Best Women Safety Apps 2024: ensure personal security

Alert Guardians (along with the user's location) immediately if the user is in an emergency situation.

There are the best Women Safety Apps that you can consider now. Ensuring women’s safety remains a highly debated issue in our nation. Worryingly, things like rapes, molestation, eve-teasing, and kidnappings are now being done openly during the day. This makes women less likely to feel safe going outside. Even so, girls have to go to school, college, and pay tuition, and women who work have to get to their jobs. To get through these situations on our own, we need to stay alert, take care of ourselves, and use the technology we already have in our purses, like our cell phones, to keep us safe.

Women’s safety has been a topic of interest around the world for a long time. But the steady improvement of technology has made it possible for new ideas to be used to solve this problem. With so many people using smartphones, smart developers have been able to turn them into powerful tools for safety. At the moment, there are a lot of apps for women’s safety that can quickly send out emergency alerts when needed. Below we have mentioned the best women safety apps.

Importance of Women Safety Apps

Women safety apps are a big part of giving women more power and making sure they are safe and secure. Here are some important reasons why women safety apps are important:

Personal safety: Women safety apps give women a sense of security and peace of mind by giving them features that can help them in scary situations. These apps often have features like panic buttons, emergency contacts, and location tracking that make it easy for women to get help quickly and tell their loved ones or the police if something goes wrong.

Deterrent Effect: Potential offenders may be less likely to do something bad if they know they can use a safety app. People who commit crimes may be less likely to do so if they know that the app could report and record their actions, making it more likely that they will be caught and prosecuted.

Help Right Away: Women’s safety apps make it easy for users to get help right away by connecting them to helplines, police stations, or emergency services with just a few taps on their phones. Many of these apps have features that let users send their location and audio/video recordings to emergency contacts or the police. This makes sure that help comes quickly.

Tips for Using Women Safety Apps Effectively

Apps for women’s safety can be helpful tools for keeping yourself safe and secure. Here are some tips on how to use them well:

Research and choose a reliable app: Do some research and choose an app you can trust. Look for safety apps for women that have good user reviews, good ratings, and a reputable developer. Read about their features, how they work, and how they protect your privacy before making a choice.

Give out your emergency numbers: Make sure you have added trusted people to the list of emergency contacts in your app. In case of an emergency, these people can be family members, friends, or the police.

Learn about the features of the app: Take the time to look around and figure out how everything works in the app. Learn how to turn on emergency alerts, panic buttons, sharing your location, and any other important features.

Make sure you update your app: Update your app often to get the latest fixes for bugs, security patches, and new features. Developers often release updates to improve how well an app works and fix any problems.

Best Women Safety Apps Comparison Table

In the table below, you can see an overview of some of the best apps for women’s safety. These apps have different features that are meant to improve personal safety, help in an emergency, and give women the tools they need to handle potentially dangerous situations. The table shows which platforms are compatible with the app, as well as key features like real-time location tracking, panic alerts, self-defense tutorials, and whether or not community support is available.

ApplicationFeaturesPlatformsPriceOfficial Link
iSharingReal-time location sharingiOS, AndroidFree, in-app purchasesVisit Website
bSafeSOS alerts, live streaming, fake call featureiOS, AndroidFree, in-app purchasesVisit Website
RescuerSOS alerts, location tracking, emergency contactsiOS, AndroidFree, in-app purchasesVisit Website
CitizenCopReporting crime, SOS alerts, safety tipsiOS, AndroidFreeVisit Website
Life360Real-time location tracking, driving safety featuresiOS, AndroidFree, premium optionsVisit Website
I’m SafeSOS alerts, location sharing, emergency contactsiOS, AndroidFree, in-app purchasesVisit Website
LetstrackReal-time tracking, geofencing, driver behavioriOS, AndroidPaid, subscriptionVisit Website
Smart24x7Emergency services, SOS alerts, safety tipsiOS, AndroidFree, in-app purchasesVisit Website


Best Women Safety Apps


  • Friends and family can see where you are in real time.
  • SOS button to use in an emergency.
  • Using geofencing, you can get notified when someone enters or leaves a certain area.

