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Thailand, also known as the Land of Smiles, is home to the ultimate foodie destination: Bangkok! Bangkok, a travel destination in Asia, known for its exotic cuisine, will satisfy your appetite. Chili peppers, fish sauce, lime leaves, shrimp paste and sour fruits are some of the main ingredients found in Thai food. These flavors will make you fall in love with their cuisine, which focuses on texture, color, flavor, and the use of ingredients for medical benefits. Strolling the streets of Bangkok surrounded by street stalls selling curries, noodles, soup and more is a food lover’s dream come true. Food in Bangkok is an important aspect of everyday life, and many of the restaurants and street food stalls you’ll find are family-owned. Food is key to many social occasions, and due to the friendly nature of the Thai people, food often becomes the focus of an event.

One of the main reasons people keep coming back is the wide variety of cheap and delicious local food. If you’re a foodie, you’ll need to visit these local food stalls in Bangkok, serving only the most authentic and hearty Thai favorites. Spicy, sour, sweet, salty, and bitter flavors are almost certain to feature in featured Thai dishes. From street vendors to the most elegant restaurants, Bangkok’s vibrant food scene never fails to impress. A big part of the Bangkok experience is sampling and tasting the wide variety and sometimes downright bizarre food that is available here; you can really give your taste buds a trip they will never forget. It’s not just about trying dishes you may already be familiar with; It’s the perfect opportunity to try something a little different.

Here is the list of essential foods in Bangkok

pad thai

Served with green cilantro, red pepper flakes, yellow limes, shrimp, and noodles, Pad Thai is the most colorful dish you’ll ever see! These stir-fried rice noodles are one of Thailand’s national dishes. Pad Thai was introduced in Bangkok when the prime minister wanted to combat rice shortages by introducing noodles into the country’s cuisine. Pad Thai is now the comfort food of Bangkok. Its sour, sweet, salty and spicy flavors will miraculously mix perfectly inside your mouth.

Thai boat noodles

Kuay Teow Reua was initially sold in boats. Although you may no longer find vendors selling it on the boats, you can still enjoy this delicacy near the riverside stalls. You can customize your dish by choosing your choice of noodles and noodle soup to go with it. This dish is served in small portions in bowls. There’s nothing like eating a bowl of noodles with a view of the lake. The flavor of this will have you stacking dozens of empty bowls on your table in no time.

Chicken Stir Fry with Cashew Nuts

Kai pad med ma muang is basically chicken stir fry with cashew nuts. This dish also contains soy sauce, honey, onions, chilies, and pepper, as well as a variety of vegetables (usually chopped bell peppers or carrots). There is dried chili mixed with chicken and cashews, but hardly any heat. This dish is suitable for children or for those who do not tolerate spicy foods.

Mango with Sticky Rice

If you have a sweet tooth, you won’t be able to resist the mango with sticky rice found on almost every soi (street) in Bangkok. Coconut milk is slowly cooked with sugar and salt before being poured over freshly made sticky rice. After the milk settles, the cooled ripe mango is peeled, sliced ​​and placed on the warm plate. What it lacks in nutritional value, it makes up for in flavor.

sweet potato balls

These little delicacies are not as popular or as widely available as Moo Ping, but they are no less delicious. If you’re looking for food to eat in Bangkok, then you can’t go wrong with these fried spheres containing sweet potato, sugar and tapioca. You will probably need several balls to satisfy your hunger, due to their tiny size. So when you find a cart selling these goodies, don’t lose it as you may want to come back for more. The best place to look for such a cart is around the traditional street food havens of Pratunam and Sukhumvit Soi 38.

fried insects

What is life without a little adventure? As scary as eating bugs may seem, this is one experience you won’t want to miss. Fried insects are considered a snack in Bangkok. Insects include grasshoppers, water beetles, spiders, bamboo worms, and scorpions. These are served with sauce and a pinch of pepper. They are also a healthy food as they are rich in calcium and protein. Also, a bag of fried insects will cost you only 10 THB. So why not be a sport and give it a try?

thai pancakes

This dish is probably the most Instagrammable of street food in Bangkok. These crepes resemble little tacos that are hard to resist. They are filled with whipped cream, grated coconut and roasted peanuts. Some of the Khanom Bueang have an orange filling made of minced shrimp topped with grated coconut.


A rather curious fruit that looks a bit like a giant lychee, there are mixed opinions about the durian in Thailand. While some people love this Thai fruit and you can often buy it from street stalls, buy packages of dried durian and durian-flavored candies in supermarkets, or even blend it into smoothies, some places in Thailand ban it out of hand. complete. Durian is something that you will love or despise, but only a small minority really love it. Once you’ve cut away the prickly exterior, the flesh of the fruit is occasionally eaten raw or cooked and used to flavor a number of traditional Asian dishes or sweets. It can also be used in medicine and is a traditional treatment for fever.

red curry

Gaeng daeng is an aromatic red curry that contains meat, red curry paste, and mild coconut milk, along with a sprinkling of sliced ​​kaffir lime leaves on top. Despite its striking color, gaeng daeng is quite mild, although you can order fresh chili if you fancy spicy food. Vegetarians or vegans can still enjoy this curry by asking the chef to replace the meat with tofu.

crispy pancake

You know when your mom tells you not to snack when you’re a kid because you won’t eat your meals? Well, if you’re really worried about having room for that big dinner, these delicious snacks are light enough to make sure that happens. They are a crunchy delight that at first glance look a bit like tacos. Check out the crispy pancake carts at places like Soi Rambuttri, Banglamphu district, and you’ll be able to sample a wide variety of toppings, from sweet coconut to salty spring onions or fried egg.

Sautéed basil with pork

This dish may seem ordinary, but it is by far one of the most delicious Thai concoctions to be found in Bangkok. A seemingly simple rice dish is transformed with tangy and savory basil that is fried with the meat of your choice. Complete the meal with a fried egg for the perfect blend of texture and flavor.

thai tea

Inspired by Indian masala chai, Thai tea is a refreshing, spicy tea made from black tea leaves and flavored with cinnamon, star anise, orange blossom water, and vanilla. Milk is poured over the tea before serving to give it a creamy texture. Fried breadstick (Youtiao) goes well with this tea.

green curry

Sanguansri Restaurant is a very popular local restaurant, established in the 1970s, offering a variety of classic Thai dishes, but their green curry is one of the most famous foods in Bangkok. The restaurant is located near Ploen Chit BTS which is right in the center of the city. Many Thais come here regularly to enjoy this rich green curry made with hints of kaffir lime, basil, and cumin. But the most special day of the week is Thursday, as the Sanguansri restaurant serves one of Bangkok’s most famous meals, namely its Thai green curry with beef. If you want to try the best green curry with beef, make sure you arrive on time as the curry is usually sold out in the afternoon.

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