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Marathi cinema suffered a major decline after the 1970s. With Mumbai becoming the dominant core of the most successful and extensive cannon of Hindi cinema (or Bollywood), theatrically oriented Marathi cinema seemed to shrink in size. for the titan. However, in a period of the last five years in which local cinema is becoming more and more accepted beyond the nation, Marathi films are once again shooting off the pedestal that was once their exclusive property.

In this piece, we edit the best of the 21st century Marathi cinema. Marathi Cinema is one of the most sophisticated regional cinemas in India. In fact, according to distinguished film scholars, the best of Indian cinema comes from here. Be it Court or Fandry, Marathi cinema has even famous filmmakers like Anurag Kashyap swooning. However, it is a shame that despite being so good, Marathi cinema never gets enough screens across the country, which ultimately affects its appeal.

Therefore, we would like to bring you an exhaustive list of the best, without a doubt, of the Marathi cinema of the modern era.


Rating: 4.8/5

Sairat is a love story, as advertised. Aarchi, a rich girl from the upper class, falls in love with her classmate Parshya, a poor but intelligent boy from the lower social classes. The magic happens and they begin to see each other. Secretly at first, but over time they become more daring. The problem is that Aarchi is not only from the upper class, her father is a powerful politician and her brother Prince is following in her footsteps. Everything is a recipe for trouble, and unsurprisingly, trouble is yet to come. With the help of Parshya’s friends Baalya and Salya, they decide to go for it, but fate has other plans.

Maratha Tituka Melvava

Rating: 4.7/5

An inventive, simple and realistic depiction of social and political life in the Maratha era. All the characters reflect one aspect or another: from ‘Bhavya’ to ‘Miyan Rahim Ahmed’, it all helps to form a large and modern image! Full of flexible and precise pieces, the video and song “Marathi pavool padte pudhe” deserve to be a Marathi anthem. The management screams: the idiomatic blows, the body language. of the characters and the clarity and restraint shown towards the script is commendable. There’s a lot I want to write about, but it’s hard for me to put it into words for those who don’t know real history and a bit of sociology.

Katyar Kaljat Ghusali

Rating: 4.6/5

A clash of two musical families, where in the end the music is the winner. When greed takes the front seat, the controls shift gears. A fight begins, a fight that ends everything that stands in the way, a fight that ends on the losing side. When it happens to a director, it’s only the music that suffers. Katyar Kaljat Ghusali describes the history of the art of suffering music, which is unusually told by a dagger (Katyar).


Rating: 4.5/5

Ratankar Pathare, a retired teacher leaves a retired life with his wife Madhu and is about to take a short trip to the United States. But Madhu falls into a coma and his chances of survival are slim. She is kept on a ventilator and the doctors tell her to sign the DNR (do not resuscitate) form that will allow the doctors to remove the ventilator. Srican’s son agrees, but Ratankar refuses and asks his children and relatives for financial help, and also plans to sell his house in Konkan, which has memories of Mantoux.


Rating: 4.4/5

Mastar Sridhar Pant is a man with principles, the people where he teaches do not appreciate the qualities. A Tamasha troupe led by a Chandrakala dancer enters the village. Chandrakala steals the hearts of all those who are frustrated with this Mastar by demolishing his temporary shelter. To get revenge, he lives in the village where the adult students also start seeing Tamasha.

Mastar decides to comfort Chandrakala again, but during her performance he gets injured and as a human he goes to help her and eventually falls in love with her. Mastar tells Chandrakala to keep their relationship a secret, but Bazirao, who against Mastar, often sees him visiting Chandrakala and tries to expose him.


Rating: 4.3/5

Shreyas Talwalkar is admitted to a university where he meets DSP, a college freshman who is the leader of a gang, after a while they become good friends. There is also another Sainath gang leader who has a rivalry with the DSP. Meanwhile, Srejias sees Sirin as a new girl and falls in love with her at first sight. Dsp is related to Surekha, who is studying at his university. When a guy tries to propose to Soureka, the DSP beats him up and during this fight, Inspector Inamdar catches Srejya and slaps him.

When Dsp and his gang see Inamdar Meenakshi’s daughter at college, they plan to get revenge on Shreyas by making Meenakshi fall in love with Shreyas. His plan succeeds but Shreyas does not love Meenakshi while Shreyas and Shireen are in love with each other. Sregias suffers from some kind of nasal disease. Surekha gets married and the DSP dissolves completely. Sreyas knows that Sirin’s marriage to Sainath has been decided. Meanwhile, Shreyas tells Meenakshi that he loves Shireen, not her.

As Shireen’s marriage is in progress, Shreyas and the DSP gang arrive at her house and after an argument with Sainath, Shreyas and Shireen run off to get married. After a few years of marriage, Sregias dies from his illness. The story continues in flashbacks and current situations.

Ashi Hello Banwa Banwi

Rating: 4.2/5

Dhananjay Mane is renting a house in Vishwasrao Sarpotdar. Shantanu’s brother arrives and begins secretly living with him. Sudhir and Parshya’s two friends arrive on different occasions looking for work and start living with him. One night, Dhananjay, Sudhir, and Parshya get drunk and manhandle Sarpotdar, who in turn tells them to live in his place as soon as possible in the next few days. The four start looking for a new place but can’t find one. Finally, Dhananjay convinces Parshya and Sudhir to act as his and Shantanu’s wife. As Leelabai Kalbhor wants to rent her place only to a married couple.


Rating: 4.1/5

Ganpat Belwalkar, a talented and respected theater artist, who has made a name and reputation for himself on the verge of retirement, decides to relax with his friend Rambhau and spend time with his wife Kaveri. He transfers his assets to his children and wants to live a relaxed life. figurehead but sometimes his words don’t go well with others.

After the transfer of his property, Ganpatrao loses respect for the family circumstances, forcing him and his wife to go to their daughter Vidya’s house, but there they are ashamed of her. Ganpat and Kaveri leave their home on a stormy and rainy night and find shelter where they can. Caveri soon dies and Ganpatrao begins to live on the streets where he is cared for by the slum dwellers.

Son Sansar Sansar

Rating: 4.0/5

Bapu produces the tobacco crop, marries Ratna and takes her to his village. The people of Savkar look at Ratna and want to have their way since Bapu owes him a debt. Babu decides that this time he will sell the crop directly to the market and not to Savkar, but the rain destroys his crop and he has nothing to do with it. Ratna stands as a pillar with him and supports him in everything, but Savkar again plays a trick on him by burning his harvest, leading to Babu’s death in the fire.

Savkar then tries to lure Ratna out with money to feed his children, but Ratna kicks him out and works hard to find life again. Years later things are going well until her son decides to take out a loan, but Ratna fears her past may come back to haunt her and asks them not to. her son decides to mortgage her house leaving Ratna devastated.


Rating: 3.9/5

Ball is from a conservative Brahmin family, his parents send him to study in Pune when he returns and he is fascinated by the city’s way of life, but his father insists that he follow their traditions and values. A year later, an educated Ball is still completing his education in Pune and falls in love with the modern girl Malu and they both get married in the absence of his parents. Bal’s mother tells her husband that they must visit Pune for two days to meet him and her girlfriend.

Once Bal arrives he refuses to acknowledge his father as Malu kicks him out of the house and then they return and he dies of shock. Randy returns to Pune and starts working at her house as a maid, but he never shows up in front of Ball and Malou doesn’t know that she is her mother-in-law.

I hope you understand and like this list Most Popular Marathi Movies, if your answer is no then you can ask anything via contact forum section related to this article. And if your answer is yes then please share this list with your family and friends.

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