This is one of the best safety apps for women because it lets you stay in touch with your family at all times. The women safety app gives caretakers and family members real-time GPS location information so they can worry less about the user’s safety. With this safety app for women, you can also see where the person has been in the past to make sure they are safe. The app can also turn your phone into a walkie-talkie for faster communication in case of an emergency. Thus, this is one of the best women safety apps you can download now.


  • Sharing your location in real time can make you safer.
  • SOS alert feature to contact people in case of an emergency.
  • For more security, you can share with a group.


  • Some users say that there are sometimes glitches and bugs.
  • The free version has few features.
  • For best performance, needs a stable internet connection.


Best Women Safety Apps


  • Live GPS tracking and sharing of where you are.
  • Timer mode lets your contacts know if you don’t check in when you’re supposed to.
  • Use the fake call feature to get help in a private way when things are awkward.

This best app for women’s safety is based on the idea that guardians can be added to let them know about emergencies. When the SOS features are turned on, the video recording can start by itself. There are also voice commands you can use to control the app. This makes it easier to use. In short, if there is an emergency, you don’t even have to touch the phone to let people know. Overall, this is one of the best women safety apps you can download now.


  • Press the SOS button quickly to get help right away.
  • You can use GPS to track and share your location.
  • Video and audio recording tools built into the app.


  • For some features, you may need to pay extra for a subscription.
  • Users have said that there are sometimes false alarms.
  • depends a lot on being connected to the network.


Best Women Safety Apps


  • Panic button for a quick signal of trouble.
  • Emergency contacts have been told where you are.
  • The ability to record audio and video to gather evidence.

This app for women’s safety on your phone can be a great way to stay safe. You can add up to 5 people to get emergency alerts through the app. You can send them a Google Maps location along with a text message. This is also one of the best safety apps for women because you can use it with your voice. Currently, this is one of the best women safety apps you can download now.


  • Press the emergency SOS button to get help quickly.
  • It lets you stream live audio and video.
  • There are ways to share your location and track it.


  • In some places, supplies are limited.
  • Some users find it hard to figure out how to use it.
  • Not as many reviews and comments from users.


Best Women Safety Apps


  • Tell the police station closest to you about any problems or incidents.
  • Check on the status of incidents that have been reported.
  • Law enforcement agencies will send you safety alerts and tips.

This app for women’s safety has a lot of different features. If you need to get in touch with the police quickly, you can use the app. Also, if you see or experience a crime, you can report it to the police without giving your name. You can also use it to report that your things were stolen. Overall, this is one of the best women safety apps you can download now.


  • Users can report crimes and things that seem odd.
  • Allows for quick communication with local police.
  • Gives safety tips and numbers to call for help in an emergency.


  • Only in certain areas or cities.
  • Some users say that the app has technical problems.
  • Reliability depends on how much local authorities are involved.


Best Women Safety Apps


  • Sharing and tracking your location in real time.
  • SOS button to use in an emergency.
  • Crash detection and quick action in an emergency.

This free app is the best one for keeping women safe. With this app, you can share your location and also look at your location history for the last two days. Also, if a car crash happens, features that can detect it tell emergency services right away. The app also has three different kinds of upgrades: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Life360 Platinum offers help in case of a disaster, medical help, travel support, and more. Life360 Gold also lets you see where you’ve been for the past 30 days. With Life360 silver, you can see your location history for 7 days and use other features. For now, this is one of the best women safety apps you can download now.


  • A safety app for families that lets you share your location.
  • Geofencing and alerts that can be changed.
  • Crash detection and response to an emergency.


  • For full functionality, you have to pay for a subscription.
  • Some users say that tracking their location is wrong.
  • Concerns about privacy because of the constant watching.

