Best Turntables Under $100 2024: for affordable price

Over the years, we've compiled a number of lists of the best turntables under $100, as well as guides to setting up your own home audio system with a turntable. Many of our previous lists have covered a wide range of topics, from expensive HI-FI systems to inexpensive decks that look like luggage.

I’ve made several lists over the years of my favourite turntables that cost less than $100. I’ve also written about how I set up a home audio system around a record player. In my earlier lists, I’ve talked about a lot of different things, from expensive hi-fi systems to cheap turntables that look like luggage. I’m aware that HI-FI turntables can be very expensive, and that adding options like Bluetooth can make them even more expensive. Because of this, a lot of people have come to me asking for advice on cheap record players that cost less than $100.

Yes, we did include one turntable at the very end for individuals who were ready to spend a little bit more than that. Furthermore, the top three record players on this list come equipped with speakers right out of the box and are ready to play. There have been rumours about inexpensive record players destroying your records from time to time. Although that is possible, we believe the players on this list are ideal for daily use and won’t seriously harm your collection. Below, we have mentioned the best Turntables under $100.

Check the list of best Turntables Under $100

Crosley CR8005DP-BK1

The three-speeder can play LPs at 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM and comes equipped with everything you need to spin a record. You can play your records right immediately using the turntable’s speakers. However, the turntable has RCA and audio jack connectors so you can connect the Crosley to a pair of bookshelf speakers if you wish to upgrade your future setup. For now, this is one of the best Turntables under $100 you can consider.

When Side B is finished, you can quickly connect your phone to the turntable’s Bluetooth speakers to continue listening to music while choosing your next album. This record player was created by Crosley in more than 20 distinct hues and designs, ranging from floral to tweed.

Audio-Technica AT-LP60

The LP60 is a completely automatic belt-drive turntable that spins records at 33.3 and 45 rpm. We will talk about one of its fascinating features later. Some of the less expensive turntables have a build quality issue. We can appreciate that. Businesses must turn a profit, so they take every opportunity to save money. But occasionally they make too many cuts. With this turntable, there is no such issue. It has an appealing design, is well-built, and was engineered effectively.

Japanese audio electrical business Audio-Technica was founded in the 1960s and currently has a US subsidiary. This specific model is reasonably priced and a great option to start your journey or return with vinyl. Even though it is small and portable, the machine is durable. Additionally, it features a replaceable diamond stylus on its integrated dual-magnet phono cartridge. So, if you want one of the best Turntables under $100, we highly recommend this product.

Udreamer Vinyl Record Player

We begin with the Udream record player. This turntable, which is at the bottom of our list, won’t exactly blow you away. Although it is incredibly affordable, you generally get what you pay for in life, and this cheap record player is not an exception. This is one of the best Turntables under $100.

Although it has built-in stereo speakers and is Bluetooth ready, if you want the best sound quality, you should probably connect your own speakers. the ability to use an RCA cable to attach external speakers. speakers that are built-in and connected via Bluetooth. For better stress absorption, the turntable base has a spring.

ION Audio Max LP

For a few years now, the Ion Max has been one of our best Turntables under $100. The turntable itself is excellent, and although the speakers aren’t anything special, they’re not too bad overall. You can increase your sound by using the audio outputs and USB output at the back instead of the built-in speakers.

The Ion Luxe costs only a few dollars more and has built-in Bluetooth, but it lacks any additional bells and whistles worth mentioning. You can’t go wrong with this turntable if you’re looking for a cheap record player to play your old and beloved vintage albums every weekend, according to Amazon’s top review.

Crosley CR8005F-WS

Sincerely, I’m completely enamored with this wonderful suitcase-style turntable! Only Victrola The Metropolitan can equal it in terms of appearance, but Crosley Cruiser Plus excels many competitors in the same price range thanks to its user-friendly features. Three speeds are available on this belt-driven portable record player: 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM.

In order to enjoy amazing vinyl music up close, it also boasts a respectable sound system with dynamic full-range stereo speakers that you can connect by Bluetooth or Aux input. You may adjust the pace at which records play with the built-in pitch control to hear every nuance of the music! You may also connect your Cruiser directly to any amplifier system or home radio by plugging it into an RCA output. This is one of the best Turntables under $100.

Wrcibo Record Player

This turntable has a classic look and feel that goes well with the organic crackling and fuzz of vintage vinyl LPs. It has a warm wood base. However, although having a lot of retro flair, it also includes a tonne of contemporary functionality for listening to your music collection. You may connect your audio system, CD player, or over-ear headphones to a 3.5mm headphone connector to listen to vinyl.

In addition to the built-in speakers on the turntable base, the record player also has RCA connections for connecting external bookshelf speakers. If you want your records to sound louder and ultimately better than they do coming from the included speakers, we strongly advise purchasing these speakers. So, if you want one of the best Turntables under $100, we highly recommend this product.

Numark PT01 Touring

First of all, it is a record player for travel that is constructed like a suitcase. Along with the turntable itself, this equipment also has stereo speakers and an integrated amplifier. Even one of the battery-powered features uses a lithium-ion battery. The average battery life is four hours. It is belt-driven, weighs only six pounds, and is hence portable. Its ability to play 78 rpm records in addition to 33 and 45 rpm is a remarkable feature. For now, this is one of the best Turntables under $100 you can consider.

It features an aux input and a headphone jack both measuring 1/8″. Second, the features are still present. If you want to store your vinyl collection on your computer, it contains a USB connector and EZ converting software. All of those features are wonderful small extras for this turntable, but let’s be honest. The audio output won’t be of the best calibre. The unit includes speakers, although they aren’t exactly top of the line.

Victrola The Metropolitan

One of the best Turntables under $100 in the phonograph industry and one with almost a century of history is the Victrola brand. Its fantastic model, The Metropolitan, combines 100% current functionality with all the elegance of a retro-style player. This turntable is identical to the one we previously used, except it includes Bluetooth connectivity and can rotate at 33, 45, and 78 RPM, providing you additional options while using it.

Additionally, it has an FM radio with an analogue tuner so you may listen to your favorite stations comfortably. Additionally, the dial has gorgeous LED lighting, which is an added plus. You may also use any extra systems in your house or outside with the help of a 3.5mm aux-in and RCA output on this lovely product!


Over the years, we’ve compiled a number of lists of our best Turntables under $100, as well as instructions for setting up your own record player-based home audio system. Many of our previous lists have covered a wide range of topics, from expensive HI-FI systems to inexpensive decks that resemble luggage. This has been such a challenging decision. More so because these machines are more than just sound sources than because of the caliber of the audio the machines create.

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