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In an increasingly competitive world, understanding your target market is vital. Doing deep research on past, current, and potential customers helps you uncover insights to improve your product or create more effective marketing messages. These ideas don’t have to be hard to come by, either. With new tools and data sources, companies no longer have to rely on traditional methods like surveys and focus groups.

From exploring the powerful US Census to calculating percentage change in an instant, there are plenty of research tools to help you do your market research work. When conducting market research, the obvious tool you need is a world-class research platform. Online jobs like affiliate marketing have exploded since 2020 and have been a game changer for many professions and industries.

The increase in the number of players in the market not only drives competition but forces many marketers to find new and creative ways to advertise services or products. It starts with an ever-increasing need for information to gain some kind of advantage over the competition. And market research tools play an important role in improving everything you do.

Here is the list of the best tools for market research

Give faith

Attest helps marketers access brand and market insights at lightning speed. That’s why we believe we are the best market research tool in the industry. Attest’s platform lets you do all kinds of market research, from heavy lifting like market and competitor analysis, to intuitive on-the-fly verification like testing different ad creatives.

Create surveys, connect with our audience of over 100 million consumers worldwide, and start getting the answers you need in real time. Using the built-in audience makes it quick and easy to find the information you need about your target market. What they think, the brands they know and trust, and their buying habits.

google alerts

Google Alerts is the most popular monitoring tool and its interface is quite intuitive and easy. All you need is to enter the keywords to monitor and indicate the sources (News, Blogs, Videos and Discussions), the frequency of the message alerts (As results become available, Once a day, Once a week). week), the volume (All results, best results) and your email. And after that, the system sends you materials corresponding to the given settings.

In addition, you have the opportunity to influence the market, follow negative changes in time and take appropriate action. Also, you can search for potential customers to expand your business. On the other hand, this tool has a limited selection of settings. Therefore, if you want to receive data by other criteria, you must use other payment services.


Buzzsumo is a market research tool focused on content marketing and social media. It’s used to generate insights from what people post, share, interact with, and blog about, and can give you a lot of insight into what matters to your audience. BuzzSumo focuses on content performance metrics, such as the number of shares a post is shared or the number of backlinks a page has. As a way to find the most popular content in your industry or niche, it’s second to none.

By analyzing the data you provide, you will be able to create your own high-performing content in hopes of going viral with your target audience or gaining huge media coverage. You can use BuzzSumo to monitor social mentions on a certain topic and set alerts for certain keywords or comments. So if you care about what people say and want to provide information and content that they will really appreciate, this tool can be a lifesaver.


Kinme integrates data from various sources, transforms it and analyzes it afterwards. This tool has the potential to perform predictive analytics models, trends and analysis related to social media such as sentiment analysis, network mining, content tagging. It also enables interactive exploration of analysis results or trained models. Despite the benefits of this tool, it may take you some time to understand how it all works. In addition, nodes are treated as “black boxes” and integrate data from various sources, transform it, and then analyze it. This tool has the potential to perform predictive analytics models, trends and analysis related to social media such as sentiment analysis, network mining, content tagging.

It also enables interactive exploration of analysis results or trained models. Despite the benefits of this tool, it may take you some time to understand how it all works. Also, nodes are treated as “black boxes” and therefore you may be disconnected from the underlying algorithms, which can lead to incorrect use of certain methodologies. Considering that KNIME integrates well with popular scripting languages ​​like Perl, Python, and R, developing new features is not that difficult.


Typeform is a well-known primary research tool that offers a simple platform for creating interactive forms and online surveys. Its main selling point is a design-driven aesthetic that creates a nice user journey as you answer questions. Users are typically shown only one question and answer at a time, which can be less intimidating than an entire survey shown all at once.

Plus, the included templates are easy to set up. Typeform can play an important role in collecting customer feedback, whether it’s ideas for new offerings or feedback on your current experience. If you’re collecting a large volume of customer data, it also gives you the option to view analytics on the qualitative responses you collect.

Market Research RFQ Service

This is a completely new tool among the tools mentioned above that is not concerned with analytics, but it is very useful as its main function is to help marketing and consulting agencies from different countries to generate new leads by participating in research tenders. global market. . One of the main advantages of this tool is the possibility of receiving complete information on the tenders without paying monthly and annual fees. This service is very convenient to use: it contains all the necessary information about tenders. In addition, you have a great opportunity to search for new interesting offers for your business, as well as to submit your own proposals completely free of charge.

Social Mention

Social media is now more important than ever and represents a medium that could potentially make or break a brand in viral minutes. Staying up to date with everything that’s happening in your industry on social media is now more important, and thankfully, easier than ever. Websites like Social Mention provide a single location to search for terms that interest you. It also allows you to see the most general trends at any given time.

In the same vein as Answer the Public is Google Trends, which shows trending data from across the internet. You can refine by the location that interests you the most or go all over the world.

When you enter a term into Google Trends, it shows you how that term has trended over time and assigns it a score out of 100. You can also compare different terms to see how they compare to each other.

As an example, let’s say we entered ‘Christmas’ as a search term. We are presented with a chart that clearly shows it peaking in fashion in December, for obvious reasons, and then trending very low for the rest of the year.

Google Fusion Tables

Google Fusion Tables is a useful tool for data analysis, visualization of large data sets such as maps, charts, graphs, and timelines. Google Fusion can handle all kinds of location data, which is a real bonus. You don’t need to have zip codes to plot your data, as it includes geographic information system capabilities to analyze data by geography. It is an amazing tool for both beginners and advanced beginners to get comfortable with data analysis.

Like other analytical tools, Google Fusion Tables has some drawbacks. Limited functionality, customization, and data capacity compared to desktop apps or custom code. The next point is that interacting with large datasets on the site can be slow. And Google Fusion (at least the classic version) can only display one variable at a time.


Imagine a focus group of 1,000 people. Sounds pretty chaotic, right? Not when you add AI to the equation. Remesh is a tool that makes it easy to collect qualitative information that shapes your marketing strategy. With Remesh, you can have a live conversation with up to 1,000 people at once, and their clever platform breaks down all of the incoming qualitative data for you into simple, easy-to-understand information.

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