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India will be full of experience in every way as this country is very busy and confusing at the same time. It can take some time to adjust to the energy of the country and it takes a long time to learn how to be healthy and safe. It really has some remarkable and amazing sights to have a must see that are different from every other country in the world. It also offers a wide variety of delicious food, a heartwarming welcome, an amazing and rich culture and amazing people that make this place a delightful place to visit to explore.

Even if it’s beautiful, it can also be stuffy, unpleasant, and scary. Not to mention the fact that he is notorious for his frequent illnesses and food poisoning. Is it worth a visit? Absolutely. Book your flight, bring some charcoal tablets in case you eat some terrible meals. India is one of those destinations that you really must visit because of its magnificent temples, sobering religious monuments, and many colorful and captivating people.

Here is the list of the best tips for traveling in India

do your research

Traveling in India requires careful research, as is the case everywhere. Make sure you are well versed in the area you are visiting. India is a diverse country and as such each region has a unique culture and attitude. Of course, the Internet provides access to all information. However, it is recommended that you speak with a locality for more specific information because it may take longer to obtain information on lesser known or isolated areas. Also, it is essential that you do a thorough research on safe and risky regions.

To say that India is a big country is an understatement.

India has 29 states and 7 union territories, with a total population of 1.2 billion. When traveling around the country, you will always come across something a little different, such as mountains, deserts, beaches, rivers, etc. Many types of terrain can be found there, and landscapes have a wide range of appearances. For this reason, you will see many Indian tourists exploring their own nation while experiencing culture shock and feeling a bit bewildered.

Beef on the go

Although you can get beef meals in restaurants in Kerala, West Bengal, etc., it is not a good idea to consume beef because the animals are revered and most states prohibit the slaughter of cows and buffalo. However, Indian cuisine is as diverse as its population, and the most popular meats eaten there are lamb, chicken, and goat. In the big cities, there are plenty of local western restaurants to choose from. If you visit coastal regions like Goa and Kerala, don’t forget to try some fish dishes and other delicious seafood. Indian cuisine is tasty, aromatic and not too spicy. Ask the waiter to reduce the spiciness if you don’t like it.

Stay up to date with the weather forecast

India has a diverse landscape and the weather changes depending on the location. There are differences in temperature and climate even though there are only three seasons in the country. For example, the north is always cold, the east coast gets a lot of rain, the central part of India has a desert environment, etc. caught in a snow storm, cyclone, hail, heat wave, etc.

Connect with the locals

I have experienced several cases where complete strangers have been incredibly helpful. The locals have been incredibly helpful, whether it’s with directions, hitchhiking, or soliciting restaurant ideas. People from the metropolis tend to be more professional than people from the countryside. Therefore, develop your sixth sense and determine the sincerity of a person before you believe him and do what he says. A traveler should strive to be able to differentiate between a real person and a fraudulent one.

Respect the local culture

India is a multicultural nation. It is customary to wear a headscarf when entering a Gurudwara. So make sure to cover your head if you intend to visit the Golden Temple in Amritsar or any other Gurudwara. Some places, particularly in South India, require you to enter the house without shoes. To show respect for the other culture, one should try to adhere to these traditions for as long as possible.

Stay away from pickpockets

Be careful with your valuables when traveling in a busy area of ​​India. You must be careful. Keep your wallet and any other expensive items out of your back pockets. All these expensive and priceless items should be kept in bags or front pockets, as recommended. You won’t attract any pickpockets by doing this. Expensive jewelry or accessories are not recommended. When you hit the streets of India, keep it simple and only bring the essentials with you.

Know the Transport

Getting in and around India is easy with flights, trains, local buses, taxis and autorickshaws. India has one of the largest railway systems in the world. Traveling by train is the best option if you want to see the true splendor of India and save some money. When traveling by train, secure your things with chains and padlocks and make reservations in advance. Every day, air-conditioned buses also run between cities. Use prepaid taxi services like the Uber or OLA apps for quick trips around the city. Using auto and bicycle rickshaws is another way to get around cities. It’s important to remember that traffic in India can be unbearable, so leave your accommodation a bit earlier to avoid being late.

dress appropriately

You should keep in mind that India has quite a simple culture. An easy way to respect this is to cover your arms and legs. However, you can instantly make a good impression by, for example, taking off your shoes before entering someone’s house. The Indians are understanding of people who are not familiar with their customs. This is especially crucial when entering a temple or other similarly revered place. You should cover your shoulders and wear clothing that reaches your knees when visiting the temples. Also, it is a signal to remove your shoes if you see shoes outside a store.

women safety

The safety of women is a particularly difficult topic for travelers to India. By knowing these regions and avoiding visiting them at night, women can avoid some places that are not very safe for them. However, things are about to get better, so difficulties with women’s safety can be avoided with a little caution. To identify these places, it is best to consult your hotel guide or travel agent.

Consider becoming a vegetarian while you’re there.

India has the lowest meat consumption rates in the world (see graph below). The meat I have seen appears to be quite dangerous, frequently hanging in the warm air and out in the open with flies hovering nearby. Actually, Maharashtra has outright banned beef on religious grounds related to the Hindu religion. If you can, I suggest you go vegetarian while in India to lower your risk of serious food poisoning.

Beware of scammers, scammers and sellers

Scammers and fraudsters can go after travelers depending on where they walk. India travel deals are a common form of fraud. Avoid falling for their tricks! Don’t book your tour with strangers on the street; do so only through travel agencies approved by the Ministry of Tourism or the Government of India. Visit the Ministry of Tourism website for information on traveling in various states.

Final words: Best Tips for Travelling in India

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