Best Windows Apps 2024: to carry out extra duties

You can use the best Windows Apps to get rid of malware, listen to music, play games, draw simple pictures, watch movies, talk to people, and do other things.

I’ve tried out a lot of different Windows apps, from simple ones for personalization to ones that help me get work done. One thing I’ve noticed is that it can be hard to find these apps because the Microsoft Store doesn’t have many search and discovery tools. From my experience, the best Windows apps do a lot of different things. Not only do they make you more productive, but they also protect you from malware and give you a place to listen to music, play games, draw, watch movies, connect with other people, and do other things.

The Microsoft Store for Windows devices has a respectable collection of programs that you can use for a variety of purposes, even though it isn’t as crowded as Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store. You can find everything here, from straightforward customizing tools to software that can increase your productivity, but in our experience, it can be difficult to find these apps because the Microsoft Store’s search and discovery tools aren’t actually that good. Below we have mentioned some of the best Windows Apps

Best Windows Apps


If you’ve ever tried taking a screenshot with the built-in Windows tool, you know how difficult it can be. Yes, if you’re only sometimes taking screenshots, it’s okay. But Snip and Sketch is a bit cumbersome if you frequently need to snap screenshots for business or education. For cropping and annotating screenshots, it is particularly lacking in power. In its place, we suggest ShareX. A free and open-source screenshot tool for Windows is called ShareX. You can screenshot any area of your screen with just a few keystrokes. Overall, this is one of the best Windows Apps that you can download.


If you’ve used macOS before, you may be aware of how simple it is to rapidly preview files without opening them using the Finder. Quick Look is a function that is particularly helpful for seeing large files that would take a while to fully open. This is the best Windows Apps.

Even though Windows has something similar, it isn’t nearly as helpful as its macOS equivalent. Fortunately, Windows now has this quick preview option thanks to a free program called QuickLook. Once QuickLook is installed, all you need to do is click a file and press the spacebar. The file’s contents will then be preview in a sizable picture.

Google Chrome

Naturally, Google Chrome continues to be our top choice for a browser. It features a huge selection of Chrome extensions, is really quick, and offers small conveniences like the ability to instantly search Google Lens for a picture. You can open your desktop tabs on your phone and vice versa with cross-platform syncing, making this a superb browser for all uses.

Chrome is not without flaws, though. Chrome’s extensive tracking by Google is something that many users desire to avoid, but it consumes a lot of RAM. The good news is that you may choose from a wide range of excellent browsers, including Firefox and Opera. For now, this is one of the best Windows Apps you can consider.

Cloud Storage

Due to the quantity of free space it offers, Google Drive is the cloud software service you should install if you can only choose one. You can take your data anywhere with Google Drive because it provides apps for all the popular platforms. The desktop program makes it simple to backup folders on your computer and external devices as well as data you store in the designated Google Drive folder. Currently, this is the best Windows Apps you can check now.

Additionally, sharing files with others is really simple, and the service integrates seamlessly with Google’s office suite. Google Drive is a must-have program for Windows 10 and 11 users, whether you use it as part of your backup strategy, as a cloud flash drive, or to create shared folders with others.

Skype for Windows

One of the most widely used chat programs for long-distance communication is still Skype, another example of a program that works seamlessly with Windows 10. If you already use a video chat service at home or at work, there’s a strong chance you already know what to download. However, Skype is a wonderful place to start if you haven’t done much video chatting in the past and want to explore this sort of contact with friends and family. You should give this software a shot. Windows already has a version of Skype, but you can also share photographs, enable translation, and display your screen for troubleshooting using the official desktop program. Here you can read the best Windows Apps, this is the best choice for you.


Rambox is here: It is a “app manager” or “workspace browser” that compiles all of the programs you use in one location, regardless of where they originated. Everything is supported, including social media, chat programs, calendars, and email apps. You can quickly search for a certain app using the dashboard, collect all of your communication apps in one place so you can always check if there are any new messages, favorite or pin the applications you use the most, and more.

However, when you start launching and utilizing apps, the real fun starts. Similar to typical browser windows on your computer, you may arrange many apps next to one another in the browser space so they can all be open and active at once. Overall, this is the best Windows Apps you can consider.


Flipboard transforms the concept of traditional feed readers into a highly visual, magazine-like experience. Simply subscribe to several categories or select your favorite websites, and Flipboard will produce a customized magazine with the information you need. Still, it is one of the best Windows Apps you can consider.

You can add your own newsfeed material to this app and browse through personalized reading lists created by other Flipboard users. You may connect it to your preferred social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, so you can browse your social media streams from within the app in addition to news headlines and articles.


LastPass eliminates the hassle of having to remember all of your passwords and login information. The Windows Store app offers a built-in password generator as well as the ability to maintain a private password vault with auto fill and easy logins to a variety of websites. Additional capabilities are available to premium customers, such as enhanced, multifactor authentication support and limitless password vault synchronization across numerous devices. It’s also important to note that the LastPass Windows app serves as a useful password management solution since Microsoft’s new Edge browser doesn’t currently allow extensions. This is one of the best Windows Apps you can download.


Drive space is finite and can be quickly depleted. Before you know it, something else will be using up your drive and you’ll try (and fail) to install something. TreeSize Free is a helpful free program that makes it easy to determine exactly what is taking up the most space. For now, this is the best Windows Apps.

Sometimes it informs you of information you may already be aware of, such as the fact that your photo collection occupies half of your disk. However, in other instances, it brings to light certain unused, inactive files that, when removed, can free up many gigabytes of space.


When I was still using Windows 8, I was attacked by some drive-by malware that prevented me from rebooting, gaining access to my antivirus program, or using any executable files. If Malwarebytes hadn’t been installed on my hard disk, I would have been completely screwed. It identified and totally removed the evil from my machine after I started it up . Since then, I’ve made sure to keep a copy close at hand and occasionally run it just to be safe. One of the best anti-malware programs available, the disinfecting version is free for personal use. This is one of the best Windows Apps.

Final Words

When it comes to creating apps, Windows offers you a ton of options. There are many different languages and platforms to pick from, ranging from C++ and.NET to more cutting-edge technologies like open source tools on WSL and Rust. It might be very difficult to know where to begin. The majority of Windows developers work with Visual Studio, which offers a variety of app starting points, each with a unique project type and set of advantages.

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