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This list is about the Most Popular Asian Shows. We will try our best so that you understand this list Most Popular Asian Shows. I hope you like this list Most Popular Asian Shows. So lets begin:

Romance, fantasy, suspense and comedy: Asian dramas have it all. Whether his interest in Asian dramas was sparked after watching Squid Game or he’s a long-time fan looking for new shows that will blow his mind, there are plenty of Asian dramas to start watching right now. From South Korea to the Philippines, the title weaves together a compelling story, beautiful settings, and suggestive relationship dynamics.

If you’re specifically looking for Korean dramas, we’ve got you covered. While the popular subgenre of Asian dramas is often associated with romantic shows and movies, there are also several heart-pounding action releases and sci-fi shows that will immediately grab your attention. With that said, we also made sure to compile a list of romantic Asian dramas from every corner of the continent that you could watch in one day.

squid game

Rating: 4.9/5

A story of people who fail in life for various reasons, but suddenly receive a mysterious invitation to participate in a survival game to win over $38 million. The game takes place on a remote island and the contestants are locked down until there is an ultimate winner. The story features popular children’s games from the 70s and 80s in Korea, such as the squid game, a literal translation of the Korean name, a type of tag where attack and defense use a squid-shaped board drawn on the ground.

456 players are taken from the streets of South Korea: kidnapped and huddled on an island, where only one survivor gets the ultimate prize; their lives and the money to pay off their crippling debts. These players play deadly versions of children’s games, fight for themselves and will do everything to reach the end.

alice on the border

Rating: 4.8/5

How will you react when your source of entertainment becomes your only means of survival? In Alice in Borderland, an obsessed gamer finds himself in a barren and distant reality where players must play and win in order to survive. Sounds like Jumanji Well, Alice in Borderland could be described as modern day Jumanji, but the human relationships and emotions depicted are much more complex.

Alice in Borderland, created by Yoshiki Watabe and Yasuko Kuramitsu, is a Japanese science fiction thriller based on Haro Aso’s graphic novel (manga) of the same name. Season 1 contains 8 episodes of approximately 40 minutes each, in the Japanese language. The title of the series is a symbol of Lewis Carroll’s novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, where the main character, Alice, falls down a rabbit hole and travels to a fantasy world.


Rating: 4.7/5

The first season of Kingdom, the original Korean series, premiered in January of last year and quickly gained a minor cult following, hungry for more of its hideous charms. At just six episodes, it doesn’t suffer from the frustrating phenomenon known as “Netflix bloat” at all, and it ends with such a cliffhanger that you’ll be very surprised when it’s over.

Based on the webcomic series by Kim Eun-hee and drawn by Yang Kyung-il called The Kingdom of the Gods, it bounces around Korea’s historic Joseon period, a few years after the Japanese invasion of the nation, after a handful of characters They try and fail to stop a plague of zombies from rampaging through the countryside. And yes, the show is subtitled, but don’t let that put you off. Haven’t we learned anything from Bong Joon Ho’s Oscar campaign?


Rating: 4.6/5

Itaewon Class follows Park Sae-ro-yi (Park Seo-joon), a kind-hearted boy who dreams of becoming a police officer. His teachers describe Park as socially inept because he doesn’t hang out with other people much, much less have friends. This worries his father (Park Sung-yeol), an employee of a large food company called Jangga. Park’s kind-hearted nature turns against him when he saves a classmate from being bullied by Jang Geun Won (Ahn Bo-hyun).

He doesn’t know that Jang’s father is the CEO of Jangga. Park’s school sends him out of the country and Jangga fires his father. Adding to Park’s misery, an accident occurs that leaves Park an orphan. He is jailed for assaulting Jang and killing his dream of becoming a police officer. Park swears revenge on Jangga, pursuing his father’s dreams of starting a business.

descendants of the sun

Rating: 4.5/5

Descendants of the Sun tells the story of a special forces captain (Song Joong Ki) and a doctor (Song Hye Kyo) who fall in love while providing aid in a country suffering from a natural disaster and civil war. Descendants of the Sun was a highly anticipated drama for 2016. We have a star couple in Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo.

