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Today, we will tell you about Mountain Everest Max Review. The market for wired and wireless mechanical keyboards is more vibrant than ever. That makes it all the more remarkable that the Everest Max has made a splash. This modular keyboard, which raised more than $300,000 on Kickstarter, features Cherry MX switches, a detachable number pad with four programmable display keys, a powerful media dock with knobs, and the ability to combine exactly where those add-ons click on the keyboard.

It’s unique and more than a little exciting for gamers and keyboard enthusiasts alike, but at $269, it’s also more than a little pricey. The Mountain Everest Max promises a complete console with controls, macros, and additional hidden features for gamers who want everything on their desktop. The full setup includes a modular number pad and dedicated media panel that connects via USB-C to the hot-swappable TKL base keyboard. All of these fancy accessories come at a price, though: prices start at $299.99, so we put the entire system through its paces to see where it ranks among the best gaming laptops and PC on the market.

After a few weeks of testing the Mountain Everest Max in both gaming and daily use, it’s easy to see that it’s a game changer for those looking to make a sizable investment – if you can beat the hefty starting price. The Mountain Everest Max is a highly customizable keyboard. It’s a modular keyboard that comes with a detachable media dock and number pad that you can attach to either side of the keyboard or remove altogether. There are several variants, and the Everest Max version comes with these accessories, including a wrist rest. If you want to forgo that, you can also buy the Everest Core version, which consists of just the TKL board, and there’s even a barebones variant if you want to use your own switches and keycaps.

Ease of Use

The Mountain Everest Max mechanical keyboard requires a little assembly. First you need to connect the USB-C to USB-A cable to the connector on the bottom of the keyboard and route it through your desired cable channel. Next, figure out if you want the numeric keypad on the left or right side, flip the slider accordingly and slot it into the left or right edge of the keyboard.

After that, the media dock can be placed on the top left or top right of the keyboard. Finally, plug the keyboard into an available USB-A port on your computer and you’re good to go. Aside from that, as mentioned above, you can use the media wheel on the media dock to select and view specific information. Turn the dial to the desired function and then press the display control button to activate it. To go back from any screen in the display control, press the display control button twice.


The Mountain Everest Max mechanical keyboard has an MSRP of $269.99. If you opt for the Speed Silver or Silent Red switches, it will cost you a bit more. At the retail price, the Everest Max is an expensive keyboard, but to be honest it’s pretty reasonable for what you get. Aside from that, it’s currently available for $199.99, which is a wicked deal for this modular mechanical keyboard.


The Everest Max wants to impress from the start. It comes in a large box that can be used for storage rather than thrown in the trash, complete with a pull out drawer to store all the included accessories. We are not someone who puts much stock in unboxing, but this was definitely one of the best we have experienced. When we took the keyboard out, we were impressed by how sturdy it felt. It’s body is made up of two metal plates broken in the middle by an LED diffuser for 360-degree RGB lighting.

The underside is molded plastic with plenty of cable management channels to keep your desk looking tidy. Since most high-end gaming keyboards only have a single metal plate beneath the switches, the Everest Max has a comfortable weight and stiffness that felt great when I pounded the keys. On its own, it’s a standard TKL gaming keyboard with an above-average attention to detail. They have their Cherry MX switches, which come in red, blue, or brown, as well as Speed ​​Silver and Silent Red for an additional $10 each.


The Everest Max’s numeric keypad has four display keys that you can customize for greater efficiency. Set macros, hotkeys, or your favorite shortcuts, then choose a display image to further personalize it. There are also four macro keys on the numpad that you can assign your own images to and program for pretty much anything you need, with full OBS integration for streamers. This is similar to the Elgato Streamdeck, of course, though in a much smaller format.

The buttons themselves are not as present as the Streamdeck’s either, with a much stiffer and less responsive click, but the fact that they are there at all and work so well is nothing short of a boon for PC gamers and content creators. The Media Control Center is similarly feature-rich, though a few things don’t work as well. You can customize the default image that appears when your PC boots up. However, when you actually use the dial, it disappears and there is no clear way to return to the default screen.

RGB lighting

The RGB lighting on the Everest Max is crisp and clear, but not too strong. It’s strong enough, especially for those who will be using the keyboard in relatively dark rooms, but we have seen stronger backlighting with the same Cherry MX switches in the past. It’s possible that this is just an illusion, as the very dark surface of the keyboard absorbs almost all of the light, which prevents the backlight from bleeding. The keycaps themselves are a bit disappointing, as they are very thin and can smudge easily.

The RGB lighting that does shine through is not particularly bright either, so you’d do well to invest in your own set of high-quality PBT keycaps to really enhance the experience. HyperX’s Pudding keycaps would improve the dim backlighting of the keys and feel spectacular if you need suggestions. The overall build quality of the Mountain Everest Max itself is truly spectacular. With modular peripherals, there’s a concern that the parts might feel cheap or flimsy, but after I swapped things out and made adjustments to the setup, it never once felt unstable or poorly aligned. The accessory connectors fit tightly enough to be secure, but not so tight that they can only be loosened with brute force.


The Everest Max is an innovative keyboard, but what really matters is how well it performs for gaming. Considering how well thought out the rest of the board is, it probably won’t surprise you when I say it’s great. Like the Razer and Logitech keyboards of the world, the Everest has a polling rate of 1000 Hz and reports your keystrokes thousands of times per second. As if that wasn’t enough, it also has N-key rollover, meaning it doesn’t matter how many keys you press at once; the Everest registers every single one of them, completely free of ghosting.

The Everest Max never made a sound. No matter what game we played, it was responsive enough to keep up with my Corsair K100 or Razer Huntsman Elite: Watch Dogs: Legion, Call of Duty Game: Cold War, Warzone, Apex Legends – if there was a glitch, it was on me, not the keyboard. The unit that was sent to me was equipped with Cherry MX Red switches. These are light, linear switches that don’t apply gentle pressure until you hit the keystroke. For gaming, they’re great: they’re smooth enough to be responsive, but not so sensitive that you accidentally get caught off guard.

We’re not sure what the bigger fault was, the switches or the case itself, but the board had a very noticeable ping when pressing the keys. The arrow keys in particular had a strong spring noise. When pressed slowly, they creaked the entire length of their travel. This noise was not the same for all keys, which made it all the more noticeable when we used the keys where it occurred.

Finals Words

We hope you like this article Mountain Everest Max Review. A gaming keyboard is a small auxiliary keyboard designed only for gaming. It has a limited number of the original keys of a standard keyboard and is arranged more ergonomically for fast and efficient keystrokes while gaming. The Mountain Everest Max is a highly customizable keyboard. The company prides itself on its ability to tweak and customize its modular keyboard with a detachable media dock, number pad, and palm rest. If you think that’s all it is, you’re in for a treat. Not only does the Mountain Everest Max offer a good, solid set of basics, but it also has a customizable design that anyone can appreciate.

I hope you understand this article, Mountain Everest Max review.

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