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Ironically, the pandemic is to blame for the tremendous rise in educational platforms in recent years. Most college and school programs had to move to online platforms once security regulations were implemented in various nations. Thank goodness for educational platforms like learning management systems that enable blended learning and education even in the most difficult of circumstances.

In terms of quality of experience, the data shows that e-learning is on par with traditional classroom instruction. According to this study, the majority of college graduate students believe that online learning provides equal or greater satisfaction than traditional classroom instruction. Many people claim that today’s college students have it simple. After spending a few hours online, kids have instant access to all the material they need, making it easy for them to do all their academic homework. However, in practice, things do not work like that.

University students need to generate new ideas to increase their motivation and productivity because the study plans are more demanding than ever. Fortunately, there are many online platforms that can help students develop their time management, planning, brainstorming, writing, socializing, and many other skills.

Here is the list of the best web platforms for students


An open source content management system is WordPress (CMS). It is a much appreciated tool for people who want to create websites and blogs but have no coding skills. There is no fee for the software. It’s free for anyone to install, use and change. WordPress was initially used primarily to create blogs. Today, the software has advanced, allowing you to design any type of website you want. You can create membership websites, business websites, eCommerce stores, business portfolios, hobby or lifestyle blogs, and mobile apps.


Multimedia is Buncee’s focus. Using a slideshow to build your project can be a great way to explain how it works, but it conjures up uninteresting presentation ideas. Far from it, this is it. Consider Buncee as the modern slideshow method for Millennials. The extensive collection of design features is based on intuitive menus for ease of use. Anyone can immediately express their ideas thanks to this, even newcomers to the system. Buncee helps bring everything to life, from historical essays and science reports to lesson planning and teacher associations.

Stickers, emotes, movies, and music are just a few of the things that can make a Buncee a delightful and, more importantly, attention-grabbing package. An effective approach to keeping students engaged in class while allowing them to express themselves artistically when working and submitting assignments.

shared skill

Another well-known brand in the area of ​​learning platforms is Skillshare, similar to Udemy. They specialize in courses for creative professionals, providing over 35,000 courses for over 5 million students (eg graphic design, animation, photography, videography, etc.). Therefore, the majority of its student body is made up of individuals, business owners, and small businesses. It also stands out for placing a strong emphasis on social learning and teamwork.

Students can interact with each other by liking, commenting, and asking questions about each other’s work on the platform, as well as posting their projects there. This makes it easier to get inspired and improve creative skills. If you want to teach online courses, join the Skillshare community of over 8,000 instructors. This platform goes one step further by offering up-to-date materials and teaching aids for your course subject.

lynda is a “leading online learning organization that helps anyone learn business, software, technology, and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals,” according to the website. Members have access to’s video library of engaging, high-level courses taught by renowned professionals through individual, corporate, academic, and government subscriptions.

Even better, is only $25-$35 per month, with discounts available for annual subscriptions. We signed up as a corporate member at Segue, where many users can log in and receive training, making it a convenient and reasonably priced alternative. You can access all the code used in the class or other resource files for the higher monthly fee of $35. In my situation, there were code snippets that were quite helpful, and in some cases entire libraries were made accessible for iOS programming classes.


With the help of Wix, anyone can build a website or online business without knowing how to code. Because it is a hosted solution, it runs on its own servers (ie “in the cloud”). So you don’t need to buy hosting and there’s no software to install anywhere. Therefore, you can create, manage, and advertise a Wix website as long as you have a web browser and internet connectivity.

One of the most experienced website building companies is Wix; it was launched in Israel in 2006 and currently employs 5,000 people. Also, it has a large user base; according to internet analytics company, it currently has almost 8 million websites.

Flip Grid

Flipgrid is a video platform that, at its most basic level, allows teachers to post “Topics,” which are essentially movies with some supporting text. Students are then made aware of this and given the opportunity to comment. Using the software’s camera, the response can be made as movies which are then sent to the original subject. Before publication, these movies can be recorded as many times as necessary. Emoji, text, stickers, drawings, and custom stickers can also be included.

The service is available through a web browser on almost any device, as well as through an app, making it compatible with laptops, tablets, smartphones, Chromebooks, and desktop computers. Any of those devices should have a camera and enough processing power to support it as its only requirements. Using a Microsoft or Google account will allow you to access Flipgrid, which is free to use.


One tool teachers can use throughout the lesson is called ClassDojo. As students enter the class, have a greeting activity to get them started. Use the timer and noise manager after a short Think-Match-Share exercise to keep the conversation civil and on topic. Next, a project should be assigned for student portfolios: let children outline a difficult arithmetic problem, make a video analyzing the book they are reading, create a hypothesis for a science experiment, or take a photo of a finished piece of work. for the teacher. comments

Consider giving one or more Conundrum exercises and using them as a starting point for class discussions on topics that lack simple solutions if you want students to think critically. Award points to individuals or groups that consistently meet or exceed standards throughout the lesson. If you decide to use the app, consider using it secretly to monitor student behavior and avoid publicly shaming any particular student.

google classroom

A group of online technologies known as Google Classroom gives teachers the ability to assign homework, receive student work, grade work, and return it to students. It was developed in an effort to get rid of paper in the classroom and enable digital learning. Initially, it was intended to be used in conjunction with classroom computers, such as Chromebooks, to make it easier for teachers and students to share information and assignments.

Google Classroom has seen a significant increase in usage as more schools switch to online instruction and teachers quickly adopt paperless instruction. Google Classrooms integrates with Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites, Earth, Calendar, and Gmail. Google Hangouts or Meet can be added for consultations or live instructions in person.


One of the best platforms for online education and learning is BitDegree. The emphasis on blockchain technology, even though it offers courses that concentrate on tech skills like software development, game design, cryptocurrencies, etc., is what really sets it apart. Upon completion of the courses, students can earn BitDegree bitcoin tokens and blockchain diplomas, enabling a “learn to earn” business model.

It provides a playful atmosphere, which has the potential to be more engaging, inspiring and rewarding. However, the best aspect is that these tokens can be used to enter expensive courses at reputable universities. On the platform, anyone who is “qualified” can instruct. Additionally, BitDegree provides instructors with helpful resources to get things up and running. BitDegree has your back when it comes to course creation, user progress tracking, and performance evaluation.


Two Stanford University computer science professors established the online learning platform known as Coursera. In partnership with over 200 of the world’s top universities and companies, including Yale, Princeton, UPenn, Google, IBM, Amazon, Facebook, and more, it offers thousands of online courses. The website offers bachelor’s and master’s programs as well as individual courses that lower barriers to higher education. Professional certificate programs are also available to help employees secure new jobs or promotions.

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