Most Expensive Restaurants in Asia

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India is seen by all as a “developing country”. Asia’s food scene has finally matured and expanded internationally. As the country’s new class of affluent diners emerges, New Delhi is now awash with flashy, upscale dining establishments like the Smokehouse Grill, which focuses more on inventive pairings of smoked cheeses than grilling. However, considering this list makes us wonder how much wealth the rich in our country actually produce.

Fortunately, the gradual rise in wealth among the Indian nobility opened the door to a significant transformation in the nation’s culinary scene. The extravagant palates on offer here, which, if I may say, have the ability to burn a pretty big hole in our pockets, are captivated by the enticing and shocking flavors of these restaurants, ranging from Thai, Japanese, Italian, Mughal and Afghan cuisines. We list the best and most expensive Indian restaurants for you.

Here is the list of the most expensive restaurants in Asia

royal vega

Royal Vega may be the latest addition to this list, but there’s no reason you should underestimate the great offerings at this fine dining venue. And if you’re looking for a tasty vegetarian offering, it looks like you’ve found your match. Be sure to try Jasmine Rice and Kheer. Alternatively you can also choose the great thali that they offer. With a full bar available, your dinner will set you back around 6,000 to 8,000 rupees.

Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama — Kyoto, Japan

At Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama in Kyoto, Japan, there are many preset menus to choose from, but the most expensive option is 64,800 yen, or $599.49 per person. You certainly won’t leave hungry, as the meal consists of at least 10 courses and includes rounds of sashimi, steamed food, rice, pickled vegetables, and dessert, to name a few. The chef, Kunio Tokuoka, is at the helm of the restaurant, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, who were chefs before him. When eating a high-quality meal, keep in mind that restaurants add plates to increase your bill.

Mass: New York, New York

Chef Masa Takayama opened his famed Manhattan sushi restaurant in 2004 and it’s been one of the city’s most popular reservations ever since. There are only 26 seats in the entire restaurant and while the decor is sparse (according to the restaurant’s website, the restaurant is just “a blank canvas for the dining room to shine through”), the experience is anything but. Masa offers omakase food, which means there is no set menu. the chef takes care of each lesson to highlight the best and freshest ingredients. For those who can’t afford the nearly $600 price tag or prefer to order on their own, the Takayama BarMasa restaurant is next door and offers an a la carte menu.


One of the most elegant restaurants in Hyderabad, Adaa – Taj Falaknuma Palace offers a royal experience. Another loaded with luxurious interiors and lavish views of the city. The moment you walk in, you’ll be met with a serious wave of grandeur and this will set the tone for the rest of the night. World-class dishes and scrumptious Indian offerings, this delicious experience will make a place for itself in your heart. Garlic Naan and Mutton Biryani are dishes not to be missed. This royal tour will set you back between 7,000 and 10,000 rupees.

french laundry

French Laundry, another Thomas Keller spot, is a modern French and American-style restaurant housed in an old saloon. It has two separate tasting menus by the chef, one of which is vegetarian. Each is $355, excluding spirits. The one thing French Laundry has going for it is its playful take on classic American fare: the menu includes fancy items inspired by Baskin Robbins ice cream, even Ritz crackers. Take your time here – food takes over three hours to enjoy.


Translated as ‘white’ or ‘sunrise’, ALBA embodies the true essence of Noosa: it is light, airy, refined and seamlessly integrates the natural elements of its coastal setting. The dream space features a café, pizzeria and a laid-back cocktail bar that transforms into a stylish restaurant when the sun goes down. Kuruvita ALBA pays homage to the bountiful produce of the Sunshine Coast, with the best local ingredients and global flavors at the forefront. Indulge in the elegant Asian-inspired menu, starting with snacks like Sri Lankan Roe with Spicy Coconut Sable Sauce and BBQ Pork Belly with Peanut Caramel Pineapple Chili Salad. You can’t skip the Baked Snapper with Fragrant Coconut Curry, Sambal and Tamarind or the Chili Cracker Crab Spaghetti. Combine it with a great cocktail from the rich drinks menu and you will have a winner.

Wasabi from Morimoto

If you like the view, but only from luxurious interiors, the grandeur of Wasabi by Morimoto – The Taj Mahal Palace will satisfy you. The elegant restaurant will serve you the best sushi in town. Sashimi, miso soup and tempura will be perfect for your dinner. Let’s face it, delicious food always helps make a date a success. And, to complete your meal, you can choose the recommended dessert, puff pastry. The great views and delicious food will set you back around Rs 15,000.


If Indian seafood street food, cooked with European techniques and local produce, sounds like your own jam, head straight to Pucca. Located in the heart of Noosa Junction, the outfitted restaurant screams old-school Indian luxury hotels, with plenty of wicker chairs in the huge outdoor area, lush greenery, and a crisp, white interior. Satisfy your taste buds with specialty dishes like Dad’s Puchkas, where you’ll receive a mountain of purée cloth (perfectly round, hollow, crispy little puffs fried) delivered to the table, along with a seasoned chickpea filling. Then it’s up to you to fill your snack and dive in for a few seconds. Bottom line, Pucca is home to a boutique denim bar, which means once you’re here, you won’t be going anywhere else for a night out.

Eastern Express

This upscale restaurant offers an experience like no other. We all want to recreate the European experience of eating trains from the movies, but that’s rarely possible. Well, the Orient Express – Fine Dining in New Delhi is a scandalous pseudo-scene to make your wish come true. Its majestic setting is complemented by the abundance of luxurious dishes on its menu. Treat your loved one to a camembert soufflé, some classic red wine, and finish off with your hearty cheesecake – the perfect date meal! The restaurant is known to be packed so book early and the tasting experience will set you back around Rs 13,000.

Ottimo in West View, New Delhi

For those who like to stick to their favorite cuisine, it is a haute cuisine establishment; her favorite foods include tiramisu, the brunch menu, eggs benedict and minestrone soup. The interior design of this restaurant is impressive, and the rooftop location offers a lovely perspective. In addition, it offers personalized service and live barbecue. The price of a meal for two here could reach Rs. 6,600.

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