And everyone was looking forward to the drama as it was Song Joong Ki’s comeback project after being discharged from the military. The drama featured a huge budget, beautiful cinematography, and high-quality special effects. And Descendants of the Sun burst onto the scene and took the drama world by storm. With impressive viewership ratings and worldwide popularity, the drama lived up to the hype and certainly made its mark.

love o2o

Rating: 4.4/5

In this drama there is a beautiful and smart girl named Wei Wei. She studies computer science at a university and likes online games. She is totally addicted to an online game “Chinese Ghost Story”. It is the most played online game and she is one of the best players. In this game players fight with monsters. They even marry each other to gain more power.

They even have a platform where all players communicate with each other through chat. Zhen, a handsome guy and a manager of a big company, is also a professional player in the game. He proposed to her. In this way, both of them can fight against monsters with more power. Wei Wei is a professional player in the game.

You haven’t uploaded your profile picture yet. Some players doubted that she was pretending to be a girl. Zhen and Wei were a cute couple who were pretty good at beating monsters.


Rating: 4.3/5

Kim Tan is the heir to the Empire Group, a family business, but he lives under the constant shadow of his older half-brother Kim Won, who is already an accomplished young manager in the family business. Despite his engagement to the rich and haughty Rachel Ryu, a hotel heiress, Tan falls in love with Cha Eun Sang, the daughter of his family’s housekeeper. Eun Sang and her best friend, Yoon Chan Young, the son of the Empire Group secretary, did not grow up as their family’s employer, but they become involved in their lives.

Eun Sang becomes entangled in a love triangle with Tan and Choi Young Do, the condescending heir to a luxury resort conglomerate, while Chan Young falls for Tan’s ex-girlfriend Lee Bo Na, the socialist daughter of a top executive. of entertainment. She can survive a romance between the haves and the have-nots.

the untamed

Rating: 4.2/5

Adapted from a Mo Dao Zu Shi novel titled Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, The Untamed is a xianxia fantasy that has stolen the heart of the world. I spend a lot of time on my brain on how to start this review. The Untamed has been edited countless times, from in-depth character analyzes to book-drama comparisons to plot dissections.

Not only did it win hearts when it aired, but it gave people a lot to think about. Years later, The Untamed still makes people talk, interest is renewed daily. The recent release of the English translation of the Seven Seas novel is receiving even more attention.

Forecast love and weather

Rating: 4.1/5

Forecasting Love and Weather is a show that is caught between two different tones. Caught between a quirky rom-com and a serious, drawn-out melodrama, as there are some fun ideas here, including the symbiotic relationship between weather and emotion, as well as showcasing some major K-stars. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to save this sinking ship

The story mainly revolves around four main characters and their intimate relationship with each other. Ha-Kyung is a promising employee of the Korea Meteorological Administration. He’s on the cusp of a major promotion, but there’s a problem. This problem stems from his slimy partner Ki-Jun, whom he meets because he is having an affair.

hospital playlist

Rating: 4/5

It brings simplicity back to the medical drama genre and offers an enjoyable story that doesn’t feel overly dramatic while portraying a fair amount of realism. The series focuses on the heartwarming dedication of our five surgeons and their different methods for their patients, as we follow their lives and relationships throughout the twelve episodes.

The story follows these five friends who met in college but have remained close ever since. They are all very different but share the same passion for medicine and the same determination to cure their patients, which makes it easy to empathize with them. Lee Ik-Jun is a gastric surgeon specializing in liver transplants and has a young son; Chae Song-Hwa is the wife of the group and a very talented and busy neurosurgeon.

I hope you understand and like this list Most Popular Asian Shows, if your answer is no then you can ask anything via contact forum section related to this article. And if your answer is yes then please share this list with your family and friends.

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