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No matter how or what you cook, spices are one of the most important items in your pantry. They’re a quick way to add lots of flavor to anything you have on hand, from canned beans to roasted vegetables to chicken breast. But they are also a broad category: what counts as a spice and what does not could be a complete philosophical treatise. Does salt count? Sugar? Vanilla? It’s just being overwhelmed with what to buy, how much, and where to buy it. It’s no secret that spices and seasonings are an absolutely essential aspect of any recipe, and without them our dishes would remain bland and boring, without that extra burst of heat, sweetness, or depth of flavor. However, with a seemingly endless variety of dry ingredients lining every grocery store spice aisle, it can seem overwhelming deciding which spices to store and which to leave behind.

The good news is that you don’t need many different spices to get started, and you can build your collection in many directions, depending on what you like to cook. Spices can be expensive, but the good news is that they last a while when stored in a cool, dark place, and when you think about how many spices you use for most dishes, it ends up costing pennies a serving.

Here is the list of essential spices for your kitchen

Garlic powder

Garlic powder is dehydrated and crushed garlic. We use it in the kitchen to enhance the flavor of food. This is a common element of spice mixes. Garlic powder can be easily found in supermarkets and grocery stores, but we can easily make it at home. Some people may prefer garlic powder to fresh garlic because the powder has a longer shelf life and is easier to use. Garlic powder is well suited to a spice mix and adds flavor as a spice. It dissolves in any liquid, including marinades and salad dressings. In addition to them, it is ideal for flavoring minced meats.

All you need to make garlic powder at home is fresh garlic. First, peel the cloves and cut them into thin slices. Then dry them in a single layer in a food dehydrator or oven. When the garlic is dry, you can easily grind it with your hands, it will break down easily. Then let the garlic cool down. Finally, grind the garlic using a food processor, spice grinder, or lemon mortar until desired consistency is achieved. Garlic powder should be stored in a dry, airtight container, such as a glass jar or spice jar, and placed in a cool, dry place.


Nutmeg is the seed of the evergreen tree, Myristica fragrans. The inner seed is surrounded by a bright red aril called a mace by spice merchants. If you walk past a nutmeg tree on a sunny beach, you may see yellowish, peach-like fruits on the branches. When the fruits are ripe, they split open and open a crimson net, signifying that the spices are ready to be harvested and processed.

Nutmeg trees grow best on moist tropical islands with sandy soils. Spice House’s high-quality nutmeg and gurzi come from the Caribbean island of Grenada, where they are still harvested by hand. Skilled workers delicately remove the crimson shell from the walnuts and dry them in the sun for up to two weeks. When the shadow heals, its color often changes from bright red to orange-yellow. The nuts are placed on racks to dry for up to two months, another layer of shell is removed, and finally a valuable nutmeg appears.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is closely related to the jalapeño and the bell pepper. They are a staple in American Southwestern, Mexican, Cajun, and Creole cuisines. Dried and ground, they make a seasoning powder for condiments, and also have a full feature in Korean, Sichuan, and Asian cuisines. However, practitioners of traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine use cayenne pepper in a variety of ways, including treating circulatory problems. Acute pepper is derived from the active ingredient capsaicin, which is present in many topical medications for muscle and joint pain.


Spices and herbs, dried parts of various plants grown for aromatic, flavorful, medicinal, or other desired properties. Spices are aromatic or spicy products of tropical or subtropical species such as cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and pepper; spice seeds include anise, cumin, cumin, dill, poppy, and sesame. Herbs: aromatic leaves of plants such as basil, marjoram, mint, rosemary, thyme. In ancient times, the most prominent use of spices and herbs was in medicine, in the preparation of sacred oils and medicinal substances, and as an aphrodisiac; They have also been used to flavor foods and beverages and to prevent or hide food spoilage.

The spice trade has played an important role in human history. The first significant trade routes, including between Asia and the Middle East and Europe and Asia, were originally forged for exotic spices and herbs. Fifteenth-century voyages of exploration began primarily as a result of the spice trade, and in the seventeenth century Portuguese and British, Dutch, and French East India companies fought fiercely for dominance (see British East India Co.; Netherlands East India . Co. .; French East India Company.


Cumin seeds are harvested manually from an annual plant; they are small, boat-shaped and resemble cumin seeds. The most common variety of cumin is yellowish-brown, although black cumin, green cumin and white cumin can sometimes be found. You’ll find whole grains (also called jarra) in Indian recipes and ground cumin as an ingredient in Middle Eastern and Mexican cooking, as well as chili, barbecue sauce, baked beans, soups and marinades. Cumin is a common ingredient in chili powder and is often found in other spice mixes such as garam masala, curry powder, annatto mixes, marinades, and Berber spices.


No, we are not asking you to grow your own oregano plant from scratch. Do you remember the magic spice that you put on the pizza, no matter how many packages we emptied, it would never be enough? It is a spice of oregano that contains dried oregano combined with other spices and herbs. If you’ve been asking for extra packets of oregano pizza seasoning like all of us, you’ll love knowing you can make it at home with a few ingredients that should be in your kitchen! How to make oregano spice with simple kitchen ingredients.

Oregano is a perennial, fragrant herb in the mint family. Its homeland is the Mediterranean, southwestern and western Eurasia. The plant is famous for its unique flavor and strong aroma. It is common in Italian, Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. There are kitchen and ornamental varieties of this herb, but only the former is suitable for cooking. Oregano is now found almost everywhere, including in India. However, not everyone is home. So if you don’t have oregano in your house, what else can you use for your spice?


Rosemary is like a lone wolf because its strong resinous and bitter taste is incompatible with many other herbs and spices. Combining rosemary with garlic, lemon peel, thyme, or sea salt gives the leaves a full flavor. The rosemary flavor of rosemary also pairs perfectly with pine nuts, olive oil, and red wine. Rosemary has long been accepted as a symbol of love. In Greek mythology, the plant is associated with the goddess of love, Aphrodite. At weddings, a bridal crown woven from sprigs of rosemary was thought to symbolize the love and devotion of the couple.


Paprika and red pepper are botanically similar. Ideal conditions for growing Capsicum annum peppers include warm, sandy sunlight, with an ideal temperature of 70-84°F. Paprika is usually made from “bell” or “sweet” type peppers, which are made from milder varieties that contain a recessive. gene that destroys (or significantly reduces) capsaicin, which is responsible for heat. Pepper plants are usually grown from seedlings before they are transplanted into the field. They form small white flowers that self-pollinate and fruit begins to form 5-10 days after pollination. Peppers start out green and mature until they turn red. Because paprika is prized for its red color, the peppers are allowed to fully ripen before harvesting. After harvest, the seeds are removed and the fruit peel is dried and crushed.

Black pepper

Black pepper is considered the “king of spices” and with good reason. Unlike its perennial counterpart, which is readily available in any corner of the world, black pepper owes its origins to the state of Kerala in South India. Pepper is actually mentioned in Greek and Roman history. There is a legend that the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses the Great (1303-1213 BC) put peas in his nostrils when he was mummified. This fact indicates the existence of trade relations between Egypt and India in ancient times. How old is this spice? Pepper and peppercorns are sometimes spoken of at the same time. However, to set the record, peas are the fruit of the flowering piper nigrum vine, while black pepper is crushed pepper.

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