traditional means of transportation. If you venture into the desert, it’s best to book a tour to be taken by guides who are familiar with the dunes. Keep reading.

Msheireb Museums

The Msheireb Museums are one of the most beautiful places in Qatar and undoubtedly one of the main attractions in Doha. They are the 4 historical wonders that show Doha’s rich fishing history. Among many other things it has to offer, the museums also show how Doha began its journey as a small fishing village and rose to these walks. The place is perfect for those who want to understand the different aspects of Qatar’s history from the very beginning. This museum is correctly defined as a state-of-the-art museum as it represents the history and life of the people who lived in Qatar and embodied their role in the development and modernization of Qatar.

Walk through Souk Waqif

Walking through the bustling streets of Souq Waqif will instantly transport you to another time. The name of the bazaar means “permanent market” and The Souq Waqif is a perfect place where you can taste, smell and experience tradition through the surrounding products, perfumes and impressive architecture. The maze of small shops offers a wide range of different products, from spices to handicrafts, clothes and many souvenirs. Traditional arts, cultural performances and music enrich the atmosphere of this unique place, which is also home to a comprehensive visitor center.

Qatar National Museum

Another museum based solely on the water of the Corniche in Doha is the Qatar National Museum. Built with an incredible view of the bay, the museum describes the history of Qatar in three parts: its beginnings, contemporary life and modern history. One of the most beautiful places in Doha near the airport. Visitors who come here can see the beginnings, life in Qatar and the modern history of the country, enough to make you fall in love with this country. The exciting thing about the museum is that it features the Baroda beaded tapestry along with many other Qatari attractions.

Visit the majestic inland sea

Qatar is a land of unique wonders. Desert adventures are very popular in this part of the Middle East and one of the main reasons travelers come here. But nestled in these majestic Doha desert landscapes, some 60km from the capital, lies a Qatari adventure you’ve probably never heard of. Known as the Inland Sea of ​​Khor Al Adaid and recognized by UNESCO, this is a place where the sand meets the sea. In fact, the Inland Sea is one of the few places in the world where sand dunes slide into the sea at high tide. It is one of the most impressive sights in Qatar and something not to be missed.

Mathaf- Refuge for modern art

The Mathaf Museum of Modern Art in Qatar has more than 9,000 exhibits collected over a period of 25 years. The interesting thing about this museum is that it offers its visitors a free guided tour of the museum and tells everything about a specific piece while offering its visitors a free transportation service. Therefore, this is a place for art lovers. Each of the museum’s major art collections was once collected by Sheikh Hassan bin Mohamed bin Ali Al Thani. He traveled collecting the best works of art on display that represent the rich culture of Turkey, Iran, and other Asian and North African nations.

Go on a sand dune adventure

Many of us have dreamed of riding a camel and going on a desert safari. It’s one of those classic adventurer experiences and surprisingly one of the best things to do in Doha. To truly appreciate nature at its best and experience the vast desert, embark on the Dune Dune Experience outside of the city. Leave the boring asphalt for the adrenaline rush of the dunes and look forward to breathtaking scenery on a rollercoaster ride through the vast desert. There are many different paths through the dunes. You can enjoy a smooth ride, or if the thrill is imminent, tell your travel agent you prefer to hit the bumpy, fast route.

Al Zubarah Archaeological Site

The Al Zubarah archaeological site is an essential stop if discovering a bit of history is on your agenda in Qatar. While the fort that forms the heart of the archaeological site was built in 1938, the coastal town of Al Shamal dates from the 1760s. It showcases Qatar’s rich history during the early pearl trade.

Located more than 100 km north of Doha, it may take an hour by car to reach this UNESCO World Heritage Site. But the scenic route through the desert takes you back to the old days. End your history lesson with a drive to the abandoned village of Al Jumail, right next to the Al Zubarah archaeological site.

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