I’m Safe

Best Women Safety Apps


  • With just one tap, you can send an emergency alert and share your location.
  • Chat with emergency contacts inside the app.
  • Women can get safety tips and other help.

The I’m Safe app was made to make sure that you always have a friend who can keep you safe. With the app, your family can find out where you are. You can also send SOS alerts to your contacts with just one tap from the app. For your safety, the app can also help you find the closest police station. You can also record audio, take photos, and find out where you are without letting anyone know. Still, this is one of the best women safety apps you can download now.


  • For emergencies, there is a quick and quiet SOS button.
  • Users can share their location with people they trust.
  • Gives information about safe places and emergency services in the area.


  • In some places, supplies are limited.
  • Some people think the interface is old.
  • Dependability may depend on how well the network works.


Best Women Safety Apps


  • Tracking in real time and sharing of location.
  • Press the panic button to call for help.
  • For more safety, you can use geofencing and speed alerts.

This app for women’s safety lets them be tracked in real time and get emergency alerts. With the help of a device, the app can also track cars. Besides that, the app also lets you chat for free with your family and friends. With features like Zone alerts, you can find out when your child gets to and leaves school. With all of these features, this app is the best for keeping women safe. Thus, this is one of the best women safety apps you can download now.


  • Tracking and sharing your location in real time.
  • Alerts for specific places that can be changed.
  • There are a lot of safety features, such as crash detection and panic alarms.


  • In some countries, there is a limited supply.
  • Some users say that the location data isn’t always correct.
  • For advanced features, you have to pay for a subscription.


Best Women Safety Apps


  • Pressing the SOS button will get you help quickly.
  • Sharing your location in real time with people you trust.
  • Tips and reminders for women about safety.

Smart24x7 has been made into a GPS-based app to help keep women safe. With this app, you can keep track of taxis and their schedules. It can also be used to share and track your real-time location. It can also be used to track the taxi. Smart24x7 is free to download and use from the iOs and Android app stores. Overall, this is one of the best women safety apps you can download now.


  • SOS button to get help right away.
  • Provides safety services like tracking cabs and sending out panic alerts.
  • Linked up with local authorities to make responses happen faster.


  • In some places, supplies are limited.
  • For best performance, needs a stable internet connection.
  • Some users say that there are sometimes technical problems.

How Women Safety Apps Work?

Women safety apps are made to make women feel safe and help them in a variety of situations. Different apps may have different features, but here’s a general idea of how women safety apps work:

Emergency Alerts: Most apps for women’s safety have a way to send distress signals or emergency alerts to people who have already been chosen, like family members, friends, or the police. This can be done in a number of ways, such as through push notifications, SMS messages, or phone calls.

GPS Tracking: Many apps use GPS to track the location of the user in real time. This information is sent to the user’s chosen contacts so that they can find them quickly in an emergency. When a user is in an unknown or dangerous area, GPS tracking can be very helpful.

Panic Button: Most apps for women’s safety have an easy-to-use panic button that can be used in an emergency. When the button is pressed, the app sends an immediate alert to the contacts the user has chosen, telling them where the user is and any other important information.

Safe Routes and Maps: Some apps have features that can help you plan safe ways to travel, especially at night. These apps may tell you about well-lit streets, places with a lot of people, or places where crime is common. Users can also look at maps within the app to help them move around in a safer way.


Can men use women safety apps too?

Even though women safety apps are mostly made to keep women safe, there is no rule that says men can’t use them. The main features of these apps, like emergency alerts and sharing your location, can be helpful for anyone who is worried about their own safety. But some apps may have features or resources that are designed to help women feel safer.

Do these women safety apps replace the need for emergency services?

Apps for women’s safety are meant to work with other safety measures and give extra help in case of an emergency. Even though they can be helpful, you shouldn’t count on them instead of emergency services. In an emergency, you must call the local police, fire department, or medical services directly.

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