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When preparing for a trip, many travelers use a packing list to make sure they have everything they need. Some enthusiastic people even get carried away and create an entire packing list. We are not one of those people. In the age of personal branding, Instagram users have also started to see packaging as a kind of art form. Their feeds are full of colour-coordinated team images in (of course) perfect bags. Countless articles extol the virtues of “packing light,” “packing smart,” or “packing like a pro.” In short, packaging is taken very seriously. At least for some people.

So what is the best way to do it? There’s no universal answer to this question, but if you’re struggling, packaging apps can help. At best, these tools can make the difference between a stress-free trip and that sick feeling at the airport. Most good packing apps come in a free version, though you’ll often have to pay a few bucks to unlock all the features. We took a look at the available options, and while none of them perfectly met all of our needs, many definitely have their uses. or a long-term backpacking adventure can be a tall order. Add to that the weight restrictions imposed by the airlines and suddenly it becomes a challenge. Even after several years of air travel and road travel, you can still make a mistake and forget something important at home.

Check out the list of the best travel packing app for smartphones

packet point

If you are looking for a simple application, Packpoint is a good option. This app doesn’t have many bells and whistles, but it’s simple and easy to use. To get started, you enter information about yourself and your trip, such as gender, destination, dates and purpose of trip, and possible activities. The app then automatically creates a packing list based on your preferences and the expected weather at your destination.

From there, you can select the items you want to pack. However, there are some limitations in the free version. You can select a quantity for each item of clothing you want to pack, but not for other items like toiletries, power adapters, or cameras. The free version is also a bit cumbersome when importing data.


You can think of Packtor as a kind of middle ground between Packpoint and Packing Pro. It is more visually appealing and streamlined than Packing Pro, and more detailed and complete than Packpoint.

So what’s not to like? Let’s start with gender heteronormative assumptions. When you start planning a trip, you can choose to pack as a woman, a man, a couple or a family. If you choose “couple”, Packtor automatically creates “his clothes” and “hers clothes” lists. Same-sex couples don’t seem to travel.


The free version of PackKing is quite limited. You can manually create a list from scratch, and that’s it. The app really shines when you pay for the premium service, however it unlocks a number of additional features. You can get automatic recommendations based on your gender, mode of transportation, expected weather, and planned activities.

The app is intuitive and easy to use, with the ability to scroll between different lists such as “Gadgets”, “Hygiene” and “Clothes” at the top of the screen. The premium version also offers unlimited packing lists, export to PDF and other apps, data backup, and ad removal.


Packr is ideal for a trip with multiple destinations. When you plan a trip with this app, you can select as many destinations as you like. Honestly, I’m surprised that not all Packr apps have this feature. You can also get a daily weather forecast overview for your planned destinations. This is very useful and a better model than other apps that generate packing recommendations based on the forecast, but never explicitly tell you what the weather will be like. Packr can also automatically generate packing suggestions. Lists can be shared with others and synced between your devices.


If you feel that pre-made templates don’t really suit your packaging style, then PackTeo app is for you. While it does have pre-made lists that can be customized based on the type of trip you’re taking, manually creating packing lists is one of the strongest features of this app.

You can add individual items, a list of items, items from a template, a catalog, or from the list builder. The app’s list builder creates lists based on your destination, people involved in the trip, mode of transportation, accommodation, weather, location, and activities.


If you are traveling as a family or with a large group, PackingPro is for you. This app allows you to create a complete packing list for everyone, including your pets.

It offers a catalog with an extensive list of items that you can add to your list. There is also a wizard that will create the list for you, depending on how many people are with you on your trip. The list can be exported to Excel or Google Docs, which you can then print.

easy package

Easy Pack is exactly what it is: an intuitive application that allows you to easily create your packing list. It has a smart assistant that first creates a list based on your activities and travel plans.

You can also customize each listing to fit the bag you want to take with you. One of our favorite features of this app is the to-do list, where you can list things you need to do or buy before or during your trip.


This specialized app includes items that are essential for trekking and hiking trips and may not be as detailed in other packing apps. The app can create a checklist for your trip based on your destination, terrain, accommodation, cooking preparations, and backpack weight.

You can create multiple lists for a destination to compare and optimize for next time. You can also share the checklists with friends so they can create their own checklist based on the list you created.

Book of style

This app will make you feel like Cher Horowitz from Clueless, only without the plaid schoolgirl skirts (unless that’s your thing). Although it takes some time to set up (you’ll need to photograph and catalog the clothes in your own closet), once you’ve set up a searchable database of wardrobe options, you can easily pack without turning your entire dresser upside down or planning what you’ll wear. Chicago when you break for lunch in Charlotte. For people like me who try to stick to one color scheme when traveling (black, always black), Stylebook is a great way to mix and match different looks, accessories, and shoes before trying to pack them all in your suitcase.

travel list

For those who rely on pens, paper, and Post-It notes, Travel List comes closest to this simple, minimalist experience. As you make lists and check off items after putting them in your bag, only what’s left is displayed, adding to its simple and uncluttered design.

Travel List also offers customizable alerts for one-time or recurring alerts that can remind you, for example, to charge your camera batteries every night when you get back to your hotel, and then put them back in before you leave in the morning. Additionally, Travel List is the only one of these apps that currently has an Apple Watch version.

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