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In the second year that we’ve released major movies outside of the US, we’ve broadened our reach because so there’s a lot of good movies coming from countries outside of the US. The last decade has been a bit of a low-key for international films, though that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of critically acclaimed foreign films to watch. In the last 10 years, Spanish cinema has flourished, with some of the best filmmakers in the world hailing from Spain and Mexico. However, this is not the only place to find world-class international movies.

To put together this list of the best international movies of all time, we had to set some rules, not to go on forever. We skipped the silent films and decided that the films should be in a language other than English: bye-bye Britain and Australia. In addition to these reservations, consider this your travel guide to the wider and more wonderful world of international cinema.

Here is the list of all time hits International Movies

The Skin I Live In

Rating: 4.8/5

The second world-class Spanish director on this list, Pedro Almodóvar directed The Skin I Live In in 2011. The film stars Antonio Banderas as a plastic surgeon who developed burn-resistant artificial skin, but is notorious when it comes to it is true that he used immoral experimentation. However, the surgeon has hidden much more than one might believe. The film earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Foreign Language Film and proved that Almodóvar could be Alfred Hitchcock’s Spanish counterpart.

Train to Busan

Rating: 4.7/5

Just when fans thought the zombie genre was tired and playing around, Yeon Sang-ho created the incredible Train to Busan. Released in 2016, the film follows a father and daughter as the zombie reveal begins. The two separate because the divorced father is a workaholic and the little daughter wants to spend her birthday with her mother. As she drives her to the train station for her trip to Busan, she goes on a rampage and the two of them are on the train, fighting for her lives.


Rating: 4.6/5

Georges and Anne are an octagonal couple. They are educated and retired music teachers. Her daughter, also a musician, lives in Britain with her family. One day, Anna suffers a stroke and the couple’s love story is put to the test. Georges and Anne are a couple of retired music teachers who are enjoying life in their eighties. However, Anne suddenly has a stroke at breakfast and her life is never the same.

This incident begins Anna’s terrifyingly sharp physical and mental decline, while George attempts to care for her at home as he pleases. Although the fruits of their lives and careers remain bright, the couple’s hopes for a little dignity prove to be a harrowing battle even as their daughter is conflicted. In the end, George, with his love for fighting his own fatigue and the future diminished by Anna, is forced to make some crucial decisions for both of them.


Rating: 4.5/5

Professional assassin Robert Rath wants to fulfill a few more contracts before he retires, but rogue and ambitious newcomer Miguel Bain continues to kill Rath’s targets. Robert Rath is a seasoned assassin who just wants to leave the company unanswered. But as things stand, it’s not that easy. A younger, livelier assassin named Bain spends a day in the fields trying to kill that larger assassin. Rath works with a hacker named Electra to take down the obsessed Bain.


Rating: 4.4/5

Alfonso Cuarρόνn built his love for Rome in 2018 thanks to the rise of Netflix in the world of cinema. Like Scorsese in 2019 with the Irishman, Cuarρόνn was unable to find financing until Netflix appeared in a semi-autobiographical film about his childhood upbringing in Mexico City. Turned into beautiful black and white, the film was a huge success. It won the Golden Lion at Venice and went on to receive an almost unprecedented 10 Oscar nominations for an international film. It was the first Mexican film to win Best Foreign Language Film and Cuarρόνn also won Best Director.

Game rules

Rating: 4.3/5

“It is not a comedy of manners,” reads a title card at the beginning of Jean Renoir’s masterpiece, a statement that is only half correct. Although this story about the idle rich in France is technically a farce of latifundia, it is much more than a mere satire on the sentiments of the upper class. Under the guise of mocking the bourgeoisie as they negotiate romantic minefields, Renoir had also made a sly comment on old-world Europe. a cri de coeur in the hypocrisy of class demands. and finally, a rich and rewarding work of art that equals irony and sympathy. Everyone has their reasons to love this wonderful skewer of the title, which completely rewrote the rules of cinema.

Au Hasard Balthazar

Rating: 4.2/5

Moderation had no better champion than the Frenchman Robert Bresson, who, with silent knockouts like A Man Escaped (1956) and Pickpocket (1959), introduced an entirely new grammar to movie screens. Instead, we tend to honor this heartbreaking religious parable whose fame has grown enormously in the last decade. Our protagonist is, in fact, a donkey, but don’t sit like a donkey to investigate. According to Bresson’s philosophy (he called his actors “models”), this sweet animal becomes a powerful symbol for the indifferent hearts of others, as Balthazar passes from owner to owner. The plot is both Christian and Job, with a thematic richness that refines all viewers who submit to it.

Your name

Rating: 4.1/5

This story takes place in a small mountain town in Japan. Mitsuha, a high school girl from this town, leads a boring life and longs to live in a big city. Then one day, she dreams that she is a boy. In this dream she is in an unknown house in Tokyo and surrounded by strange friends. Although she is confused, she feels happy to be making a new life here. Meanwhile, a Tokyo high school boy named Taki also has a strange dream of being a girl in a mountain town. This is how they meet in his dreams.


Rating: 4/5

Ngmar Bergman once called his shocking story about a catatonic actress (Liv Ullmann) and the young caregiver (Bibi Andersson) who becomes her confidant an “illustrated poem.” But even though the film’s avant-garde compositions have entered the cultural dictionary (the famous upright disk would be imitated ad infinitum), this doppelganger drama is less a photographic portfolio than a first-class Rorschach test for viewers.

Do Ullmann and Andersson merge into one, as the upper foreground suggests? Was it already two halves of a set to begin with? Who exactly is the filmmaker Sven Nykvist shooting the movie? (Seriously, he appears in the movie as a cameraman.) Discussions about the transliteration and meanings of this moving puzzle continue, though the fact that Bergman’s puzzle remains a defining moment in 1960s arthouse cinema is indisputable.

Game time

Rating: 3.9/5

Tired of playing his crazy alter ego, Monsieur Hulot, silent French clown Jacques Tati decided to lose him in the big city. The result was this great comedy: ostensibly following Hulot into a job interview, the film wanders poetically between the characters, finding pockets of humor and humanity in every corner of the frame. You never know where the laughs will be, which makes successive screenings just as satisfying as the first.

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