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Selling a home is a tough business, as there are a lot of balls in the air between open houses, last minute viewings, and keeping your home in tip-top condition at all times. Add a child (or two or three, or more) to the mix, and you have stressed-out parents making the important financial decision to sell their home. Selling your home is a difficult process that gets even more complicated when it comes to children. It’s all too easy to become more stressed about this and realize that your house is taking longer to sell. Sure, you can successfully sell a home with children, and there are things you can do to improve your chances.

According to the 2019 National Association of Realtors® Moving With Kids study, which surveyed more than 7,000 people, school quality and proximity to schools are the top characteristics parents consider when looking for a home to buy . . However, the main problem that parents say they encounter is finding a property that meets the needs of their family. In this article we tell you the best tips for selling a house with children.

The best tips for selling a house with children

clean, clean, clean

Your children may be much cleaner than other children, or they may not. Regardless, your house should be spotless when you show it to buyers. And there’s a good chance that even if your kids are relatively clean, they’ll still make doughs while playing. You must be prepared for this challenge as you move forward to show the property. Sellers trying to sell quickly will generally try to keep their homes as clean as possible at all times and will be prepared to clean immediately if a visitor approaches.

As a parent, you’ll face the added challenge of cleaning up after yourself and your little ones. When you have children, tidying up your home becomes even more critical. Children are known for leaving things in the blink of an eye. While this is usually not a big deal, when selling a home it certainly can be! See how to declutter your home for expert guidance when you’re selling.

Try to accommodate all exhibits

When agents visit homes, we typically show several in a few hours. They are usually scheduled by distance, starting somewhere and going further. If the seller declines the visit, chances are the buyers we’re dating will like something and we won’t come back to your house, not to mention we’re a long way from your house right now. Keep in mind that most shoppers are out after work so accommodating evenings and weekends is essential.

Make sure your kids are aware of the sale

One of the best tips for selling a house with children is to let them know about your plans long before the actual for sale sign is put up on the lawn. Parents have a clear desire to protect their children from turmoil or conflict. It can be tempting to avoid discussing selling the house with your children.

You may be worried that the idea of ​​moving will scare her or cause arguments. You may not want to interrupt her routine more than necessary. Whatever your reasons for not wanting to say something, know that in the end, your family will be better off if you have open communication about this big decision.

Remember, your kids are likely just as excited about the sale and the upcoming new house as they are upset or worried. Much of their perception of the upcoming event will be based on what you say and how you say it.

If you explain why you want to sell the house and what you want to achieve, such as moving to a better house, a better neighborhood, being with the people you love, etc., they are more likely to understand and agree. enthuse. with you.

Clear communication will also allow you to seek their help in meeting the challenges ahead. Keeping the rooms clean, going out for screenings, and generally being helpful are all things you’ll appreciate in the months to come.

Set expectations immediately with your agent regarding children’s sleep schedules

Most buyers visit properties after work, especially on weekdays. If you have small children who go to bed at 6:00 am, please inform your agent that no visits should be made after 5:30 am, etc. Keep in mind that you are really narrowing your window to potential buyers when you have time constraints like this. Be flexible if you can.

If you need to do screenings around bedtime, you can sit outside in your car while the screening takes place. Put your kids in their pajamas before the screening. You can also ask your tour comment agent to let you know in advance about all tours. This will help you prepare your house in plenty of time.

Make home attractive to the masses

A lot of the things you do to your house to make it more fun for your kids are things you’ll want to make more generic for sale. Stunning murals on the walls, special play areas, fun colors, family photos – these things make your life and your child’s life more enjoyable, but they won’t attract many buyers. There can be single buyers, married buyers with no kids, retirees, and all kinds of people looking at the house. Many of them may view the child-friendly features it has negatively.

Your agent will likely recommend that you return things to neutral when you prepare the house for sale. You may need to paint rooms more neutral, bring rooms back into more general areas, and remove photos of your family for display. Try not to take the changes personally. You are making a commercial transaction, which means adapting to what the market asks for so that you can sell at the best possible price.


Try to condense the number of toys your kids are playing with while your house is on the market. Compete with everyone else until you move. The bin is all they can play with while you’re selling. It’s easy to retrieve for the last minute presentation and easy to put in the garage or in your car for the presentation.

Get rid of children’s murals and other heavy decorations for children

There is a big difference between living in a house and selling it. When you live in a house, you mainly do what you want, including decorating it to YOUR liking. This often includes children’s rooms. It’s not uncommon to have what you might consider “a cool wall mural” on the wall of a child’s room. Unfortunately, these are very personal and will make your home more difficult to sell.

Having an authoritative decoration can be a stumbling block for many buyers. You might think that a buyer should be able to look beyond someone’s personal “stuff,” but that’s not always the case.

Plan what your family will do during the presentations

Let your children know that you will show the house to people who want to buy it. How often do you show up and when is it between you and your real estate agent? Know that the more flexible you are, the easier it will be for your agent to sell the house.

Once you know when show times are possible, you can plan how you’ll spend your time with your kids. There are lots of fun things you can do, and they don’t all have to be expensive. You can go to the library, visit the playground, buy groceries, or hang out with a friend or family member. Talk to your kids ahead of time about what they think will be the most fun and go from there.

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